Summary [with thanks to TW]

While the rest of the team is out of the country, King Mob discovers a fetish doll someone has left for him in one of the Invisibles' mail drops. He goes to visit Joni, a London-based dominatrix and expert on witchcraft, who informs him that the doll is a "crude but effective occult petrol bomb." and the assassin must find the proper magical sigil to reverse the hex before it can kill him. While searching for the sigil, KM listens to a Conservative Party television speech on society's need for control and authority (and submission.) Realizing it was Joni who betrayed him and the Invisibles to the enemy, he confronts and kills her in her house of bondage, discovering the sigil he's been looking for in the random splatters of her blood. Sticking a copy of the sigil to the forehead of Joni's helplessly bound and gaged employer (the same tory ranting about punishment and authority on TV), KM reverses the hex back onto it's sender, leaving the man "just one more MP found dead in a compromising situation."


o King Mob
o Joni
o Unnamed MP




o Grant Morrison (Writer)
o Duncan Fegredo (Artist)
o Daniel Vozzo (Colors and Seps)
o Clem Robins (Letters)
o Julie Rottenberg (Assistant Editor)
Stuart Moore (Editor)

The Invisibles created by Grant Morrison

Annotations [with thanks to Troy Wood]

o [page 3]"Gerald Gardener inagurated the modern current--" in 1939 Gerald Gardener, claimed to have been initiated into a Witches coven working secretly in the New Forest area in England. Gardner produced a 'Book of Shadows' which gave modern day Witches their first 'how to' manual. [TW]

o [page 6]
"What goes around, comes around" KM is loosely referring to the "threefold rule" of magic. (any harmful spell comes back to the spell caster threefold) "Trefoil, Vervain, John's Wort, Dill. Hinder witches at their will" Basic ingredients found in just about any wiccan protection spell. (check the online book of shadows for more information). [TW]