o Grant Morrison (Writer)
o Phil Jiminez (Artist)
o John Stokes (Finishes)
o Kevin Somers (Colors)
o Todd Klein (Letterer)
o Shelly Roeberg (Editor)

The Invisibles created by Grant Morrison

Boy has gone with the enemy - they say she has become lost in her cover identity with the Invisibles. The rest of the team are out looking for her and meet a guy who says that she has been looking for dissident camps in Washington. He says that they were supposed to meet but didn't. Back at their hotel, the team is discussing the use of the Hand of Glory. King Mob is recounting his experiences moving through time. While they are discussing things room service comes in - but they leave a bug on the salt cellar. Mason starts to discuss his company's research facility in town when Jack Frost intuits that that is where Boy is being kept. They are being kept under heavy surveillance as they approach the facility. Boy is pursuaded that she is a component of a device that will destroy the sun in the name of Abaddon, and is given King Mob, tied up and gagged to shoot in his name.


o Boy
o Christine Sherman
o Lord Fanny
o Jack Frost
o Ragged Robin
o Unnamed Discordian
o Mason Lang
o Lady Edith Manning
o Queen Mab
King Mob
o King Mob (1)
o Billy Chang
o Coyote
o Georgie Girl
o Unnamed Invisible Surveillance
o Oscar


o Robert Anton Wilson
o Discordianism


The term "Abaddon" is used on pages 3, 22 and 24 of this issue. It is a Hebrew word signifying: 1. ruin, destruction (Job 31:12) 2. place of destruction; the Abyss, realm of the dead (Job 26:6; Proverbs 15:11) 3. it occurs personified (Apocalypse 9:11) as Abaddon and is rendered in Greek by Apollyon, denoting the angel-prince of hell, the minister of death and author of havoc on earth. The Vulgate renders the Greek Apollyon by the Latin Exterminans (that is, "Destroyer"). The identity of Abaddon with Asmodeus, the demon of impurity, has been asserted, but not proved. [MW]

o [pages 2-3]
This 2-page spread seems partly based on Pieter Bruegel's famous "The Triumph of Death," pictured below. I'd recommend checking out the much larger representation of this picture available at [JB]

The image on the second screen from the top of the tower in the center corresponds to an image on page 14 of 2.03--the scene where Friday returns Quimper to the outer Church for an operation. (To be super-exact, it's the third panel in from the left side, second row of circles from the top.) [FF/JB] The creatures in the other two TV Screens are seen in the army massing in the final pages of 2.04. The sun can be seen in the sky (or I assume it is), yet at the end of this issue Kadmon explains they plan to turn the sun into a black hole. Does this subjugation of the planet occur before this event, has the planet been sucked into the 'evil' metaverse or is this just not a 'true memory of future events? [L] At dead center of this spread is what looks like Boy pointing a gun at King Mob, just like the last panel of the issue. Is this an event that occurs only on the last page that Boy sees juxtaposed with the scene of devastation from the Archons' future attack, because her memories "include future events also"? Or only foreshadowing the last page of the issue. Or both? [FF] Note the blond with hir head shot open--the one about to be chomped on by two crows/ravens--next to King Mob (if this is indeed him). I think it's Fanny, because this character is wearing the same dress as Fanny did in the Wizard poster Jiminez did a few months ago. [FF] Note the black helicopters flying in the background. American paranoids [conspiracy theorists, militia members, etc.] generally argue that they have seen mysterious squadrons of unmarked black helicopters, which they conjecture are somehow part of a secret United Nations or other multinational military presence operating covertly within the U.S. [PV/JB] Also note the scary monster in the Klan get-up atop the robot war horse in front of the bank of screens...than look at the mask draped over Kadmon's arm on the last page. Is there a similarity between the two masks outside of my own mind? [FF] The hood-mask is simply the hood worn by KM (?) on page 23, panels 1 and 3. [PV] Note the presence of people in improved 4-D armor a la Col. Friday. What's the difference between Friday-type shadow and Dwyer-type chitin? To differentiate between monks and nuns of the Outer Church? [RD]

o [page 6] [panels 1, 3-4] "The Empire Never Dies": the P.K. Dick reference again. [RD] [panel 4] "...the Discordian tradition.": For more info on the Discordians, see The Principia Discordia. [JB/BSI] panels 4 & 5: Note Dane unconsciously retracing Boy's steps from pages 5 & 6 of last issue. [RD]

o [page 7] [panel 2] Jodie Foster played a child prostitute in Taxi Driver. [RD]

o [page 10] [panel 1] Does Dane inherit the shirt in some fashion after KM kicks off? [RD] panels 1 & 2: Dane seems to be boiling some gloves on what is one moment a record player and next a cooker, then putting the gloves on. Is this the real Dane or another spirit form like King Mob is at this point? [L] Given the green color of the water, it looked to me like Dane was boiling the Hand of Glory. [EB] panel 3: Hmm. Is this the same word that we were told was "ending" in page 1 of 2.1? [RD] panel 4: A little geometry might help in explicating Dane's point: a circle is a cross-section of a bubble. Thus, our words are just a little piece of the true word that "they" want. Could "they" be the Barbelith entity (entities?)? Could the "word" be something like the mysterious bracketed words we see when they speak? And all this talk of the "word" is making me think of the Gospel of John, which talks an awful lot about God as expressed through language... [RD]

o [pages 15-16] Watch Mason take the bill (p. 15, pnl#3); then sign for it (p. 15, pnl#5); then the exchange of looks and silence (p. 16, pnls #1-3)...what did Mason write on that bill? [KC] The waiter is probably really impressed because Mason's given him a whopping big tip. [L] I think the waiter is looking at the sum Mason paid for all the champagne, beer and food. King Mob and his friends wasted a lot of money in very different types of drinks and food. Their strange, eccentric taste could be very similar to the taste of some crazy (and full of money) rockstars [this reminds me of the good old Guns n' Roses - they're finished but I'll remember them as the best band in the world]. Like rock stars, the Invisibles wear strange clothes (Fanny and his dragon-suit, Jack is very punk and Robin's face is painted), the men are enjoying the company of two beautiful and sexy girls (Robin is wearing a bathrobe and Fanny shows two impressive legs--and the waiter maybe doesn't know what there's between those legs! ) and they're talking like crazy men (KM asking the waiter if is a killer...). [PV] The waiter looks VERY familiar. Interrogator/instructor in 2.11? He got an earful and so did his pals at the warehouse, thanks to a strategically-placed bug. But no one ever notices waiters... [CAG]

o [page 18] [panel 2] Does Dane's hat here mean anything in particular? I thought it could refer to his element, but he's Water. [RD]

o [page 19] [panel 1] "Georgie Girl." What's this name a reference to? Sounds *very* familiar...[RD] There is a 1966 Black and White British film called "Georgy Girl" (note slight difference in spelling) which is probably the reference. The theme song was a hit (I think). Lyrics went something like "Hey there, Georgy Girl/Walking down the street so fancy free/ ...[Stuff I've forgotten]... /Oh what a change there'd be/ The world would see/A new Georgy Girl." Probably not directly relevent, but maybe what you were thinking of. [DM] "Georgie Girl" made me think about the Enid Blyton books about the Famous Five. One of the members called herself George (her real name was Georgina) and wanted to be treated like a boy. For more info, see [MS]

o [page 21] [panel 4] "Adam Kadmon" is the Kabbalistic term for primordial man; his ultimate, pure, unfallen version. [RD]