o Grant Morrison (Writer)
o Phil Jiminez (Pencils)
o John Stokes (Inks)
o Daniel Vozzo (Colors)
o Heroic Age (Separations)
o Todd Klein (Letters)
o Shelly Roeburg (Editor)

The Invisibles created by Grant Morrison

Takashi and Mason are being interrogated by Yoshio and Shizuka about the Time Travel theory when King Mob bursts in guns blazing. Robin stands back as he kills Shizuka and wounds Yoshio, who refuses to talk. Robin reads his mind - the two men wanted the time machine to find out how the Harumagedon was to come about. Meanwhile, Fanny and Jack meet the Harlequinade. They dance for the Harlequin, and when they have left they find that they have been given the Hand of Glory.


o Takashi
o Yushio and Shizuka
o Mason Lang
o King Mob
o Ragged Robin
o Boy
o Lord Fanny
Jack Frost
o The Harlequin
o Pierrot and Columbine


o Aum Shinri Kyo


The title, "the sound of the atom splitting", is a phrase often used in English/American literature/art? It is the title of a Pet Shop Boys song (B-side of "Left to my own devices", also on the album "Alternative"). [RL]

Does anyone know anything about the book the Harlequin is holding on the cover of the issue? ("In Out In" by Arthur Highe)? Is it a real book? I couldn't find anything about it at [JB]

o [pages 5-6] Anyone have any idea what Shizuka's trying to say? Then again, he may be trying Japanese, which would be even worse to decipher... [RD] page 6, panel 5: Cross-reference with 1.12 and Lieutenant Lincoln in 2.03. Of course, Shizuka wasn't as nice as either of them, but then neither is KM. [RD]

o [pages 7] Robin says: "Must read more about Voudoun (get Maya Deren Book)" Maya Deren was an experimental filmmaker, ethnologist, AND convert of Voudoun (AKA. Hatian Voodoo) during the 1940's. (when such things were simply unheard of!!) The book Robin is refering to is probably "The Divine Horsemen." also the name of the doccumentary she filmed in 1951. [TW]

o [pages 9] [panel 6] "unlock him." And "Key-17" is used to open the mind, yes? Interesting reference. [RD]

o [pages 14] [panel 5] Again, Fanny is the first to detect Quimper on someone... [RD]

o [pages 15] [panels 4-6] Pierrot (?) refers Fanny to Columbine as her sister, and then "our" sister. What's the connection? Also, Jerry Cornelius (Pierrot) and Catherine (Columbine) were brother and sister. Another Cornelius tie-in? [BSI] The genders of the Harlequinade are switched; the woman should be Columbine, yet she refers to the man as "Columbine, our sister". Also, our female Pierrot speaks like Barbelith ("Replace logic gap strike sentiment feedback"). [SD]

o [pages 21] [panel 2] Another "magic metal" sighting, as long as we're keeping track. We're seeing much more of it in v2, as we approach the Eschaton... [RD]

o [pages 24] "If you see the Buddha, kill the Buddha." Is this 2.03's sculpture that means "total control only"? [RD]