o Grant Morrison (Writer)
o Steve Parkhouse (Artist)
o Anne Parkhouse (Letterer)
o Daniel Vozzo (Colors)
o Julie Rottenberg (Ass. Editor)
o Stuart Moore (Editor)

The Invisibles created by Grant Morrison

Bobby Murray remembers his life, from encountering Edith as a baby, through being beaten up by his older brother and leaving to go to London, through meeting his wife, and having a baby who is born with cerebral palsy, through going to the Falkland islands and beginning to beat his wife until he finally gets a job as a security guard at Harmony House, and one day is killed by King Mob.


o Bobby Murray
o King Mob



The cover has a double meaning with the Mod icon/target. [L] This issue: "In the vast and never-ended cosmic struggle of Good vs. Evil, what makes anyone want to be a bad guy? And are bad guys born or made? One man's life and death may hold the key..." [Grant Morrison,1.11 letter column]

Note from Grant on the title: "Best Man Fall, for those of you unfamiliar with the game, is played by childrenin Scotland and possibly elsewhere. The rules are savage and simple--one person takes the part of a soldier and the other players represent his opponents. The soldier is allowed to choose the imaginary weapons against him. He then runs wildly at his opponents and is cut down mercilessly by gunfire or shrapnel or whatever. The object of the game is to 'die' in as spectacular, theatrical or brutally realistic a manner as possible. When the original 'soldier' has been killed, one of his opponents takes over, while the soldier gets to join the team of killers and the process repeats itself. When everyone has had the opportunity to be killed by his peers, the winner is the player who 'died' most convincingly. Herein lies wisdom." [Grant Morrison, 1.12 letter column]

o [page 1] "Try to remember. It's only a game.": A recurring phrase in the series. [JB]

o [page 7] This scene, in which the baby Bobby suddenly and inexplicably says "Edith says to call him Boody," is revisited in 2.10 [JB].

o [page 11] [panel 4] The gas mask--also on page 13, panel 6.. Think King Mob's "costume"--and the masks of the Cyphermen. Perhaps therein lies a clue...? [JB]

o [page 15] [panel 1] "Did you see all those wee guys just sitting like zombies?": Bobby is referring to the post-brainwash kids at Harmony House. [JB]

o [page 16] [panel 1] "Did you see that Baywatch last night? What a woman, eh?" Of course there's a number of women Archie could be referring to, but Pamela Anderson seems to get mentioned repeatedly in the series (and appears in 1.19 page 2). [RM]

o [pages 17, 20, 23] Revisiting the events of 1.01, p.33-34 from Bobby's point of view. [JB]

o [page 24] Again: "It's only a game. Try to remember." [JB]