o Grant Morrison (Writer)
o Steve Yeowell (Pencils)
o Dick Giordano (Inker)
o Daniel Vozzo (Colors)
o Clem Robins (Letterer)
o Shelly Roeburg (Editor)

The Invisibles created by Grant Morrison

Jim Crow and Ragged Robin have arrived at the House of Fun, where King Mob was being held captive. Inside Miss Dwyer is roaming the corridors looking for blood. King Mob is injured and Fanny attempts to drag him somewhere safe. They begin to feel ill as Cancerous growths appear on their skin in response to the presence of an Archon. They find Sir Miles, who is unaffected, and transfuse some of his blood (which is full of the Archon's nanotechnology) into their bodies. Jim Crow (as Papa Guede) and Ragged Robin enter the building to find reality crumbling. Jack Frost, Boy and Mr Six leave his mother's home and proceed to the House of Fun. Almost immediately Jack loses the others. King Mob and Fanny find the nanotech helps them considerably, but then Miss Dwyer attacks. The rest of the team find themselves fighting Zombies except Jack, who suddenly finds himself face to face with an Archon...


o Jim Crow
o Ragged Robin
o Miss Dwyer
o Lord Fanny
o King Mob
o Sir Miles
o Boy
o Mr Six
o Jack Frost
o King-of-all-Tears
o Sir Miles




If you put together the covers for 1.22, 1.23 and 1.24, you'll have a very interesting image. [PV]

The title, "House of Fun" is the title of a "Madness" song, at least in part about coming of age. The chorus runs like this: Welcome to the House of Fun Now I've come of age Welcome to the House of Fun Welcome to the lion's den Temptation's on his way Welcome to the House of Fun" All of which sounds pretty appropriate for this issue. The song does suggest that The House of Fun is a joke shop, in the lines : I'm sorry son, but we don't stock Party gimmicks in this shop Try the House of Fun, It's quicker if you run, This is a chemist, not a joker's shop" [AW] In a story for 2000AD called 'Really and Truly', Grant used the "House of Fun" as a portable house for government drug agents. [Mr. White]

o [page 1] [panel 5] "Alan Dunn's House of Fun": Is this a reference to someone? [PV]

o [page 3] [panel 2] "Outer Church": We'll see more of it in 2.03-2.04 and 2.12. [PV/JB]

o [page 4] [panel 3] The vampire Lestat is the main character in the vampire books by Anne Rice [PV]

o [page 7] [panel 2] Jim Crow is speaking Creole. "Papa te rekonet mwen, gwo zozo, sil vu ple" translates as, "papa, you know me, (something) my penis, please." It's a reference to him asking the Loa to empower him. The reference to a penis is not unusual for dealings with the Ghede loa, who are known to be playfully vulgar in speech. My suspicion is that he's saying "charge me up," or something along those lines. [DK]

o [page 12] [panel 1] Jim Crow is again speaking Creole. "papa Legba ouvri bay - a pou mwen pou mwen pase, le ma tounen, sa salyi lwa yo" translates as, "papa Legba open this door - for me so I can enter, (something something)." Crow's speaking to Legba (appropriate, since he is the Loa of crossroads, passage, and gateways, among other things) and asking him for help gaining entry. The end of his request is probably a promise of repayment, which is pretty common in these situations. [DK] "le ma tounen, sa salyi lwa yo" means (approximately) "when I go out, I will praise the loa". The whole phrase is part of an invocation to Legba, who is always invoked for any Vodoun ceremony, as he guards the gate between this world and that of the Loa. [HE]

o [page 13] [panel 2] "Welcome to the house of fun" is of course a line from the song "House of Fun" by Madness. [RL] This is what John A'Dreams found in 1.09. [L]