Jack Flint's situation is revealed to be a hallucination triggered by Key 23 use. He is being deprogrammed by Mr Six's cell. Jack Frost is also experiencing some form of initiation as he is forced to decide either to learn how to land a plane or to crash it and to become the Messiah. He lands the plane. George Harper stumbles upon Jack Flint's deprogramming and since he has not been deprogrammed yet he shoots Mr Six. Sir Miles seems to have figured out what is going on and, with a shadow unit standing by, he approaches Mr Six's windmill base.


o Full Cover


o Mr Six
o George Harper
o Jack Flint
o Jack Frost
o ElFayed
o Jolly Roger
o Helga
o Sir Miles
o Moonchild
o Lord Fanny
o King Mob


o Barbelith


o Grant Morrison (Writer)
o Warren Pleece (Pencils)
o Philip Bond (Finishes)
o Daniel Vozzo (Colors and Seps)
o Todd Klein (Letters)
o Shelly Roeberg (Editor)

The Invisibles created by Grant Morrison

Annotations [Satanstorm Three: the "it" girls]

o [page 3] [panel 1] Following the "70s detectives" motif of the story, the photograph on Mr. Crowley's desk portrays detectives Bodie (Lewis Collins) and Doyle (Martin Shaw), from the absolutely brilliant British TV show "The Professionals." This action series ran from 1977 until 1983, and is widely considered one of the best (if not the best) police series produced in the UK. [ME]

o [page 4] [panel 1] An obvious parallel between Jack & Mr. Six/Brian Malcom's "sacrifice" in issue 24 of the 1st series.[TW]

o [page 8] [panel 2] Who's the dark haired bloke? The jaw looks a little too angular tobe Mason Lang, though I suppose it could be. More likely, it's Oscar the "deprogrammer" from issue 13 (series 2) after a bit of a shave.[TW] [panel 3] "X-ray of his skull printed on a dishtowel" - I'm guessing a Shroud of Turin joke, unless someone else can think of a better reference. [TW]

o [page 14] [panel 2] Sounds like something similar to Boy's "psychodramatic debugging." I'm not too surprised about the whole "psychic trackers" thing. After all, the CIA had their own set of psychics and remote viewers, why shouldn't Sir Miles.[TW]

o [page 15] [panel 1] "Full speed ahead to code name 'Quixote'" Miles is obviously up to no good, and it's obvious that the Time-Travel windmill is going to be a key factor in the upcoming issues... (I wonder where Beryl fits into this whole picture). [TW] [panel 4] BBC has a tranny presenter! (I'll have to go back and check the quote and page. Someone else will have to get the presenter's name. I saw her on "Comic Relief" last month, raising enough money to get 101 naked people on BBC!). [CAG] The name of the TV presenter is Lilly Savage. [TEC]

o [page 20] [panel 1] Anyone got the inside scoop on the Millennium Dome for us yanks? (and how the words "fiction suit" might apply?) [TW] SPOILER ON FICTION SUIT: According to Grant in the salisbury book, a 'fiction suit' is how he (Grant) plans on changing places with King Mob in the Invisibles. Literally. he describes it as "a technology". GMgoes into the comic, KM comes out into our world. [Devil Music USA] The Millenium Dome is a huge and hugely controversial building started by the last goverment of the UK to commemorate the Millenium and taken over by Tony Blair's New Labour. It is supposed to open sometime near the end of this year and host exhibitions concerned with the last thousand years divided into 'zones' reflecting national identity, the body, the arts and entertainment etc. It is very expensive. I think the reference to "Fiction Suit" reflects Helga's attempts to decode the meta-language and is probably a reference to one of the discussions between King Mob and Cell 23. [TEC]

o [page 21] [panel 5] The poster is a diagram of our universe as the phase boundary of the sick universe and the healthy universe. "Princess Jekyll and Sister Hindley" are Diana and Myra, the Nurturing Mother and the Devouring Mother explained by Sir Miles at the beginning of Two-14. Diana's death would enable the latter to supplant the former. The crown warns of the coronation of the Moonchild. The name and logo are nicked from the Ministry of Sound. [CAG]