George Harper turns out not to need deprogramming. Sir Miles bursts into the windmill with a gun. Meanwhile Lord Fanny and King Mob dispose of the troops surrounding them. Sir Miles reveals that he owes a favour to the Invisibles and is here to save them in return. The cell in turn reveals that they have used telepathy to force him to come to them. They psychically force him to re-experience his past and his interaction with Queen Mab and the Invisibles in the 60s before taking him hostage. Later with a grin on their faces, the Invisibles start to dig up Queen Mab.


o Full Cover


o George Harper
o Queen Mab
o Helga
o Mr Six
o King Mob
o Lord Fanny
o Sir Miles
o Jack Flint
o Tom O'Bedlam
o Jack Frost
o ElFayed
o Jolly Roger
o Moonchild, The


o Barbelith


o Grant Morrison (Writer)
o Warren Pleece (Layouts)
o Philip Bond (Finishes)
o Daniel Vozzo (Colors and Seps)
o Todd Klein (Letters)
o Shelly Roeberg (Editor)
The Invisibles created by Grant Morrison

Annotations [Satanstorm Four: Digging Up Beryl]

o [page 4] [panel 5] Maybe Miles is referring to the time Jack replaced his aura, in 1.24. [Goofy]

o [page 10]
[panel 1] The Panatella is of the best Havana collection cigars. But it is also one of the Islands of Lesbos. [EV] [panel 5] Sir Miles is "remembering" and reliving his meeting with Beryl (Queen Mab) and her death. The rexperiencing part is important as it explains why he views himself as old instead of bohemian Miles. [L]

o [page 11] [panel 1] Beryl Wyndham is standing in front of Picasso's Guernica, barely recognizable because its characters and events have been represented in a naturalistic style. Apparently, Ms. Wyndham and Sir Miles can see through the painter's convoluted cubism and understand the "real" content of the work. [ME]

o [page 12] [panel 3] The TOAD is an interesting symbolic figures of the "mushrooms mistical experience", which is common in many cultures (especially in the Mexican one); in fact when the animal is irritated it produces a toxic substance, the "butoferina", that if it's swallowed it could provoque hallucinations. In english popular tradition the mushroom was called "toad stool", but also in witches tradition it was very popular because, as you all know, they use the toad's tail in their magical potion. [EV]

o [page 14] [panel 1] The book that Jolly Roger is reading is by David Icke, who used to be a footballer and a football commentator in the UK before he represented the Green Party and then declared himself the second coming of Christ. Generally considered a bit of a freak in the UK. [TEC] For more info on David Icke, go and see his own website: [CI]

o [page 20] [panel 1] For more on David Icke see the annotation for page 14, panel 1. [TEC] [panel 4] "Beryl Wyndham, Thou Art Avenged" is a paraphrase of "Jacques de Molay, thou art avanged", supposedly said at the execution of Louis XVI of Framce. Jacques de Molay was the leader of the Templars when they were destroyed in France. [JL]

o [page 21] [panel 5] "You are in the Village" is a reference to the 60s TV show 'The Prisoner'. Patrick McGooan was the secret agent (Quite possibly the one he played in Dangerman but this is never confirmed) is abducted and wakes up to find out he is in a village(The stylistically intruiging Port Merion in Wales) where he is only Number 6 (His identity being taken) and the premise of the show is that at this village several ways are employed to try and twist his reality so that he reveals the secrets he knows / he will work for those that have abducted him. There are many plot lines which are easily Invisibles standard in terms of how people perceive things. Key quote, "I am not a number, I am a man" [IL]

o [page 22] [panel 1] The face in the television is Parapa the Rappa, from a stylish Japanese Playstation game where you must use the controller to rap on rhythm to gain points. [Nicodemas] [panel 2] A "knees up" simply refers to some form of party, although in this context it might have rather more sexual connotations. [TEC]