Mister Six has been in contact with the 'other things', and when he emerges, he contacts a newly shaved Helga with details of the plan. In London Sir Miles, Rossiter and Orlando and preparing the path for the Moonchild's occupation by an Archon. Miss Dwyer's replacement turns out to be John A'Dreams. King Mob is watching as the events unfold. Fanny and Jack are undertaking their own form of preparation spinning glamors all across London. In 2012, we see Dane on the street experiencing the end of the world, while Fanny, Helga and Takashi fight the Rex Mundi as Robin's timesuit is launched. As the Moonchild is led to Westminster Abbey and the Eclipse starts to occur, Sir Miles starts to act strangely...


o Full Cover


o Mister Six
o Jack Frost
o Lord Fanny
o Rex Mundi
o Helga
o Ragged Robin
o Sir Miles
o Orlando
o John A'Dreams
o King Mob
o George Harper
o Jack Flint
o Moonchild, The


o Eclipses
o Time & Time Travel


o Grant Morrison (Writer)
o Steve Yeowell (Art)
o Ashley Wood (Art)
o Steve Parkhouse (Art)
o Philip Bond (Art)
o Jill Thompson (Art)
o John Ridgway (Art)
o Daniel Vozzo (Colors and Seps)
o Todd Klein (Letters)
o Shelly Roeberg (Editor)

The Invisibles created by Grant Morrison


Title: Stepford Planet: It is the beginning of a seeding process which will encompass the whole world, in which a new breed of humanity will flower blah etc. From Stepford Wives (a film where all the woman of Stepford, USA, were replaced by compliant drones by their husbands). [rory]

o [page 1] [panel 4] Is Mr. Six touching the wall that separates fictional reality from our own? Is that why even the caption box and the lettering ripple along with the rest of the contents of the panel? [Jack Frost]

o [page 2] [panel 6] The man Jack is cradling is his old pal Gaz, from all the way back in issue 1. It's a reprise/continuation of the scene at the beginning of Vol.1 #23 [Broad Arrow Jack]

o [page 5] [panel 1] Isn't she reminiscent of Mason pissing on New York? [Ganesha] The flyer for "Ministry of Tomorrow" features a variation on the logo for the British dance collective "Ministry of Sound." The MOS logo has been doubled and a Glen/Glenda composite face (obviously an icon for Fanny) has been added in between. [Anagram Eckis]

o [page 6] [panel 2] Edith fainted on a roundabout in #6 (page 20 panel 6) in the same playground she met the Harlequin. Now Mr Six wakes on a roundabout after talking to the Harlequin. [Imp0zz!bL]

o [page 7] [panel 1] I presume the mutilated swastika is a letter from the Outer Alphabet or something? [Ganesha] In my black-and-white copy, they ARE swastikas. Looks like there was an editorial decision to alter them. I'm wondering, for what reason? [Broad Arrow Jack] [panel 2] The man in white is an ex-member of The Invisibles known as John A'Dreams who disappeared in a church after experiencing an incursion from 'another reality'. Miss Dwyer was Sir Miles' old aide/master - she was a human adapted by the Archons. All such adapted people in series wear round black glasses. [TEC] [panel 4] Nice oblique reference to the Blind Chessman with the black-and-white tiles. [Ganesha]

o [page 9] [panel 1] !Kung is a language spoken by Kalahari bushmen and one sound of the language is a click represented by the exclamation point. The click is a tongue-roof of the mouth click, like you do when you make the tick-tock sound of a clock. It's a very strange language. If you've ever seen the movie The Gods Must Be Crazy, the language the bushman speaks is !Kung, or some similar language. I found it amusing that Helga translated Winnie the Pooh into !Kung. [Seamus]

o [page 15] [panel 2] Edith fainted on a roundabout in #6 (page 20 panel 6) in the same playground she met the Harlequin. Now Mr Six wakes on a roundabout after talking to the Harlequin. [Imp0zz!bL]

o [page 20] [panel 3] Nasi Goring is a spicy Indonesian dish consisting of rice, eggs, shrimp, and peanuts. [Broad Arrow Jack]

o [page 21] [panel 3] When Miles 'flips', he hears the words "You have become schizophrenic". It's what the philosophers Deleuze and Guattari call the conjunctive synthesis, the moment of realisation, "so that's what I am," that leads off to new syntheses, new and unstable individualities. Miles is connecting with flows that have nothing to do with any binary pattern, us/them, you/me. "The alchemical marriage is about merging opposites; the sun and moon, the good guys and the bad guys." Everyone is moving out of their 'roles' and into the universal history of becoming-other, becoming-cosmic... [Jackie Susann]

o [page 22] [panel 1] . It's carrying a hacked-up, limbless torso - perhaps the child sacrifice? [Ganesha]