o Grant Morrison (Writer)
o Phil Jiminez (Penciller)
o John Stokes (Inker)
o Daniel Vozzo (Colors)
o Todd Klein (Letterer)
o Shelly Roeberg (Editor)

The Invisibles created by Grant Morrison

Austin smokes out the spirits with Sage, while Lord Fanny drops into a trance - King Mob, Boy and Robin need help. In the installation underground they are surrounded by the enemy, and Jolly Roger is being controlled by Quimper. Robin uses her abilities to enter the head of one of the people controlled by Quimper, who then goes rogue - shooting his own people. Quimper reels from the shock. The rest of the cell respond to this distraction to fight their way out. Colonel Friday activates his armour and drags Quimper into the Outer Church to be 'repaired'. Meanwhile Fanny and Jack are starting a spell by pouring corn around the installation and making a pentagram out of postcards. Roger is freed from Quimper's control. They grab the anti-viral agent and attempt to escape. King Mob carries up the rear to give the others time to get out. He and Jolly Roger are then left alone, they suit up and travel on the porcelian train into a massive underground city....


o Emilio
o Austin
o Mason Lang
o Jack Frost
o Lord Fanny
o Ragged Robin
o Jolly Roger
o King Mob
o Boy
o ElFayed
o Mr Six



o [page 1] [panels 3-4] What's it trying to write here? If "You fuck I" is indeed all it's writing, this combined with the I/You globe on page 15 leads me to think that this is a reference to certain Buddhist (and perhaps Hindu) beliefs that duality is an illusion, and that all people are in fact one person, and one with the Buddha. The trick is realizing this, and treating all people as you would yourself, since you are them. The forces of Control only profit by spreading divisive illusions (divide and conquer, yes?). [RD] Could this be a riff on the Horta from Star Trek, who etched "No Kill I" in a tunnel as a message to Kirk and Spock? [HE]

o [page 9] bottom: A reference to 1.12? [CG]

o [page 12-13] A possible reference in this sequence is to the system of E-prime, produced by D. David Bourland Jr., which is English without the word "is," designed to "remove the 'essentialist or Aristotelian game-rules from our neuro-linguistic programming.' A source for this is Robert Anton Wilson's Quantum Psychology, which is written in E-Prime. There's also a great story in Wilson's Schrodinger's Cat trilogy where someone is asked the value of a dollar bill that echoes part of this sequence. And, of course, the lesson is given by El Fayed and Mr. Six (who isn't Big Malcolm here). [JBU]

o [page 14] On the cube you can read "this sculpture means total control only." In the circle with the window you can read: "how wr..." = "how wrong" ??? "the man" [PV] Also see 2.12, pages 2-3 for another look at the Outer Church. These two sequences share at least one image. Also, is that Justice League of America villain Prometheus' house in the upper lefthand corner of page 14? Grant says these two series are growing closer... [JB] Three bubbles down from "the crooked house": it looks like Jack with his brains blown out [FF] Or possibly it's King Mob. In 2.12, it's said that the Church and those in it exist out of time so they know all that was and is to happen. [L] Also, in one of the very small bubble son page 14 is an unoccupied toilet; reminds me of the Harlequin from 2.07 [JB] The sled-like thing in the bubble next to the spiked wheel chair appears again in 2.10, page 3. [L]

o [page 15] [panel 1] Are these backwards thoughts Quimper's? Some people claim that Quimper may be some kind of corrupted spirit that originally helped children; perhaps this is where this comes from. See also 2.04, page 14, panels 3 and 4. [RD] Could that be Bobby from 1.12 ["Best Man Fall"] and 2.10? It looks like he has short blond hair and a teddy bear that might be the mysterious 'Boody.' [FF/JB] Also, recall that the aliens told Dane, "As a child, we spoke through your /(toys)/" in 1.16, page 12. [JB]

o [page 17] [panel 4] Doom is a popular and violent video game. [PV/JB]

o [page 18] [panels 1-2] Gideon Stargrave bought and flew a stealth bomber in 1.17, page 20. [RD/JB] panel 4: "Fly brother, fly" is a line from the Kula Shaker album, which KM was listening to in 2.02 [RD]

o [page 22] [panel 2] Fanny charges a sigil as described by Morrison in the letter column of 1.16. [RL] For those of you who are less observant - she is masturbating. [TEC]

o [page 25] "Forget Baden-Powell": The founder of the Boy Scouts is Lord Baden-Powell. [Daisy] Baden-Powell also wrote the unfortunately titled book, "Scouting for Boys." [JBU]