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F-orgone Conclusion: Reichian Fucking Vs. Fucking Republicans

02:27 / 28.08.04
I just found this off of Fleshbot; the possible applications outside this election year are a serious turn on. What do you think?

Cue Edith singing Kate Bush. ("I still dream of Orgonon...")

Brooklyn Orgastic Politics Collective:
"On Thursday, September 2nd, for several hours prior to and during George Bush’s re-nomination ceremony, the Brooklyn Orgastic Politics Collective (BOP-C) will be conducting Orgone operations with several of our Cloudbusters, attempting to suck the fascism from the Republican National Convention at Madison Square Garden.  From an undisclosed location on the Brooklyn waterfront, we will be redirecting the flow of Life Energy above the deadly concentrations of hatred and greed accumulating in midtown Manhattan.  If indeed our theories prove correct, it may be possible to reduce the entire convention floor to a quivering Saturnalia.   The moans of Love shall ring out across the Land!"

Anyone headed to NYC who can report in on the (relative) (hopeful) success of these operations?
Boy in a Suitcase
02:09 / 29.08.04
This looks awesome--just emailed them to see if I could come along
13:30 / 29.08.04
I didn't know whether this was a joke or not, whilst I am familiar with Orgone and Reichian methodologies........I am not knowledgeable enough to know whether this is feasible

My initial reaction is that Cloudbusters and DorBusters etc are to be used very carefully. Dr Reich and Dr James DeMeo have warned that prolonged exposure or contact with such devices can be harmful to health

Reich made a device called a Medical DorBuster, that removed areas of Dor (Deadly Orgorne) from the individual

Cloudbusters are allegedly similarly dangerous if the operator spends to long touching the apparatus (this is all anecdotal on my part as I have no first hand experience other than a small Orgone Shooter I constructed)

according to Reich and DeMeo:

Orgone Accumulators and Orgone shooters allegedly collect and focus Orgone for direction and to work in a specific area. So for example, somebody sitting in an Accumulator, might spend a short spell, enjoying the warmth and comfort of the Accumulator and their health might improve as a result (though their are exceptions, people with certain heart conditions and others are told to limit or avoid exposure all together)

Cloudbusters and Dor busters (if I have read correctly) allegedly attract Dor which is very very water hungry

again according to how I have read Reich and DeMeo.......
the cloudbuster removes the blockage in the atmosphere that is preventing cloud formation. The Deadly Orgone (Dor) is attracted to the running water that the cloudbuster is immersed in and as a result the atmospheric conditions change

The only problem is that if aimed at an organic entity, once the Dor is removed then presumably the healthy Orgone or life energy , which is also attracted to water......follows suite and the individual or organic entity is then being stripped of healthy life energy


If the Brooklyn Orgastic Collective aim their cloudbusters ABOVE the auditorium, then that might be beneficial and reduce any (to use a magicak term) feeding of an Egregore or swelling of Republican Magick/energy

But to aim it AT the auditorium might be harmful to those inside and if Reich and DeMeo or more accurately my understanding of their work is correct, then this should be avoided. DeMeo and Reich believed prolonged exposure might be detrimental to health

Trevor James Constable also used Cloudbusters but his thinking is somewhat different from the interviews I have heard with him on Rense. Rather than drawing energy, Constable (again if I have understood him) believes that the Cloudbuster emits energy that somehow affects blockages in the ether. So rather than a receiving device,
Constable sees the cloudbuster as emitting a force that shatters a blockage in the ether.....allowing for healthy cloud formation

I am not knowledgeable enough in this area and I have probably misquoted extensively but whilst the thought of some Anarchist intervention does wet my appetite, even Republicans shouldn't be exposed to health robbing devices, so I cannot condone anything but the most careful use of such apparatus

FI aimed above the auditorium, fair enough as long as they know what they are doing but to aim the cloudbusters at people inside........too many unknown factors for my liking

One last thing in summation. Reich never believed that the Cloudbuster/Dorbuster or any of his devices could remove the mental and physical character armour blockages that make most of us assholes in some respect, alone. The Dor Buster could remove or reduce the armour but unless accompanied by therapy and work on behalf of the client, this would be a temporary cure at best and the demons in the person's psyche would remanifest some other way

The only beneficial result that I can see for the use of Cloudbusters in such a setting as the Republican convention would be to remove the energy that this event might produce.....or feed the Republican Party Egregore. This in itself is a worthwhile endeavour the way things are geo-politically but my conerns about the health ramifications still niggle away at me.....for Convention particaipants and the operators of said cloudbusters

Sorry to go on

I'm probably talking bollocks
13:33 / 29.08.04
sorry for the typos....their instead of there etc

I would ask the mods to change but it is a minor quibble and they have enough to do
Frank Fress
08:57 / 30.08.04
Awesome thread.
Frank Fress
19:24 / 30.08.04
I have contacted them and am going to try and take part on Thursday depending on my schedule. Hopefully everything will go according to plan...
21:47 / 30.08.04
I'm going to do an interview with them for a book project; looking over the tech specs section of their site to see how to talk about that reservations re: safety, prolonged exposure.

Wondering if most Reichians believe in sex magic? Or view it all as bio-energy & consciousness? (Six of one, really.)

Also, I wonder if there are "terrorist" concerns, vis a vis a device that looks a bit like a weapon pointed at Manhattan when the Feds are wildly afoot?

I'm going to do the interview today; post questions if you've got them!
09:50 / 31.08.04
any chance you could transcribe the interview or link us to it when it's done

I'm glad you are talking about length of exposure etc as that is one of my concerns
09:57 / 31.08.04
Most of my questions are around equity, the idea of "natural sexuality," and the usage of "sadomasochism" and "repression" as characteristics of Fascist sexual identity without contextualizing those terms. When Reich used them, we didn't have the benefit of Foucault yet, so I want to know where they are coming from.

The interview will be by phone for an essay; I will post the essay when I find out what happens with it re: publication, and answer some questions here if I can w/o causing trouble.

Re: exposure, science, etc. I checked the older, longer Orgone thread and other sites, and it seems as if this is more about Situationist political theatre and less about the cloudbuster. If there is a real cloudbuster involved, I'll change my story. But having only experienced an orgone accumulator (sat inside one at an art installation many years ago, and what I remember most is that an old television tuned to a Patsy Cline performance sat across from it, as part of the piece), I can't say that Orgone = chi = sex magick, blah blah blah. I put more stock in the magical intent behind an action, personally, than the technology of the obejcts involved. If someone wants to aim a plastic light saber at MSG and dispel sexo-fascist tension, I think they could do it, Reichian science or no.
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