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Total Barbelith Tarot: XVI THE TOWER
The Barbelith tarot and the Tower card: discussion and interpretations.
:: STARTED BY Saint Keggers
:: 18 REPLIES, LAST AT 20:44 21.08.15

Beyond the Long Count: Non-Mayan 2012 Prophecies
McKenna's Timewave, sunspot cycles, the singularity, 2012 eschatology that DOESN'T derive from the Mayan calendar.
:: STARTED BY Quantum
:: 17 REPLIES, LAST AT 20:42 21.08.15

Tesla: Electronic Magus
Barbelither Grant wants to commune the spirit of Nikola Tesla. He needs to know how to do that though. And so he asks the board.
:: STARTED BY grant
:: 9 REPLIES, LAST AT 17:20 29.04.15

Any Chicago movers and shakers at all?
Calling all Chi-town practitioners!
:: STARTED BY stupifiedlemon
:: 0 REPLIES, LAST AT 21:57 07.04.15

Did all you Magicians
Bloody Hell it's important to have a nice summary innit
:: STARTED BY T Blixius
:: 0 REPLIES, LAST AT 06:36 03.04.15

Magic mirror?
What is the magic mirror in the invisibles?
:: STARTED BY ciarconn
:: 11 REPLIES, LAST AT 12:23 25.01.15

Coincidence Log
Register your coincidences here for the delectation of your Barbelith compatriots.
:: STARTED BY Quantum
:: 323 REPLIES, LAST AT 05:33 15.01.15

This is a distress beacon to anyone with access to the invisible college
the light pulses, what happens next. transmission sent.
:: STARTED BY geakism
:: 6 REPLIES, LAST AT 04:51 04.12.14

La Santa Muerte
In wich we discuss this mexican death cult, its synchretism with Catholicism and links with the traditional brujeria.
:: 7 REPLIES, LAST AT 00:54 21.11.14

Islam and magic
Asking about Islam and Magic(k)
:: STARTED BY skyhellion
:: 2 REPLIES, LAST AT 00:13 17.11.14

The Abyss
Most practitioners know this sensation, and this place. Crossing the abyss. Things go well and then: falling through darkness, nurtured then dropped by something capricious. Nothing works anymore and the light goes out. Eventually, hopefully it ends.
:: STARTED BY chris_judge
:: 11 REPLIES, LAST AT 17:15 26.07.14

Occult technology
technology integrating into spirituality
:: STARTED BY faustX
:: 19 REPLIES, LAST AT 01:03 20.05.14

Notes on 'reality'
Without summary, like the question of reality itself, one might call this whole topic into question. Reality, and this summary, in summary, is because of its is-ness isn't it?
:: STARTED BY chris_judge
:: 6 REPLIES, LAST AT 09:13 01.05.14

Use Mirrors in magic rituals?
I´m looking for some insight in how to use mirrors in rituals, magick & sacrifices. Mostly on sacrifices in a ritual manner.
:: STARTED BY Aribus
:: 6 REPLIES, LAST AT 10:41 28.03.14

Tulpas and you
consciousness and lord fanny
:: STARTED BY geakism
:: 2 REPLIES, LAST AT 06:59 26.03.14

John hays hammond, jr
anyone know anything about him? father of remote control. wwii rocket scientist. castle builder.
:: STARTED BY coweatman
:: 0 REPLIES, LAST AT 19:06 26.02.14

Angels' Trumpet: Femme Fatale
The entheogenic plant known as Datura, Brugmansia, Brunfelsia or jimson weed (related to belladonna)... it has a rep as being a bit of a bitch-queen spirit. File under: flowers, drugs, psychedelics, plant allies, shamanism, feminine magick.
:: STARTED BY grant
:: 9 REPLIES, LAST AT 06:22 03.01.14

Bipolar Mania as Shamanic Initiation and Illumination
Mental pathology or spiritual awakening?
:: STARTED BY Stigma Enigma
:: 15 REPLIES, LAST AT 03:49 12.11.13

What drew you to magic and the occult?
A thread to discuss what brought you into magic. BYOB!
:: STARTED BY Blue Eyes Not Innocent
:: 56 REPLIES, LAST AT 16:55 26.03.13

God-form thoughts and questions.
Just found this forum, hoping to learn a great deal!
:: STARTED BY romara
:: 1 REPLIES, LAST AT 01:10 26.01.13

Spirituality, Magic, and the City?
Of urban centers and the power that flows through them.
:: 4 REPLIES, LAST AT 18:38 08.01.13

AA and Magick
How do magicians and witches interpret the "higher power" and other AA teachings?
:: STARTED BY calgodot
:: 6 REPLIES, LAST AT 09:24 04.01.13

Help w/ Loki the Trickster God
Powerful dangerous loki magic for flamoot
:: STARTED BY Mister Snee
:: 19 REPLIES, LAST AT 09:12 04.01.13

Fashion Suggestions Which Help You Look The Best
No summary available
:: STARTED BY amarfaciern
:: 3 REPLIES, LAST AT 07:12 25.12.12

found some ufos making synchronicities enough
:: STARTED BY Mister Snee
:: 0 REPLIES, LAST AT 23:30 11.02.12

No summary available
:: STARTED BY eeoam
:: 8 REPLIES, LAST AT 20:27 28.11.11

From tiny thought-forms massive gods do grow ... maybe
Gods - just jumped-up thought-forms or what?
:: STARTED BY trouser the trouserian
:: 115 REPLIES, LAST AT 10:25 04.11.11

Magick as maladaptive coping device
People and situations in whom an interest in magick seems a rickety prop for poor self-esteem, undeveloped social skills and a general sense of underachievement in life...
:: STARTED BY Ganesh
:: 145 REPLIES, LAST AT 18:35 01.11.11

Meet the Ancestors
An experiment in contacting our ancestors (from granny to Lucy).
:: STARTED BY Tamayyurt
:: 42 REPLIES, LAST AT 18:18 01.11.11

What is the future of magick forums?
:: STARTED BY Pyewacket The Elder
:: 3 REPLIES, LAST AT 13:30 01.11.11


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