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Use Mirrors in magic rituals?
I´m looking for some insight in how to use mirrors in rituals, magick & sacrifices. Mostly on sacrifices in a ritual manner.
:: STARTED BY Aribus
:: 6 REPLIES, LAST AT 10:41 28.03.14

La Santa Muerte
In wich we discuss this mexican death cult, its synchretism with Catholicism and links with the traditional brujeria.
:: 5 REPLIES, LAST AT 09:11 26.03.14

Occult technology
technology integrating into spirituality
:: STARTED BY faustX
:: 18 REPLIES, LAST AT 07:38 26.03.14

Tulpas and you
consciousness and lord fanny
:: STARTED BY geakism
:: 2 REPLIES, LAST AT 06:59 26.03.14

Magic mirror?
What is the magic mirror in the invisibles?
:: STARTED BY ciarconn
:: 9 REPLIES, LAST AT 03:59 27.02.14

John hays hammond, jr
anyone know anything about him? father of remote control. wwii rocket scientist. castle builder.
:: STARTED BY coweatman
:: 0 REPLIES, LAST AT 19:06 26.02.14

Coincidence Log
Register your coincidences here for the delectation of your Barbelith compatriots.
:: STARTED BY Quantum
:: 322 REPLIES, LAST AT 16:33 04.01.14

Angels' Trumpet: Femme Fatale
The entheogenic plant known as Datura, Brugmansia, Brunfelsia or jimson weed (related to belladonna)... it has a rep as being a bit of a bitch-queen spirit. File under: flowers, drugs, psychedelics, plant allies, shamanism, feminine magick.
:: STARTED BY grant
:: 9 REPLIES, LAST AT 06:22 03.01.14

Bipolar Mania as Shamanic Initiation and Illumination
Mental pathology or spiritual awakening?
:: STARTED BY Stigma Enigma
:: 15 REPLIES, LAST AT 03:49 12.11.13

Islam and magic
Asking about Islam and Magic(k)
:: STARTED BY skyhellion
:: 1 REPLIES, LAST AT 03:46 12.11.13

What drew you to magic and the occult?
A thread to discuss what brought you into magic. BYOB!
:: STARTED BY Blue Eyes Not Innocent
:: 56 REPLIES, LAST AT 16:55 26.03.13

God-form thoughts and questions.
Just found this forum, hoping to learn a great deal!
:: STARTED BY romara
:: 1 REPLIES, LAST AT 01:10 26.01.13

Spirituality, Magic, and the City?
Of urban centers and the power that flows through them.
:: 4 REPLIES, LAST AT 18:38 08.01.13

AA and Magick
How do magicians and witches interpret the "higher power" and other AA teachings?
:: STARTED BY calgodot
:: 6 REPLIES, LAST AT 09:24 04.01.13

Help w/ Loki the Trickster God
Powerful dangerous loki magic for flamoot
:: STARTED BY Mister Snee
:: 19 REPLIES, LAST AT 09:12 04.01.13

Fashion Suggestions Which Help You Look The Best
No summary available
:: STARTED BY amarfaciern
:: 3 REPLIES, LAST AT 07:12 25.12.12

found some ufos making synchronicities enough
:: STARTED BY Mister Snee
:: 0 REPLIES, LAST AT 23:30 11.02.12

No summary available
:: STARTED BY eeoam
:: 8 REPLIES, LAST AT 20:27 28.11.11

From tiny thought-forms massive gods do grow ... maybe
Gods - just jumped-up thought-forms or what?
:: STARTED BY trouser the trouserian
:: 115 REPLIES, LAST AT 10:25 04.11.11

Magick as maladaptive coping device
People and situations in whom an interest in magick seems a rickety prop for poor self-esteem, undeveloped social skills and a general sense of underachievement in life...
:: STARTED BY Ganesh
:: 145 REPLIES, LAST AT 18:35 01.11.11

Meet the Ancestors
An experiment in contacting our ancestors (from granny to Lucy).
:: STARTED BY Tamayyurt
:: 42 REPLIES, LAST AT 18:18 01.11.11

What is the future of magick forums?
:: STARTED BY Pyewacket The Elder
:: 3 REPLIES, LAST AT 13:30 01.11.11

"Stupid" magick, religion and spirituality questions
A thread for questions relating to magick and spirituality, no matter how basic.
:: STARTED BY Less searchable M0rd4nt
:: 2871 REPLIES, LAST AT 03:06 01.11.11

Sacred Prostitution in Antiquity
Herodotus, Strabo, historical myths and modern presumptions.
:: STARTED BY rosie x
:: 52 REPLIES, LAST AT 03:05 01.11.11

"0+2=1" by NoMeansNo
:: 4 REPLIES, LAST AT 03:04 01.11.11

Invited possession/horsing and channeling/divine inspiration.
A thread to discuss working with entities/Deities/Spirits or whatnot that you either intentionally invite to enter into and act through you, or if it happens accidently. Describing the difference between being inspired/compelled and actually possessed.
:: STARTED BY Ticker
:: 295 REPLIES, LAST AT 20:11 09.10.11

Link to the locked Buffy As Mythology thread.
No summary available
:: STARTED BY Evil Scientist
:: 0 REPLIES, LAST AT 11:53 18.09.11

Bleeding Women
Female menses, women who do not bleed, the magical relationship inherent in the womanly cycle and my journey to regain this.
:: STARTED BY Olulabelle
:: 60 REPLIES, LAST AT 11:42 18.09.11

Birds on the Tree - a Qabalistic Aviary
Begun as an exercise in determining the Qabalistic correspondences of birds based on observation, education, intuition, and experience. Becoming an extended meditation on birds, bird medicine, bird symbolism, and one poster's ongoing diary of encounters with birds and the significance thereof. Links and resources appreciated.
:: STARTED BY electric monk
:: 53 REPLIES, LAST AT 06:10 16.09.11

Ritual Forms of Ancestor Reverence
Dumb Supper, Dia De Los Muertos, Chinese Paper Burning, Winternights blot, what have you done to honor your beloved dead?
:: STARTED BY EmberLeo
:: 53 REPLIES, LAST AT 10:49 14.09.11


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