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2012 and the I Ching

22:28 / 19.11.02
anyone know how Terrence McKenna used the I Ching to support the Mayan 2012 prophecy? i remember reading RAW's book Everything is Under Control and there was also a part in the first volume of the Invisibles where this is mentioned. Does anyone have any links or know how to work this info out through the I Ching ?
22:39 / 19.11.02
I seem to recall that he used the King Wen sequence of the I Ching by giving the hexagrams numeric values to create his Timewave. As for what that MEANS or how one would work that out I have no clue BUT if you are interested the material is explained in his & his brother Dennis' book The Invisible Landscape. It's covered in great detail there.
The Tower Always Falls
06:38 / 25.11.02
Oy. A bit too tired to go into too much detail, but the Timewave Zero program is available in Mac or MS/DOS if you want it. Dolphin Software, 48 Shattuck Square #147, Berkley, CA 94704

As for how McKenna did it? A lot of math. Painful ammounts. He graphed out the number of line changes between hexagrams and plotted this graph upon the SAME graph plotted backwards on itself, which equalled 64 again. He then plotted a graph using THIS graph in the same way trigrams are built. Six graphs, with two larger graphs in the middle, with an even larger graph above it to unify the whole. 6 lines. 2 trigrams. One hexagram. He called this an eschaton, a time-wave particle.

Head exploded yet? Mine pretty much did the first time through... and the second. And the third...

The reason that they chose the mayan calendar as the end-date was that it seemed to fit best with their data. I haven't found a great deal of exposition as to how they came to this date, besdies that they found it fit the best with their data. Seems like it could be Kuhn-levels of tunnel vision, but I love the idea of novelty reaching a critical mass.

I could probably explain more after some sleep... but maybe not.
10:15 / 25.11.02
How useful have people found McKenna's exposition? Has anyone here upped and ran with it, or got other ideas and insights from it? Or even found it just genuinely mind boggling?

It reminds me - at my current level of understanding (not much) of Crowley's magicial formula ie. a great creative exercise for him, but maybe not of that much use to anyone else. Anyone want to contradict me?
20:52 / 25.11.02
They didn't choose the Mayan calendar; they just picked a start point that seemed like the probable Big Bang date and let the wave unflod from there. I'm not sure how they determined scale, but on the TimeWave homepage, I seem to remember reading that it was just a happy synchronicity. There a nice description of the timewave (with visual aids) up here.

And a nice description of the Mayan Long Count here.
Wrecks City-Zen
22:53 / 28.11.02
[metaphysical threadrot] Anyone notice that the 3 "mother" letters of Hebrew relate to the Fool, The Hanged Man and Judgement?

Or 0 , 12 , 20?

2012?The judgement of the Hanged Man?
00:22 / 02.12.02
The judgement of the Hanged Man

Seeing as the Hanged Man is Odin, that would make his judgement Ragnarock, wouldn't it?
Nietzsch E. Coyote
00:29 / 02.12.02
You have a Haindl tarot deck don't you, cusm?
Wrecks City-Zen
21:25 / 02.12.02

Consider also the association to Christ mythos...the hanged man = 12. 12 disciples etc.

Or Simon Magus.

Since you brought up the Norse link...

20th rune - Mannuz/ Man 12th rune= Ger/Jera (year/harvest/cycle)

Christ born in a man-ger...2012.
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