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Doctor Who Season Four - spoilers and speculation


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Our Lady Has Left the Building
19:47 / 14.11.07
[+] [-] My feelings on that spoiler, just in case
17:09 / 16.11.07
The last time I said I believed something someone said in an interview I was ridiculed but I have to doubt the retrn of Rose. It would undermine the ending, for starters. Perhaps a Doctor-lite episode with part of the story playing out on Petes World before finishing on Earth Prime?

News from the new DWm - Episodes 4 and 5 are by Helen 'Secs and the Ciry' Raynor, and feature both the return of The Sontarans and Martha Jones.
Evil Scientist
21:53 / 16.11.07
Davison rocks.
Our Lady Has Left the Building
21:54 / 16.11.07
What about a Fifth Doctor style regeneration sequence homage?

And that Children in Need scene was fun. Set between Martha leaving the TARDIS in the last episode and it crashing into (apparently) the Titanic, the TARDISes of the Tenth and Fifth Doctors crash into one another, the Tenth Doctor talks about how much he likes the Fifth, the explodey TARDIS emergency is dealt with and the Fifth Doctor is returned to his time and space. Steven Moffat is brilliant. And he's brought the Cloister Bell back into current continuity!
Evil Scientist
21:58 / 16.11.07
A fun little segment twas the CiN special. Following the usual rule that the Doctor always bickers with his selves. Quick bit of time-travel bollocks to deal with a Fifth Doctor who looks a little older than we remember.

Gigglesome comment about Ten's "Isn't it faaaaantastic!" quirkery.

Personally I want to see the Leopardskin Desktop now.
Lama glama
23:29 / 16.11.07
And he's brought the Cloister Bell back into current continuity!

RTD did it in 2005's CiN special and again in The Sound of Drums when the TARDIS trio stumble upon the Paradox Machined TARDIS.

It was great, wasn't it? Graeme Harper's direction was full of energy, just like the two Doctors. Moffat seriously needs to be put in charge of the show as soon as RTD leaves.
Lama glama
23:59 / 16.11.07
Also, for anybody Stateside (or elsewhere) who haven't seen it, here's a legal Youtube link:

Time Crash.
Kali, Queen of Kitteh
03:23 / 17.11.07
That gave me a total heart-squishie. I started to tear up.
uncle retrospective
19:45 / 17.11.07
Does he still have that silly beard?
Well he had a wife.

Loved it.
19:50 / 17.11.07
19:57 / 17.11.07
Great fun.

Of course, I am the easiest audience in the world with Dr Who.

I just wanted more...
20:17 / 17.11.07
Yeah, but one of the things I was most impressed by was that there seemed to be alot more there than there actually was considering it was around six/seven minutes long. Combination of factors, I suppose. Great writing, great acting.
Our Lady Has Left the Building
13:17 / 18.11.07
I did have to gulp down some emotion when Doctor Ten told Doctor Five "you were always my favourite Doctor", there's certainly a lot of Five in Ten, just overlayed with the darkness of Doctors Seven and Nine. Surely Moffat must be the logical choice to replace RTD when he goes?

Voyage of the Llama And he's brought the Cloister Bell back into current continuity!

RTD did it in 2005's CiN special

Really? I'll have to go back and check. I'm sure it certainly wasn't mentioned by name...
Lama glama
15:03 / 18.11.07
Surely Moffat must be the logical choice to replace RTD when he goes?

I certainly hope so, but I don't think it'll happen. Moffat's going to be a very busy man for years to come. He's currently in the frame to write three Tin Tin movies with names like Spielberg and George Lucas attached. I honestly don't see him having the time to work on Doctor Who full time and work on those movies will surely carry on well into 2010, the year that will almost certainly be RTD's final series. Last year Moffat almost didn't finish "Blink," due to his work on Jekyll.

Two more realistic options for future Who showrunner are Chris Chibnall (eek!) due to his Torchwood producer status and Sarah Jane's writer/story co-ordinator Gareth Roberts (whee!).

Really? I'll have to go back and check. I'm sure it certainly wasn't mentioned by name.

I can't really remember if it is, but the same noise is there. Not on the DVD version, of course. The DVD version had all final sound effects removed and the temporary ones were used. Instead of the satisfying BONG of the cloister bell, you get to hear what sounds like a fire alarm. The sound effects broadcast on CiN night 2005 are the right ones though.
06:10 / 22.11.07
Choked up as well at 'you were MY Doctor'. All of it.

The "what? What? WHHAATTT?" bit was great too.

So cool. Peter Davison. And all the celery jokes. Wonderful. I was just talking to a friend about how Davison wore the celery and how wonderfully random (and yet very Dr. Who) it was.
Kali, Queen of Kitteh
06:39 / 22.11.07
Someone really ought to do a proper correlation to all our childhood timelines and determine who our Doctors REALLY are.
Kali, Queen of Kitteh
06:44 / 22.11.07
FYI: I hold in my heart the Fourth, only because I faintly remember Romana>

And giant spiders which were Davison, I know, I know....
Our Lady Has Left the Building
19:38 / 22.11.07
You've seen it before but it bears repeating.
17:33 / 23.11.07
Very silly Dr. Who parody sketch/short on youtube. more of a Tom Baker thing... Done by a Barbelith member (it's me playing The Doctor, filmed on location in NYC).
Our Lady Has Left the Building
07:35 / 24.11.07
Verity Lambert has passed away aged 71.
17:05 / 24.11.07
That was class, Finder. Your Doctor is a great combo of 5 and 10. Love the British accent!
Poke it with a stick
00:52 / 27.11.07
Don't look unless you want a fairly major casting spoiler.

01:14 / 27.11.07
Mind you, Captain Jack was much less gay this time round

Maybe. But he wasn't very heterosexual with anyone either, was he? The only women he's seen to flirt with are Martha, and is quickly warned off by the Doctor, and Chantho, who dies. When it came to male-male action his choices were pretty much limited to The Doctor... who saw him as a big temporaral freak. That's going to crimp even Captain Jack's style. I'd say Jack was less -sexual all round. Is that down to behind the scenes pressure, inconsistent writing, lack of time, or all three? You decide.
01:16 / 27.11.07
Okay, it looks like I just replied to a post by Lady from about four months ago.

I am teh spoon.
Lama glama
13:44 / 01.12.07
[+] [-] Spoiler

Anyway, the Doctor Who website has their annual advent calendar up. The first entry is an endearing season's wishes from Kylie and David.

The page does have a big old casting spoiler slapped on it though, so if you want to remain unspoiled for season 4, avoid the calendar.

14:39 / 01.12.07
I think a lot of people will be annoyed about the return of Rose because it, in effect, negates the glorious bitter sweet ending of series two. The whol 'never, ever return' thing becoming 'well, not for a year or two'. Perhaps that's it?
Evil Scientist
17:56 / 01.12.07
Bringing Piper in feels like a bit of a step backwards. But I suppose it depends on how it's handled. I've got enough faith in RTD not to automatically expect that Martha is going to take second place to Rose, rather that the appearance of Rose will be what finalises the relationship between the Doctor and Martha.
Lama glama
19:13 / 01.12.07
So it's okay to talk about Rose's return openly?

Are we sure that Martha is actually going to be in these episodes? It might just be Rose, Donna and the Doctor. I suppose not having Martha in the mix would obviously be a bit of a missed opportunity.
Lama glama
17:26 / 04.12.07
Voyage of the Damned is confirmed as being 71 minutes long.

While this is potentially excellent news, the last time Doctor Who extended its running time was in RTD's Last of the Timelords which was, to put it mildly, padded a great deal.
18:25 / 04.12.07
That's 1hr 11mins of Kylie and Dave, you're forgetting. It's going to be glorious. You can always turn the sound off.
22:42 / 04.12.07
Padding? I loved the song and dance number...
Lama glama
19:31 / 05.12.07
Don't get me wrong, I am looking forward to this immensely. It's just that RTD's last episode was a little dodgy and his Christmas specials tend to be a little meandering.
Mark Parsons
00:39 / 11.12.07
Rose Returns does not fill me with thrills, but I trust the writers, so will wait and see. I'm also not especially wowoed by the addition of Runaway Bride either. I wonder of the staff feels that they've written themselves into a corner with Martha! Love that character, so maybe my cool rxns to the aforementioned characters is tainted by that!

Just watched BLINK and thought it was a classic. Ready to view the final three eps now...
Lama glama
11:38 / 11.12.07
A new executive producer has been announced, to take over from RTD when he inevitable departs at the end of the 2009 specials. I've seen very little of what Wood has written, but what I have seen doesn't impress. In fact, dinnerladies is probably some of the worst comedy I've seen on British television. Of course, the Guardian article doesn't seem to indicate that she'll be assuming a role similar to RTD has head-writer and exec, but it seems likely with her writing experiencing that this will happen.

I'll reserve judgement and all that, but wouldn't it have been nice had they promoted somebody like Moffat or Cornell?
12:07 / 11.12.07
Well just a couple of comments there Llama, Victoria Wood isn't taking over as producre from RTD, It's Piers Wenger replacing Julie Garnder.

And I adored dinnerladies. The Delius myth/Delia Smith syphilis joke is one of my favourite sitcom gags ever. I remember reading in a girlfriends Heat that dinnerladies was all cosy and dark like their favourite Royle Family. That would be the not dark programme in which one character has a nervous breakdown, another abandons a newborn baby, another grieves for a parent and a fourth has recurring cancer problem.

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