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Best of Booty music mashup

Elijah, Freelance Rabbi
22:23 / 09.02.06
I heard about this album on boingboing, dled it, and have decided it is really cool.

Download here, totally legit

Has anyone else heard this? What is the Barbeconsensus on mash ups? I think they are a lot of fun, personally, and have made a few over the years just for fun, and I like listening to them.
haus of fraser
14:20 / 10.02.06
There was a thread on this a couple of years back when they were just getting really big

Personally i'm over the 'wow two songs in one' thing- if you can pull off something original- ie a whole new song like christina and the strokes or Sugababes freak like me then go for it.

When i kept getting emailed links or given compilations of the latest mash ups i lost interest in the phenomenon- a bit like indie bands covering 'pop' songs- its slightly passť.

There is a high benchmark to match with the careers of Richard x and Danger Mouse essentially defined by their mash ups a couple of years back- so IMHO anything new had better be good.

On the travesty thing- i think we got over that 20 years ago with record scratching and sampling didn't we?
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