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The passing of a great artist


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05:30 / 02.02.06
i just received some very saddening news this evening. my friend seth fisher has died. he was a great artist and i had the pleasure of calling him my friend. i also had the pleasure of working with him. he had such a great outlook to life and was always willing to think of things from another perspective. his work is some of most unique i have seen. for those who don't know what seth fisher has done in comics do a search for his name. pick up anything he has done and you will be amazed and delighted forever by his imagination. myself and those who knew him personally will miss him enormously. he always had this way to make you laugh and not to take things too seriously. cheers seth.
05:41 / 02.02.06
Holy shit. When I opened this thread I was expecting it to be the passing of one of the grand old masters. I didn't expect this at all.

I've met Seth, he was truly an incredible artist, and it seemed like his career was only just beginning to gain momentum.

I don't really know what else to say. I'm speechless.
05:45 / 02.02.06
That's a terrible shame. I was reading the 4th issue of Big In Japan today and was thinking I was glad for Fisher's presence in comics, that extra touch of joyful weird that he brought, his vision wonderfully singular.

Moment of reflection and silence for a young man full with wonderful potential who's moved on.
Jack Denfeld
06:06 / 02.02.06
10:13 / 02.02.06
This is sad news indeed, Seth Fisher was one of my favourite artists. I'm sorry to hear that he's passed away, my condolences to his friends and family.
11:44 / 02.02.06
Not been exposed to much of his art, but it looks very pretty. Quitelyesque, but with a flavour all of its own.
12:06 / 02.02.06
I was always reminded of Quitely, but with a different quality of line.

My condolences to everyone who knew him.
Haus of Mystery
12:17 / 02.02.06
Ohhh man. I've literally just bought the last two 'Big in Japan's'. They're so beautiful.

That's really sad. He was indeed an amazing artist.
12:45 / 02.02.06
this is horrid. he wasn't old was he?

condolences to all who knew him.
Yotsuba & Benjamin!
14:32 / 02.02.06
Terrible news. A great artist with even greater potential. And yeah, I don't think he was that old at all.

God, that's really just awful. I also picked up Big In Japan #4 yesterday. No one could give me the willies like Seth Fisher.
The Falcon
15:08 / 02.02.06
Oh, damn. I'd just got really into Fisher's work; lovely, fun, inventive stuff. This is quite horribly sad news.
Haus of Mystery
15:29 / 02.02.06
Go and check his website for more of his delicious art and see what will be missed.
15:35 / 02.02.06
Oh my God. This is completely shocking. Jesus. I'm so sorry.
Ben Danes
15:35 / 02.02.06
Terrible news. I was just getting into his stuff as well, picking up both Snow and FF/IM in one go, and looking forward to plenty more work to come.

He did have that Quitelyesque feel, but have a look at some of those panels in Snow. Just densely packed with tons of detail and objects in each panel, but so effortless looking in that it doesn't seem to be cluttered at all.
Yotsuba & Benjamin!
16:17 / 02.02.06
Definitely check out as much as you can about his process. Some fascinating stuff on integrating mathematics into his work. It's pretty obvious after you read it the amount of technical prowess he brought to bear on his work.

Just finished Big In Japan. Best Subterraneans ever, seriously.
16:20 / 02.02.06
Very sad indeed.
16:57 / 02.02.06
I was unfamiliar with his work, but looking now, my god, the man was incredible.

Really horrible news. My sympathies.
16:58 / 02.02.06
God, this is awful -- he was one of my favorite artists working today. My condolences to everyone who knew him... this really is a pretty serious loss to good comics.
Mister Six, whom all the girls
17:04 / 02.02.06
Terribly sad.

Very talented, vibrant and fun person who made a significant contribution to the artform that he loved so much.

He'll be missed.
H3ct0r L1m4
17:25 / 02.02.06
shit! this is too sad...

I'm always kind of relieved when I see news on the passing of comics artists/authors that were mostly really old. comics people seem to usually lead a quiet and long life.

damn. condolences to his family.
Eskay Uno
17:40 / 02.02.06
Condolences to all who knew him. His amazing talent will be missed.
17:49 / 02.02.06
Seth was absolutely brilliant and my heartfelt condolences go out to his family and friends and anybody that knew him.
Grady Hendrix
17:52 / 02.02.06
This is really sad. I enjoyed his art a great deal and I thought BIG IN JAPAN was one of the best recent comics I'd seen. His feeling for people just bled through his character designs and, for purely selfish reasons, I'm really depressed that someone who brought so much freshness and vitality to comics will no longer be doing so.
Gary Lactus
18:41 / 02.02.06
I am absolutely gutted. In Seth Fisher I found an artist who I would unquestioningly buy regardless of who was writing. It was with a heavy heart that I read the final Big In Japan today. His legacy is all too small but nonetheless great. I showed issue three to someone recently and they exclaimed, "Holy shit! THIS is a Fantastic Four Comic?!"

I shall raise a glass to him tonight.
20:25 / 02.02.06
Dude, this sucks, my condolences to his family and friends. I really liked this guy's art and was looking forward to seeing it evolve over the years.
Just Add Water
20:58 / 02.02.06
I am saddened by this. I don't know what else to say.
22:45 / 02.02.06
This is very sad news - I remember first seeing his work in a Green Lantern DC special years ago, if memory serves, called Otherworld or something like that...he was a very talented and innovative artist.
23:06 / 02.02.06
Wow. I am stunned and heartbroken. I've loved his work ever since I first saw it in *Vertigo Pop: Tokyo* - he had this great way of making action scenes look like freezeframes. What a loss!
Haus of Mystery
23:40 / 02.02.06
'Big in Japan' was a lovely testament to his art though - Big colourful and bold with the confidence to integrate Manga techniques amongst his quirky European style. It's the FF story you've always wanted to read, made by his excellent art. A real loss.
00:32 / 03.02.06
Just in shock.

Can only echo how it awful and unreal it sounds. I just feel he was so close to having wider recognition that he had deserved for ages. Condolences to all those who loved him.
Imaginary Mongoose Solutions
01:21 / 03.02.06
Really horrible news. My condolences...
16:42 / 03.02.06
An open letter from April Fisher:

Dear Friends of Seth,

I've just hung up the phone from talking with Vicki (Seth's mother) in
Japan. She is with family and friends at the wake. She was overwhelmed
when I told her so many people are talking about him online, in blogs
and forums. She thanks everyone for their thoughts and prayers. It seems
Seth fell seven stories off the roof of a club in Osaka. The autopsy
revealed massive internal bleeding and suggests that he died instantly.

The funeral in Japan is on Saturday. Condolences may be sent to Hisako
(his wife) at:

Hisako Sugiyama
Miyoshi Building 3C
2-13-8 Matsubara
Naka-ku Nagoya-shi
Aichi-ken 460-0017

There will be a service at Sacred Heart in Coronado (San Diego) when his
mother returns from Japan (at least a week from now). The church will
have the details (

Sacred Heart Parish
655 C Avenue
Coronado, CA 92118
The Falcon
17:50 / 03.02.06
Ragnell has a roll of pretty much all the tributes.
20:02 / 03.02.06
I found out about this great loss through Warren Ellis this morning. Condolences to his family and friends, it truely is a great loss to the artform.

His greatness will live on through his work everytime i read it.
Pants Payroll
02:05 / 04.02.06
I only just discovered Seth's work 6 months ago and it really dropped my jaw. I was looking forward to years of mind-blowing creativity (if you havent been picking up "Big in Japan", you're missing out). Having been to his website before he seemed to be a young, quirky guy with a fun sense of humour. My sympathies to his family.

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