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"Far Cry is all blue"- requests for technical assistance in gaming

All Acting Regiment
20:49 / 15.11.05
Another plea for technical help, with sweeties after for anyone who helps me. I've just got Far Cry for PC. It's all blue. At first, indoor environs, characters, and trees were fine, just the landscape and sea was all just pure sky blue- now everything's blue.

What's happening?
21:20 / 15.11.05
I´ve searched a bit, maybe this discussion can help you?

And I know how you feel. I bought the much anticipated Civlization 4 and it´s crashing and crashing.
All Acting Regiment
21:33 / 15.11.05
Ahh. Thanks for that. There might be some tips there, and I'm currently patching up.

If you want to use this thread to ask for Civ 4 help, go ahead. Might turn into a fully fledged technical requests thread for the games fora.
All Acting Regiment
22:33 / 15.11.05
Got it.

22:33 / 15.11.05
Might turn into a fully fledged technical requests thread for the games fora.

Nice idea. The thread title should be changed for that though.

There´s no help for Civ 4 yet. They rushed the game, because the company was in desperate need for money. In every forum where I looked and have seen that same problem, everybody´s waiting for the first patch.

That´s the last time I bought a game without playing it beforehand. Next time, I´ll rent it first.
00:03 / 16.11.05
Gonna put a thread title-changing request in RIGHT NOW!!!
00:19 / 16.11.05
Bosh. Done. Glad I didn't buy Civ4, then.
All Acting Regiment
02:36 / 16.11.05
I really want to harp on about Far Cry now, but that might rot the thread. Maybe I'll distract you by throwing a rock. Then climb a tower. Look at the water. What's that? Run. Run. Run.
11:31 / 16.11.05
I have a related problem - having moved Half-Life (the first) onto Steam, I am now finding that the title screen is pure white. I can move the mouse around and get sound effects that suggest that what I am doing is having some impact, but nothing more. Any ideas? I'[m changing PC in a fortnight or so, so it's not a huge deal - just a bit irksome...
Mister Six, whom all the girls
23:21 / 16.11.05
I've got Far Cry for XBox and it's amazing.

The laughs I got from my friend from playing in the impossible map we made was worth the price of the game alone.

"I'm in a fuckinbg pit??? You put pits in here??"

"Why are there ladders that go nowhere?"

I'm buying Half-Life 2 tonight.
15:47 / 06.12.05
On a side note anyone ever come across bizarre problems with console games?
GTA:SA went all weird on me last night.The Xbox was on for a bit before I started playing (I got distracted) and once I loaded up my game and was on my way to easter bay airport the draw distance dropped to a few (in-game) feet in font of my character and half the textures dissappeared.

It was fun to bike around for a bit floating above the textures with the ground dissappearing/reappearing and people faalling off things that weren't there but a quick restart sorted it out.
if only someone would make a game that waas like that ALL the time
Spatula Clarke
15:52 / 06.12.05
Yeah, most console games can glitch out in some way if you force them to and a few suffer from such problems at random without the player ever doing anything to make it happen.
14:36 / 31.12.05
Half Life 2 is really pissing me off. It took an aeon to get the bloody thing working in the first place (especially using Steam on dial-up)- having registered, installed the update and hit Start, the thing just crashed my PC completely.

Sooo... I waited until I had broadband and did a clean re-install. This time it all worked fine, and everything was peachy- a good few days of playing ensued.

Now I'm trying to play it again, and it's gone back to crashing/restarting my PC. All I've done since is install Quake 4 and WoW. Surely it can't be that jealous? I've looked on various fora and found this is not uncommon, but the usual suggested answer is graphics card compatibility problems- clearly not the case here, as it WILL run, I've SEEN it run, and it runs perfectly (GeForce 6200, incidentally).

It's reeeeally getting on my tits now. Anyone had a similar experience who can offer advice? Gonna try a defrag, but can't really see that making much difference, tbh.
18:19 / 31.12.05
Half Life 2 is really pissing me off.

Have you updated the drivers to the latest version? If not, that normally helps to fix most problems. If so, where exactly are you crashing? When you try to start? Main menu? In game?
19:05 / 31.12.05
Strangely, after refusing to co-operate for the last two days, it's now working again. I figure that means it can't be a driver problem... I just wish I knew how to stop it happening again.
All Acting Regiment
21:58 / 29.01.06
Hmm. More Far Cry mizzenry. I'm trying to get the internet multiplayer game to work; I've got my name and password but the game keeps telling me my password is incorrect or that my account is blocked. I have a feeling this is to do with the network I'm attached to in this accomodation block, but I really don't know enough about this sort of stuff. I could do with either some specific help or just general explanations of how ports and things work.
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