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SeaGuy enthusiasm


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Mark Parsons
00:51 / 07.09.05
According to this interview with GM:


"and I'm still itching to finish the Seaguy 2 - 'Slaves of Mickey Eye' scripts when Cameron's ready for them."

So Cameron, are you ready yet?
01:03 / 07.09.05
Does George's itch mean they've been greenlighted, though?
The Falcon
01:16 / 07.09.05
I think you want topic 22297, mate.
02:04 / 07.09.05
Um, this topic title is extremely misleading. Seaguy is NOT scheduled to return anytime soon. Grant would like to do it, I would like to do it, I'm sure Peter Doherty and Todd Klein would like to do it, and our editor Karen Berger said she loved the series, but as it stands we have NOT been given the green light to do more.

Maybe, hopefully, we might get to do it at some point, but titling a thread "Seaguy Returns!!!" and basically suggesting that it's all down to me now is a bit premature.
Solitaire Rose as Tom Servo
02:21 / 07.09.05
How did the trade do? I saw where the trade for WE3 nearly sold as many copies as the individual issues in Diamond's listings, so I'm wondering if Seaguy did well as a trade.

OK, hoping more than wondering.
02:37 / 07.09.05
And, for authenticity's sake, even if you're keen to show off your lower case, couldn't at least one of the '!'s in the title have been a '1'?
Lord Morgue
13:57 / 07.09.05
Fucking schitzophrenics.
13:59 / 07.09.05
I didn't know Pete Doherty was a Seaguy fan.
Alex's Grandma
16:42 / 07.09.05
Well it's obviously him that's causing the problems here - Pete, for the last time mate, get off the horse!
17:03 / 07.09.05
I've put in a mod request to change the title to Seaguy enthusiasm - seeing as how this thread is more about peoples enthusiasm for seaguy than the any realistic imminent prospect of it's return...
Mark Parsons
19:59 / 07.09.05
"Maybe, hopefully, we might get to do it at some point, but titling a thread "Seaguy Returns!!!" and basically suggesting that it's all down to me now is a bit premature. "

Didn't mean to suggest that the weight of SeaGuy's world was all on your shoulders, Cameron. Just enthusing over GM's own enthusiasm and implied prospect that more SG scripts are in the pipeline.
00:33 / 08.09.05
Maybe, hopefully, we might get to do it at some point, but titling a thread "Seaguy Returns!!!" and basically suggesting that it's all down to me now is a bit premature.

Oh, come on. You're just dodging responsibility now. Get back to work, you lazy bastard. =)
H3ct0r L1m4
01:14 / 08.09.05
Cameron said in another topic a while ago that he had already other creator-owned work lined up [me wants] that would put any immediate SEAGUY sequel on hold.

it's all down to sales in the end, I suppose. those who love the book could help a little, maye linking the proper Amazon or Vertigo page on our blogs while writing about how cool it is. buying the trade as gifts to friends, handing out the single issues after buying the trade etc etc.

is there a SEAGUY page at Wikipedia? will check that out.
09:09 / 11.09.05
What a world we live in. 30 issues of Seven Soldiers (hey I really don't care for it) get greenlit but no more Seaguy.
Solitaire Rose as Tom Servo
20:41 / 24.10.05
Just bringing up that Rich Johnson is saying that "Seaguy: The Wasps Of Atlantis" is coming out in 2006 this week.
21:01 / 24.10.05
Rich apparently didn't notice that "The Wasps of Atlantis" was the title of the already-published Seaguy #2, and also served as the original title for the first volume.

Seaguy Vol.2, if it were to happen, would be called "Slaves of Mickey Eye," and Volume 3 is subtitled "Seaguy Eternal."

I have no idea where Rich is getting his info but take it from me, that I have heard NOTHING about Seaguy Vol. 2 getting the go-ahead, which makes his confident statement of fact in LITG utterly unfounded.
Mark Parsons
21:32 / 24.10.05
Maybe Rich is in contact with Bizarro Grant or Bizarro Cameron, so their assertations of a new series means just the opposite...
Jack Fear
21:37 / 24.10.05
I can confidently predict that SEAGUY Volume 3 will be entitled "Mummy On The Moon." In fact, I'm holding it in my hand right now. (That is what "volume" means, doesn't it?)
21:52 / 24.10.05
Wasps of Atlantis is a title I'm personally not gonna be forgetting any time soon... I don't think any comic has ever had quite the emotional impact on me that that one did.

I'd love to see more Seaguy... I'd also love to see another season of Firefly and hear another Swans album. It would suck if it doesn't happen... but, y'know, lots of things suck about the entertainment industry.

Cameron- be assured- if (and I pray it does) Slaves Of Mickey Eye ever happens, I'll be first in the queue. You never know, I may even end up buying as many copies as I did of the first one (long story... but I ended up buying it all about three times). But I'll be there. Just... if it happens, don't make me cry so much next time, yeah? It's embarrassing.
21:57 / 24.10.05
Crying while reading a comic is never embarrassing. You´re just "in touch with your emotions" that´s all.

That made me remember the time, I was reading the HOD Promethea issue with the moebius loop while riding the subway. Must have looked funny, how I was turning the comic around and around like a steering wheel, all the time obviously reading it.
22:14 / 24.10.05
Am I wrong in thinking that Seaguy is creator owned? And, if so, what is to keep Cameron/Grant from releasing Vol 2 independently if DC is just going to sit on their thumbs?
22:49 / 24.10.05
>> "Seaguy Eternal."

Love this title. Although it conjures up "Batman Forever," "Superman Forever," etc. Though that may be the point.
00:27 / 25.10.05
I'm blaming it on faulty intelligence. Sorry Cameron.
Solitaire Rose as Tom Servo
01:00 / 25.10.05
I thought it was great that it was the first story in this week's's not just us here who love the book!
02:19 / 25.10.05
I <3 Seaguy.

I'd love to see this continue, and hopefully it will at somepoint.
14:25 / 25.10.05
You know... I'm not sure I would care if it didn't happen. Not that I want Broad Arrow Jack out of work or anything like that, but the bitter-sweet ending of the three-issue series just seemed so heartbreakingly perfect, to me.
17:15 / 25.10.05
Maybe Rich's [erroneous] story will spur even greater intertest in Vol. 2 and ensure that it does in fact become reality!

H3ct0r L1m4
19:37 / 25.10.05
lekvar, Vertigo books have to reach sales minimums before sequels are greenlit. SEAGUY must be is a long runner, and volumes 2 and 3 may come out sooner or later, who knows, whenever both parties are up for it... simultaneously.

[out of this body, "PR for DC" style!]

re: need for sequels. the first story can be read as metaphor for creativity and the way it can be capitalized upon. maybe after the first "rebellion burst" in WASPS OF ATLANTIS other volumes might deal with Seaguy "established" and... "licenced to Hollywood"? =P
23:16 / 25.10.05
Hector, I kow that Vertigo is waiting to see some profit before taking the plunge, but if SeaGuy is infact creator owned, the property can be shopped around to other compaines or self-published. Certainly G(G)M has ventured outside the mainstream when he wanted a project done, St. Swithin's Day, for example. I'm sure that Dark Horse, Image or Slave Labor would love to get their hands on some Morrison goodness.

Or, given their involvement in the DC reboot, do Morrison or Stewart have exclusive contracts with DC?
Kirk Ultra
23:31 / 25.10.05
How does DC expect to make money off Seaguy if they won't even let the full story be published? They only have three issues in a nine issue series. Wouldn't people be more likely to buy this story if the entire story actually existed?

Why did DC only allow for this first Seaguy miniseries to come out? I couldn't even count the number of shitty titles Vertigo put out that were more than nine issues, why do these series get the full go ahead while Seaguy barely even gets to set his foor in the water?

Having the entire, complete Seaguy series out would definately make more money for DC than only having the beginning of the story. Sometimes people like middles and endings thrown in too when they're paying for something. It seems like a really idiotic idea on DCs part.
Mark Parsons
00:44 / 26.10.05
If Seaguy is creator owned, then GM and CS could follow Peter David's route with his former DC/now IDW book FALLEN ANGEL. What's a low seller for DC is a high seller for many indie publishers.
00:47 / 26.10.05
I don't really keep up with the industry end of comics news, so I could easily be talking out of my ass, but I had the impression George was on an exclusive contract with DC.
H3ct0r L1m4
01:12 / 26.10.05
Morrison IS exclusive with DC/Vertigo for Comics work at the moment, lek.

it seemed like the "one for you, one for us" movie studio deals [sort of]: they listened to what he had for Vertigo and to what he could offer DCU - which he would do anyway, eh?

well, IMO editors could have placed a little more trust on his creator-owned proposals; LeSEXY was turned down at Vertigo and can't be taken elsewhere.

this might change a bit depending on how ASS turn$ out.

I agree that SEAGUY v2 and 3 should have been commisioned right away [hell, they've lost money already for not making a CHUBBY toy]. but publishers are publishers, and the business is a motherfucker.
01:57 / 26.10.05
Well, judging from the clauses that appear to be involved in standard DC creator owned contracts (as recently leaked by Dave Sim) it appears that DC retain the right not to publish, which I guess precludes the author from then hiking their work around other publishers...

You can read the contract here
Alex's Grandma
03:02 / 26.10.05
Contract schmontract - It seems pretty clear that DC/Warner Bros shut Seaguy down because they... well because they wanted to redirect George's creative energies towards properties what DC/Warner Bros already had the venal corporate control of.

There really isn't much residual fan/geek/lonely-guy residual affection for any of the characters in '7S' is there? He, George, could have easily made up some new ones, all other things being equal.

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