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I want to move objects with my mind

01:23 / 03.09.01
Anyone have any luck with this one? Maybe I'll be able to levitate after my mental powers have fully developed. I'm still young.

I want to play mind catch with someone. Let's throw the ball around with our minds.

And how do you know if you're really levitating, or if you're just hallucinating levitation? When I say levitation, I mean that other people in the room can ALSO see the object move. Not just you. I've already made the spoon bend.
01:40 / 03.09.01
How'd you make the spoon bend? To me, that's already moving objects. Can I assume you did it the hard way? (ie, you didn't use your hands)
01:55 / 03.09.01
Self induced hallucations. Simple.
Tucker Tripp
08:52 / 03.09.01
I've always wanted to do this. When I was a kid I tried to move balls of lint because I reasoned the lighter the better. It didn't work.

If you have any luck let me know.
14:28 / 03.09.01
Try to convince the thing to move. You know, according to some developments on David Bohm's theories, there is protointelligence everywhere. Of course you would have to find the thing's level. That may take some 400 years of whatever zen shit meditation you're into. (What, you're not into any sort of zen shit meditation?? )
Kobol Strom
22:43 / 03.09.01
I think the temptation to move things -all the time- might be too great,and I'd slowly turn into 'JEDI SLOTHBOY'.I can move things in dreams quite easily,after practising for what seems like years.If I could repeat the same technique in the waking world,what good would it do?You'd be like Dr Manhattan,or worse,The Lloigor.You'd be drafted by the NSA and have to eventually break away to create a resistance movement to fight their Clone Army,of psycho-kinetic drones -who all looked just like you.You would have to put up with George Lucas,saying 'HA _Told you So!!!',which would be quite unbearable.If I managed it I'd probably have a heart attack and die of shock.You'd be an Lovecraftian casualty enigma.
Mordant Carnival
22:52 / 03.09.01
Works on clouds tho'.
Fucked if I know why, but it does. Last time I did that was when I had that litter-picking job in Hyde Park. I was chilly and there was a bit of a drizzle, so I did somethign I haven't done since I was a nipper and cloudbusted. No major effort, just kept the rain off the park for a bit. Probably because of the physical exhaustion and the fact that the bastards in charge didn't give us a break for lunch it all worked really well. Then some bloke came over and started talking to me, at which point it bloody pissed down.
Rev. Jesse
03:32 / 04.09.01
I found a book by Yuri Geller about how to do psi stuff like that. I might have to check it out. I will tell you what the result is.

23:29 / 04.09.01
Rage: Get a video camera and record yourself. If you are hallucinating then you'll see yourself just lieing down or whatever. If you're levitating then you'll see yourself... levitating.

I want to be able to move objects with my mind, levitate and have the patience to learn these things.
23:52 / 04.09.01
quote:Originally posted by Rev. Jesse:
I found a book by Yuri Geller about how to do psi stuff like that. I might have to check it out. I will tell you what the result is.


You gotta be fucking shitting me.
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