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uncle retrospective, Regrettable Juvenilia, rizla mission, Suedey! SHOT FOR MEAT!, Seth, grant, Ethan Hawke, Matthew Fluxington, gridley, 8===>Q: alyn, Char Aina, Mon Oncle Ignatius and Feverfew
Grimes is awesome. If you like pop music with a mild magickal influence
:: STARTED BY T Blixius
:: 1 REPLIES, LAST AT 06:26 03.04.15

Anybody listen to asian music on this site?
Do you like bands like Luna Sea, Dead End, D'erlanger, Buck Tick, Uhm Jung Hwa or Lee Jung Hyun?
:: STARTED BY yichihyon
:: 138 REPLIES, LAST AT 05:18 31.10.13

Janor hypercleats
Janor Hypercleats, Decent Subgenius recordings, people from Arkansas who are not Bill Clinton but are related to Yeti
:: STARTED BY at the scarwash
:: 2 REPLIES, LAST AT 10:44 14.04.13

The effects of the internet on the production, quality, and content of music:
is the availability of so much music making newly made music blander?
:: STARTED BY coweatman
:: 5 REPLIES, LAST AT 18:33 22.02.11

New Ambient Music, of a sort.
:: STARTED BY Thaddeus "B." Glands
:: 1 REPLIES, LAST AT 17:53 18.02.11

Technology advice - Phillips GoGearSA1VBExxA
A technology idiot requires advice on using simple things.
:: STARTED BY DavidXBrunt
:: 4 REPLIES, LAST AT 11:14 25.01.11

Gogol Bordello
Discussing Eugene Hutz and his Immigrant punk band Gogol Bordello.
:: STARTED BY Totem Polish
:: 71 REPLIES, LAST AT 18:58 06.01.11

R.I.P., Lux Interior.
Well, when I die, don't bury me at all - just hang my bones upon the wall / Beneath these bones let these words be seen: "Here lie the bloody gears of a boppin' machine."
:: STARTED BY grant
:: 7 REPLIES, LAST AT 18:53 06.01.11

Favorite %^&&* on You Tube is filled with all sorts of cool things. This is just a smattering. feel free to post any cool music clips you find!
:: STARTED BY +#'s, - names
:: 157 REPLIES, LAST AT 12:27 15.12.10

The Beatles
A buying guide for the Beatles discography. Tell me how to spend my welfare check.
:: STARTED BY 8===>Q: alyn
:: 49 REPLIES, LAST AT 10:22 03.12.10

3D questioned over child porn
3D from massive attack is being questioned about child porn.
:: STARTED BY uncle retrospective
:: 13 REPLIES, LAST AT 09:31 03.12.10

New swans record
michael gira rides again!
:: STARTED BY coweatman
:: 5 REPLIES, LAST AT 08:25 29.10.10

Lescalleet/Hudak -> pointers?
No summary available
:: STARTED BY The Return Of Rothkoid
:: 1 REPLIES, LAST AT 03:41 18.04.10

Guitar Wolf
They need a thread of their own, Godsdamnit!!! Guitar Wolf, Bass Wolf (RIP), Drum Wolf, Wild Zero, Jet Rock And Roll!!!
:: 74 REPLIES, LAST AT 14:26 12.03.10

Recommend me some classical music
General chat and recommendations of classical music - y'know, with orchestras and harps and conducters and stuff.
:: STARTED BY fidrich
:: 26 REPLIES, LAST AT 13:49 18.02.10

Flaming Tusk - Old, Blackened Century
My band has released a really good record, and you don't even have to pay for it, if you're a bastard.
:: STARTED BY Crux Is This City's Protector.
:: 0 REPLIES, LAST AT 16:57 25.01.10

Kenickie are rubbish. Discuss.
:: STARTED BY Quantum
:: 7 REPLIES, LAST AT 14:19 21.12.09

Inevitable 90 minutes of britpop/90s joy
Dammit, Kenickie got me started, help me strap together an hour and a half of choons
:: STARTED BY Quantum
:: 6 REPLIES, LAST AT 10:46 15.12.09

The Duckworth Lewis method
No summary available
:: STARTED BY Peach Pie
:: 0 REPLIES, LAST AT 16:53 13.12.09

Steampunk Music?
Pondering a top ten list
:: STARTED BY delacroix
:: 3 REPLIES, LAST AT 01:09 20.10.09

Introduction to and discussion of a man and his guitar.
:: STARTED BY Eek! A Freek!
:: 1 REPLIES, LAST AT 15:26 19.09.09

So, Swedish music...
Sweden is the third largest music exporter in the world, so why don't I know more Swedish bands?
:: 20 REPLIES, LAST AT 00:18 19.06.09

Dizzee Rascal - general "We love you Dylan!!!!" thread
A thread to talk about Dizzee Rascal albums and to generally enthuse about DR and how great he is
:: STARTED BY No star here laces
:: 24 REPLIES, LAST AT 15:59 02.06.09

Welsh Punk Not Dead? (MANICS)
Discuss Manic Street Preachers and the final fate of missing/presumed deceased former frontman Richey James.
:: STARTED BY Not Here Still
:: 93 REPLIES, LAST AT 02:17 26.05.09

In which Withiel has a new album. Keywords: Zeppelin, Emo, Fluidic Space, Dead Funk Bands, Trauma
:: 2 REPLIES, LAST AT 17:44 23.04.09

Chris, Cosey, Sleazy and Gen! Oh my! Throbbing Gristle (another, but newer thread)
Throbbing Gristle. Again. Can't Stoatie think of anything else? Apparently not.
:: 25 REPLIES, LAST AT 18:57 03.04.09

Mastodon- Blood Mountain
Mastodon's Blood Mountain... could it... could it possibly...nah, that's stupid... but just imagine... could it be BETTER than Leviathan?
:: 4 REPLIES, LAST AT 03:56 29.03.09

All I can say is I like what I am hearing....any comments?
:: STARTED BY yichihyon
:: 0 REPLIES, LAST AT 04:49 17.03.09

Upcoming Gigs
A thread for letting each other know about upcoming gigs.
:: 278 REPLIES, LAST AT 21:15 22.02.09

The beginner's guide to dubstep
Dubstep is an underground music scene derived equally from UKGarage and dub reggae which has been evolving since 2001 but exploded in popularity in 2006. Keywords: dubstep dub grime garage jungle DMZ BASH Loefah Kode 9 Digital Mystikz D1 Skream
:: STARTED BY SteppersFan
:: 61 REPLIES, LAST AT 00:22 07.02.09


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