www.nextplanetover.com compilation... (Sep 16-1999)

JLAnthony - I loved "The Invisibles : Counting to None" !!! Any new books you can give us a 'heads-up' about?

New books ? Umm...the next Invisibles collection is out soon, I think, reprinting the rest of Volume 2. I'm still trying to convince Vertigo to collect the rest of Volume 1 - not to mention Sebastian 0, Kid Eternity, Flex Mentallo and all the other work that lies unexploited in their drawers. For prose books, you could check out 'Lovely Biscuits' if you can find it - it collects all of my previously published fiction and plays.

Guest_Remic - Sep 13, 1999 12:22 PM - 4 of 335

I think I recall reading once when you began writing JLA that you had hoped to bring Animal Man into the fold as some point. I believe he was one of your personal favorites as he is mine. Now that you are leaving JLA, do you have any plans to work with Buddy Baker again or is that all behind you?

Guest_Pasty - Sep 13, 1999 6:09 PM - 5 of 335

Now that your tenure is over with the JLA, where do you see the series headed.
I've heard that you plan to kill one of the members off. Is this basically an
attempt to start trimming the roster down for the next writer.

Guest_GoatLegEd - Sep 13, 1999 7:26 PM - 6 of 335

Other than 'Marvel Boy' for the Marvel Knights line, do you have any other plans for the future?

Guest_TomStrong - Sep 14, 1999 1:24 PM - 11 of 335

Rich's Ramblings... force for good or for evil?

Guest_summersmith - Sep 17, 1999 6:07 AM - 16 of 335

Grant, your writing is great and your spin on classic superheroing is unique.
I've enjoyed your run on jla very much. Can you give us a idea what the hardcover
jla story is going to involve?

summersmith - The JLA hardcover, EARTH 2, is a story of the evil Crime Syndicate
of America, who live on the Anti-Matter Earth. I don't want to say too much about
the story but I will say it has the sleaziest superbeings imaginable,
Commissioner Wayne and Boss Gordon, evil super-gorillas, Luthor and Brainiac,
colliding Earths, Superwoman seducing the transvestite Jimmy Olsen, Jeffrey
Dahmer as President and lots more. If you buy only one supoerhero book ever, this
is the one with everything. And Frank has outclassed even himself to produce the
most beautiful comic art I've ever seen.

Guest_Adamsfan - Sep 17, 1999 4:44 PM - 17 of 335

Grant - PLEASE do some more work with the character ZENITH. I have re-read all 5
phases a number of times and I crave MORE! Is there any chance that the series
will be reprint in America, possibly in color?? Zenith deserves more of an

Adamsfan - I won't be doing any more Zenith but I agree that someone should start
looking into reprinting that stuff for the American market. I'm always asked
about that series when I'm at conventions in the US.

Guest_Marquis - Sep 17, 1999 6:00 PM - 18 of 335

My question: My all-time favorite Batman story is Arkham Asylum. It would also
make a very dark, different film. Is there any chance you could write the
screenplay for the next Batman? Or are there any films in production you have

Marquis - I don't think there WILL be another batfilm, not for a long time. Mark
Millar and I are working on a screenplay right now which has a superhero theme,
although it's a new and different way of looking at superheroes. I also have a
couple other movie ideas I'm working on but I've only just started to make
inroads into Hollywood, so time will tell if any of this gets off the ground.


Guest_sawdust - Sep 18, 1999 7:09 PM - 19 of 335

hey grant! I've followed your work since animalman #1! you're the best,man...even
better than gardner fox...: ) but what i really wanna see is a 'sunshine
superman' mini-series... he's there in hypertime waiting to be seen again... and
since he thought he'd NEVER be seen again..only YOU can prove him wrong!

sawdust - okay. It's a deal. If Mark Waid and I get arounmd to doing
this'Hypercrisis' thing we've talked about for 2001, I promise you will see the
long-awaited return of Sunshine Superman. You will also find out what Hypertime
really is - alternate realities are only the beginning.

Guest_Neurotic Boy Outsider - Sep 19, 1999 9:23 AM - 20 of 335

1. Any immediate plans after "Marvel Boy?" 2. Any chance we'll ever see "Bizare
Boys?" 3. How about a Doom Patrol reunion? 4. Will "the Invisibles" ever make it
on film? 5. Any Invisibles merchandise coming out?

Thanks for your time. Best of luck on your novel. We'll be watching out for it.

Guest_Jessica - Sep 19, 1999 10:26 AM - 21 of 335

Grant -- I'm really interested in your ideas on continuity and reality in
fiction. I'm thinking of doing an independent study on it (I'm in graduate
school). So far, I'm reading Zenith, Animal Man and The Invisibles. Any
suggestions where else to look? Also, I can't find "Lovely Biscuits" here in the
U.S. -- will it be availiable soon? Thanks, Jessica P.S. I loved the interview in
"Writers on Comics Scriptwriting."

Guest_Kyle - Sep 20, 1999 9:17 AM - 22 of 335

Grant, you're good.

Are there any plans for the Invisibles to go on T.V.? I read once that the B.B.C.
had the rights to the series, is this true? And when will we see it? I could only
imagine the Invisibles on the B.B.C. would resemble Dr.Who, on crack with a
lobotomy. Sounds cool....

Guest_GrantMorrison - Sep 21, 1999 4:03 AM - 26 of 335

Neurotic Boy Outsider - great name. Did your mom and dad really call you that ?
Tell your cousin he/she/it is a rare, gifted and beautiful person. And, based on
your reading list, so are you. 1. See above replies. 2. Bizarre Boys lives in
limbo now. Pete and I did half of the script (32 pages) then Jamie Hewlett
dropped out and we all lost intestest. The half that was done is hysterical and
very dark. I can't imagine it being published right now at the new Ned
Flanders-approved Vertigo but times change and who knows ? 3. I can't imagine
doing any more Doom Patrol ever. Tom Peyer, I believe, is doing something with
the 90's DP and he's the only person I'd trust not to ruin my beloved characters.
John Byrne has entertained numerous schemes over the years and will probably end
up doing something with Doom Patrol - like making it exactly the way it was in
his youth but with enough of a Byrne spin to make everyone hate it. 4. The
Invisibles TV show and movie plans have ground to a halt. Mainly because the
first volume of Invisibles has already been adapted as a movioe and released
under the name 'The Matrix'. 5. As far as I know there's some kind of playset or
something coming out next year after I stamped my foot about the lack of
merchandising and promotion for a book which stills more than all those other
books that come with dolls, games, cards, stickers, posters and baseball caps.

Guest_GrantMorrison - Sep 21, 1999 4:11 AM - 27 of 335

Jessica - thanks for the interest. I suggest you pick up Doom Patrol and
particularly the Flex Mentallo minsiseries I did with Frank Quitely. This was my
first conscious attempt to create a comic spell - one designed to actually alter
conditions within 'reality'. As I go deeper into the possibilities of using
comics as hyper-sigils, I'm making new discoveries every day about how words and
pictures can be used to get at the basic programming language of the universe we
live in. Mad, perhaps but it's working and it makes me happy. I'd love to see
anything you come up with on the subject.

Guest_GrantMorrison - Sep 21, 1999 4:17 AM - 28 of 335

kyle - the BBC had it and I'd written some scripts which told a revamped and
extended version of the story from the first four issues. After five years of
meetings and messing around, I was eventually told by a BBC high-up that 'no-one
understands telepathy' and that was reason enough not to make the show. It went
to Channel 4 and nothing happened there and now it's floating around with Chris
Carter and a bunch of other production companies in the US. I don't think it will
ever get made. People seem almost scared of The Invisibles and, as I said, the
Wachowski Brothers already stole the theme, the characters, the code names, the
leather, the bald heads, the torture scenes, the magic mirror, the insect-machine
bad guys, the evil agents with special powers and shades and just about
everything else that would have made The Invisibles look great on film.

Guest_GrantMorrison - Sep 21, 1999 4:21 AM - 29 of 335

starr the clown - yeah, why not ? It can go with the picture I have of me and
Neil in deep discussion in a Paris comicshop in 1990. Having only just got the
computer to work in the last two months I have no idea how you would send me a
jpeg without me putting my e-mail up here for all to see but I'm sure there are
experts out there who'll explain how it's done.

Okay - all the ones I didn't answer I'll do on Friday. Sorry to the people who
didn't get a reply. You actually got three replies which were all lost as I got
to grips with the world of message boards. I'll get back to you.

DanSouder - Sep 21, 1999 9:48 AM - 30 of 335

Hi Grant. It was a pleasure meeting you in Chicago two months ago. Your comments
about the Matrix brought to mind something else I've been wondering: what about
the Men in Black? In Doom Patrol you had the Men in Black, the Men in Mauve, etc.
Did you see anything from the Smith-Jones movie, or was this another rip off? I
know the Men in Black was also a comic book put out by other people but I always
thought that concept first appeared in Doom Patrol.

Personally your works have done much to broaden my perspective on life. Thank
you. I can only hope you continue your Animal Man - Doom Patrol - Flex -
Invisibles assault on reality after the Invisibles ends.

Oh, one more thing: Marvel Boy???

Guest_Beast Boy - Sep 22, 1999 1:09 AM - 31 of 335

GrantGod, Is there a chance you`re going to write an ongoing super-hero title
soon?A new SHAZAM! monthly maybe?Something in the DC Universe anyway(sorry,I hate

StatelyWayneManor - Sep 22, 1999 8:30 AM - 32 of 335

Mr. Writer, I have lots of questions:

I'm glad to hear that the remainder of Invisibles Vol. 2 will be collected soon.
Does that book have a title or tentative release date? I used to ask Stu Moore
regularly over on rac.vertigo if DC had plans to compile the rest of Invisibles
Vol. 1 into TPBs. Best Man Fall, SheMan, Phil Jiminez's first arc, etc. really
deserve to be in print. Do you agree with Steven Grant, per his Master of the
Obvious column, that TPBs are the future of the industry? I must admit it's a lot
easier to get collections for my friends than trying to turn them on to
serialized comics. I have a buddy in San Diego who I've been sending the JLA
compilations as they are released, but I don't think he'd have the patience to
wade through the stuff a month at a time. I'd love to introduce him to
Invisibles, which I think is clearly your best work, but having to jump over 17
mostly great and essential issues does you a disservice. Tracking down back
issues for him isn't realistic. I just completed my Invisibles collection myself,
after 2 years of trying to find Vol. 1 #13 (Kalamazoo is not exactly a back issue

Also, Moore once wrote that DC was entertaining the idea of releasing your Animal
Man stories as two b&w TPBs, a la the Kirby Fourth World books. Might this
actually happen? I'd rather see them in color, as it would keep my current AM TPB
from being redundant. Oh well.

I've recently gone back and reread Invisibles Vol. 1, and I'm surprised to see
how different the book is in tone from what it became in Vols. 2 and 3. I'm not
talking about the ultra-violence, but the characters themselves and the sense of
overall plot. Even looking at something that seemed audacious at the time, like
Arcadia, it's obvious that the scope of the book is a lot bigger now. Issues 5-24
of the first series almost seem...simplified, I guess, especially in comparison
to what's been happening in the title since. Peeling the layers off the onion is
obviously a big part of the series, and I'm sure you had an overall idea of where
you were headed from the get-go, but did you think you'd end up here? I can't put
my finger on it, but it's as if your conception of the universe--not just the
frame of reference of the characters--matured in mid-stream. It's kind of like
comparing the first few issues of Sandman, with Mr. Miracle, etc. to what came
later, except of course that your stuff is unbearably pretentious in a much
cooler way, more pixies than kate bush, if you know what I mean.

The end of Vol. 3 seems to push further and further into the new year with each
passing Previews. What month is the book scheduled to end, as of now? Will some
of the remaining issues be extra-pages to accomodate a series that was originally
supposed to run more issues? I think it would be neat if the last four came out
bi-weekly to weekly, to mirror the acceleration of time/culture that you've
discussed. One great thing about getting the book completely into print is that
it would serve pretty well as a historical record of the 90's, ick, zeitgeist.
You've said that you wanted to capture the spirit of the times, and it will be
interesting to see how the book stands up in retrospect, when the culture has
moved on. The popular fascination with pomo conspiracy tales is already starting
to feel as stale as an old X-Files rerun. Matrix may have been popular, but it
felt like a copy of a copy. Your work in this area rises to the top, with its
whole kitchen sink approach, and singular sense of humanity lurking under all the
crotch shooting and baby flaying, but what's it all going to look like in 10

While I have your ear, what do you think of the work Chirs Ware is doing in ACME
Novelty Library? He's my other favorite comics creator. The latest issue was
stupendous. Do you have any upcoming plans for non-superhero stories?

Guest_MSR77 - Sep 22, 1999 11:40 AM - 33 of 335

Hey Grant! I just wanted to say great job on JLA. I really thought you did an
excellent job and I'm glad to see you added such characters like Huntress and
Steel to the team since I think they are great characters. You'll be missed on
JLA, but I'd like to wish you luck on all your future projects and I'll be
looking forward to the "World War III" story in JLA. Also, while I have a chance
with you, do you have any future plans for Aztek and Zauriel? Thanks in advance!

Guest_Picosecond - Sep 22, 1999 3:23 PM - 34 of 335

I'm a huge huge fan of his JLA and his Invisibles work, and I'm just wondering if
anyone can tell me what the schedule for Invisibles is in these last six issues.
Also, Grant said in an interview that events in JLA and Invisibles parallel each
other; can anyone give me an example? I don't quite see it.

Guest_wishlish - Sep 22, 1999 3:56 PM - 35 of 335

Grant, I just had to relate a true story to you about the Invisibles. About a
year ago, I decided to grab all of my Invisibles issues, start at issue one, vol
1, and read straight on through till I was caught up to whatever the current
issue was (I believe it might have been the New Orleans love issue, which is a
fantabulous issue, Grant). Anyway, I ordered some Chinese food, and as a hoot, I
got some fortune cookies. As I ate and read, I noticed the darnedest thing: all
the fortunes were true. I mean REALLY true, as in some sort of cosmic force
rearranged the ink on the paper, forcing cosmic truth into my brain. I can't
remember what the fortunes were now to save my life, but ever since that day, I
got a cool car, my own apartment, a wonderful job with incredible bosses, and a
shiny luster on my pelt. All of this is true.

Thanks for writing some of the greatest comics of the 20th century, Grant. By the
way, did you ever see an obscure comic by Sirius called ArmageddonQuest? It's
absolutely incredible, for all comics fans. It's the autobiography of the
Antichrist, and it's so charming it's beyond words. Like a friendly Jack Chick
tract. Seriously. All Invisibles fans will enjoy.

Guest_Fin de siecle - Sep 23, 1999 2:07 AM - 36 of 335

Grant - do you ever hang out at the Invisibles Message Board, THE NEXUS (I think
they are thinking of changing the name)? It's part of The Bomb, the website that
took over from the original barbelith. I think the address is

wallyoeste - Sep 23, 1999 7:32 AM - 37 of 335

Hello Mr Morrison, I hope that you read my previous message (12 and 13). I'm from
Chile, if you don't understand me, sorry. ¿Why you always left your titles when
you are doing your best work? I can't understand, I could been reading your JLA
always, but you left it, Animal Man was amaizing, but you left it (I read Doom
Patrol too, Sebastian O don't arrive here, Kid Eternity is extinted, and about
the just arrive the first volume numbers 1 and 2, and nothing else). Well, I see
Matrix, Th

Guest_Wonder Dog - Sep 23, 1999 11:33 AM - 38 of 335

HEy Grant, Thank tou for bringing back my favorite title THE JLA! Although I'm
not a fan of Big Barda, Steel or Huntress,you have made them tolerable. I hope
you dont completely give up on mainstream heroes.I would Love to see you on
Captain MArvel for DC. Thanks again!

Guest_FanX15 - Sep 23, 1999 2:15 PM - 39 of 335

Grant- I can't begin to tell you how much I've enjoyed your work. You are a
writer following in the finest tradition of Will Eisner- giving comics there
brains, givingg those of us who read real books comics that don't insult our
intelligence. I would have gotten out of this retarded industry years ago if not
for you a few of your peers and the small-press. "Kill your Boyfriend" was the
first comic that I could sit down and read with my girlfriend. Thanks. It really
pisses me off to think about the shabby treatment you're getting at the hand of
DC? Hell, none of there books were in the top 10 until you showed them how there
line should be written. Why is it that DC always pisses off the talent and then
goes to fourth-rate hacks like Big Jonny Byrne and Chuck Dixon? When is the last
time these guys have done a book anyone has cared about?

Guest_zephir - Sep 23, 1999 5:39 PM - 40 of 335

Grant, I totally hear what you're saying vis-a-vis Flex as a Hypersigil. Every
time I read that, feel that flow over me, and sneak in somewhere into the doggie
door of my unconcious, sub concious, something concious mind; well, I'm happy.
I'm prepared for extreme reality.

People are always complaining about knowing the secret of life, knowing that
thing that can't be put into words, but then forgetting it, at least not being
able to explain it at all. But you've woken up, you remember, and man. You
finally did it, old sport. You put it into words.

I've noticed that your stuff (excluding the ever elusive 'Sheman' Arc) has always
been relatively low priced and easy-ish to find. Now, you're clearly the best in
the business right now, so I think that's the problem. You're too good, you've
overcome the basic problem of Punk. You are whacked out just enough to merit
acceptance, but they still don't give you the gaurantee in books we have for
Transmet and Preacher, and that's just stupid of them. You're too underground,
man. No one wants to understand telepathy. But what would they have you do, water
down your ideas into tripe like the Matrix, which, yeah, was fun to watch, but in
the end, I had that same, "is that all?" feeling I had during the X-Files full

All I'm saying is: keep it up, G-man.

Guest_Thrawn - Sep 23, 1999 7:04 PM - 41 of 335

Fan-X - Actually, Chuck Dixon currently write Nightwing, which is my favorite
book right now (and has been since it started). JLA is my second favorite by the
way. That is nothing again Grant, he is a good writer, but he is not a writed
that puts Dixon to shame and he did not "save" DC. He may have saved the JLA, but
not DC.

Also, before you start calling people Hacks, maybe we should see some of your
work? I hate it when people say things like that, "your art sucks Jim Lee", "the
cowboys can't play football"... well, I'd like to see what you can do.

Anyway, looking forward to reading the last of your JLA run Mr. Morrison. I heard
a rumor you were going to give Oracle her legs back. That isn't true is it? That
would ruin the character in my opinion, and she has also already had a chance at
that and turned it down.

SpaceCake - Sep 24, 1999 2:11 AM - 42 of 335

Grant, first and foremost thanks for restoring a certain amount of dignity back
to the JLA! For God's sake, if you really want to kill someone on your way out,
why not kill Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, and Guy Gardner? Hmmm? I know you're

I've read all of your JLA since issue 1, I've been reading Invisibles for about
two years, I got the Oni St. Swithin's Day and loved Kill Your Boyfriend. Anyway,
I was wondering if you could tell all of us huge Grant fans what you'll be up to
once you leave us all heartbroken when you leave JLA? Thanks!

Guest_GrantMorrison - Sep 24, 1999 3:18 AM - 43 of 335

King Casaba - Thanks. Look out for Batman trashing Prometheus in #38. The Caped
crusader pulls a nasty trick.

rictor - hi. I won't be involved in any JLA/Avengers crossover. Last I heard,
Martk WAid and Kurt Busiek were trying to work out something that would allow
them to do the first DC/MArvel crossover in the regular books. I don't know how
far along those plans are but I supsect it will be your children's children who
finally get to see a JLA?Avengers team.

Remic - Yeah, Animal MAn is back in JLA #39 and is instrumental in figuring out
how to defeat Mageddon. Putting dialogue in Buddy';s mouth was like kissing my
first girlfriend again.

Guest_GrantMorrison - Sep 24, 1999 3:25 AM - 44 of 335

Pasty - Mark Waid wanted my monster team trimmed down to a manangeable core seven
plus Plastic Man so I've tried to oblige. As to where the series is headed, I
know as much as you do. It's good to just sit back and be a JLA reader again.

GoatLegEd - which is your goat leg ? After Marvel Boy I'm vanishing into the
undergrowth for a little while. As I've probably said too oftebn for it to be
interetsing any more, I'm taking six months/a year out from comics to refresh my
head, get some new ideas together and dpo some non-comics work I've been waiting
to do for the last few years.

ComixDude - GL has problems of his own, I'm afraid, including no power ring and a
mild case of death in space. Batman takes on Prometheus. As far as Marvel goes,
I'm very interested in doing a Fantastic Four story but nothing's been agreed
yet. A couple of years ago, I'd have wanted to do the perfect recreation of a
STan and Jack feeling but now I'm really excited about doing an FF story that's
NOTHING like anything we've ever seen.

Guest_GrantMorrison - Sep 24, 1999 3:32 AM - 45 of 335

Seeth Ransom - I'm tempted but this is JLA and I can't really wipe out all the
main characters they way I've been able to do with characters I've created in the
past...see reply below.

Inhuman Nature - a little. I'll miss the characters but I've met so many of their
real life counterparts that it doesn't seem so bad. I'm happy I got to the end of
Invisibles and now I intend to take it off the page and into the world.

NdGame - I only took Crazy Jane out of Doom Patrol!!! It wasn't my fault. Rachel
wanted to do her own characters I'm sure just as I had to create my own
characters to replace all the original Doom Patrol members Paul Kupperberg killed
before I took on the book. Waid has nothing to fear.

Guest_GrantMorrison - Sep 24, 1999 3:42 AM - 46 of 335

TomStrong - good to see you made it back from prehistory, Mr. Strong. We were all
very worried about you back there in the 'toxic mists'. I was never really aware
of 'Rich's Ramblings' until some of his spurious ravings led to loss of work for
me. As someone working inside the industry, I don't need to check the internet
for half-heard rumors or misinterpreted facts; I KNOW what's going on. I really
have no idea why someone I don't know would repeatedly try to undermine my career
so as far as I'm concerned poor Rich is strictly dark side of the Force.

Guest_GrantMorrison - Sep 24, 1999 3:47 AM - 47 of 335

wallyoeste - Hello Chile! I haven't read 'Niebla' but it sounds interesting,
Animal Man was influenced by a couple of old FLash stories where the Flash met
his editor Julie Schwartz. I took that classic comicbook notion and spliced it
with the the current ('80s) fad for 'magic realist' or 'potmodern' writing in
which the author becomes part of the text. As for your other question, I always
leave when I'm doing my best work because I don't want to be like those guys who
don't leave and end up running titles and enthusiasm into the ground over ten
year periods. I like to do three/four year runs and leave when I'm getting tired
but still like what I'm doing.

Guest_GrantMorrison - Sep 24, 1999 3:54 AM - 48 of 335

DanSouder - hi Dan, nice to hear from you again. I can't really claim any credit
for the Men In Black - the concept's been aroudn since the 50s in ufological
circles. My twist on it was to introduce even weirded guvmint agents like the Men
in Green and the Men in Mauve etc. The Men in Black script was written by Ed
Solomon who is a smart cookie and someone I have a lot of time for - he also did
the Bill and Ted movies so I wouldn't want to steal his thunder. And Marvel Boy
IS the next phase in my assault on reality.

BeastBoy - sorry, nothing in the works for a while after Marvel Boy but ven if
you hate Marve, check it out. I've never been a huge Marvel fan myself but I've
found a whole new angle to look at the Marvel Universe from and I'm really
getting into it. Mark Waid and I have plans for Captain Marvel - see

Guest_GrantMorrison - Sep 24, 1999 4:13 AM - 49 of 335

StatelyWayneManor - this is a good one. Firstly, I certainly agree that getting
trade paperbacks into the stores and onto people's bookshelves is an essential
component in the secure future of comics. I also think that mainstream comics
should be back on the newstands and in the 7-11s and drugstores again to pull in
the general public again - the people who once bought comics in their millions.
The problem isn't quality, the problem isn't 'the market', the problem, I think,
lies in poor marketing. Give me a PR budget and I could turn comics into the
coolest 'must have' items on the planet within a month or two. I don't know the
release date for the next Invisibles trade and yes, I wish they'd just stop
messing me about and put out the rest of Volume 1. Same goes for Animal Man and
Doom Patrol and a whole bunch of other stuff. Your reading of Invisibles is very
perceptive. I knew what the end was going to be in broad strokes but when I set
out to explore the nature of reality and perform the longest sustained piece of
magic I've ever atempted I had no idea where it would lead my thinking. The
simplistic dualisms of the surface story in Invisibles began to fall apart as I
subjected them to the relentless questioning of the series. I think the last one
will come out in March 2000 - the last few issues have been intricate and tricky
and part of me doesn't want to let go, so we're running a little late. I have no
idea if Invisibles will stand or fall. It was 'about' the 90s and it's work is
now done anyway - look around you at the world we're living in now compared to
the world of 1994 when I started and you'll see what the Invisibles was designed
to do. I love Chris Ware's work and consider him a formal genius but like many of
the Fantagraphics creators I sometimes feel like slapping him upside the head and
telling him to stop moaning about everything. Sorry, but I live in one of the
poorest cities in Europe and when I see privileged Americans whining about how
awful everything is in their sunlit world, I have to gag into my porridge. Kill
yourself or get over it, buddy.

Guest_GrantMorrison - Sep 24, 1999 4:19 AM - 50 of 335

MSR77 - Thanks. Um...I don't know how to break the news about Zauriel and

Picosecond - don't know about schedules. I'm just wrapping Invisibles 1 this
weekend. As for links betwenn the two books - for starters: the Hand of Glory/the
Philospher's Stone. Mason Lang/Batman. King Mob/Prometheus. Higher dimensional
entities. Hypertime. There's a lot of crossover.

wishlish - yes, it all works. That's what I'm trying to tell people - you can
change the world completely by changing your own programming language and staying
aware of the mesh of synchronicities which surround us. Haven't seen Sirius but
I'll check it out, thanks.

Guest_GrantMorrison - Sep 24, 1999 4:31 AM - 51 of 335

Fin-de-siecle - I once knew a tranny called Fanny De Siecle...or did I just make
that up. Yeah, I checked out The Nexus after reading your posting. I'd only ever
seen the issue reviews before but I read some of the message board stuff and it
was like coming home. The Invisibles are alive and well and posting their
researches on The Nexus. I intend to join in shortly.

WonderDog - I'll never give up on mainstream heroes and they'll never give up on
us. As for Captain Marvel, see above reply.

Fan X15 - what happens with mainstream companies seesm to be this - if you're at
all passionate and vocal about what you do and if you rise up the tree to find
yourself doing a big-selling mainstream book, you will suddenly find yourself
clashing with editorial and management on al kinds of small stupid details - DC
wants to protect its interests and tends to come from a conservative position (DC
editors are on a salary and don't have to worry about where their next xheck is
coming from). Freelancers, on the other hand, feel that they know best because
they're on the cutting edge - they have to know what's cool and what will sell or
else they don't get paid. It's that simple. As a writer, I think I know best when
it comes to making old characters work for a new audience. As the management, DC
thinks it knows best and doesn't want people like me to push the envelope too
much.Because of this, people like me eventually get frustrated and angry becausde
things aren't being pushed forward enough and DC gets panicky because they think
I'm pushing too hard and trying to make too many rapid changes. That's why they
tend to lose people like me, Alan Moore, Frank MillaR, Alex Ross etc as regular
contributors. It's okay - new young talent arises and is happy to do what
management wants until they too reach the top of the tree and hit the ceiling.
It's pop and that's how it works, as far as I can see.


Guest_GrantMorrison - Sep 24, 1999 4:58 AM - 52 of 335

zephir - after spending a night in The Nexus I feel like I've known you all my
life. Thanks for all the brilliant insights on the work. After six years, I kinda
feel that all I've managed to put into words is the fact that words can't hold
what I'm trying to say. The Invisibles has been one long finger pointing at the
moon and I'm so glad so many of you have looked past the finger and glimpsed the
moon. The fact that The Matrix is a mainstream movie has forced people to
consider Gnostic ideas which haven't been current for two thousand years.
Everything is becoming real, as I'm sure you've begun to notice. We are in the
process of squeezing time and space until they sing and I'll keep it up as long
as you do.

Thrawn - I'm fond of the Nightwing booktoo and I envy Chuck His ability to unroll
beautifully choreographed action comics like silk toilet paper but I guess people
have their opinions and there's npo point getting riled. People are entitled to
criticise things they don't like, wouldn't you say ? The truth is, everyone who
writes regular mainstream comic books is a hack. Writers who often work thirteen
hour seven day weeks are hacks by any definition; I'm a hack, Chuck is a hack,
Alan Moore is a hack. Some hacks are more clever or more well-read than others
but it doesn't take away the fact that we are working in a disposable pulp
medium. I don't have any problem with that. I use writing as a form of divination
and spellcasting so I have my own context for what I do. I have to admit I
personally prefer Ellis, Moore, Talbot, etc to Chuck Dixon or John Byrne but I
suspect that's because the writers I like tend to share influences and a
worldview that allows me to extract more depth and enjoyment from their stuff
than I do from the more action or nostlagia-oriented stuff. I always hated the
cheapshot that crippled Barbara Gordon in 'Killing Joke' and I don't believe for
a second that given the chance, an ex-superhero would want to remain in a
wheelchair. I did write a sequence in JLA where Oracle gets hold of a Mother Box
and it grows into a kind of Borg-cyber suit which would have allowed her to run
around and fight for the duration of the World War III arc. That idea was shot
dead on the table and there seems to be so much confusion about what Barbara
Gordon is and what she represents that I'm happy just to keep away from that
character in future.

SpaceCake - thanks for the kind words. As I've said I'll be out of the picture
for a little while - until 2001 at least. Marvel Boy will fill the gap until the
new comics, movies and books come out.

Guest_macavity - Sep 24, 1999 6:43 AM - 53 of 335

grant, i can't wait to see the rest of 'the invisibles' collected in tpb and
finally get my boyfriend to finish reading the series, but i guess i'll have to
>sigh< and i always wanted to see the rest of 'doom patrol' collected but i know
that'll never happen. as for other stuff, i think it would be brilliant to see
'flex mentallo' (which i still haven't read, dammit), 'sebastian o' and the other
mini-series collected. in fact, being mini-series, they could be collected in one
book, really, couldn't they?

people i've been talking to have been speculating on why 'the invisibles' isn't
coming out on a regular-like schedule this year. so, is it because you've not
finished writing it (which i doubt because you say you're writing issue 1 this
weekend), because the artwork isn't ready, or because dc cocked up the
distribution? i've been informed that issue #6 is out next week or the one after
(nice and vague) but when can we expect the last 5 issues?

is there any truth in the rumour that you're going to do another 'sebastian o'
story? and can someone please reprint 'zenith' because i've got a very scant
collection and would like to read the whole lot!

cheers mac

ps you don't know me, but last weekend i received a signed copy of 'invisibles'
#5 courtesy of a fellow fan who chatted with you at san diego.....kind of
strange, i've never met him face to face, yet he got you to sign a comic for me
(with my real name and everything!) and i've never met you face to face
either...the wonders of technology, eh?

Guest_GrantMorrison - Sep 24, 1999 8:21 AM - 54 of 335

macavity - I remember that comic but I don't remember your real name. T.S
Elliot's as good as anything I suppose. The Invisibles being late is down to me,
really. My long-suffering editor Shelly Roeberg, (who has single-handedly kept
this book afloat for the last four years and is deserving of a bouquet of
bouquets from all Invibles fans), is doing her job as best she can but I slowed
right down to a crawl on the last volume and have only picked up speed on the
last few issues. I reckon the last arc will be done fairly quickly now - it's an
artists jam and since everyone only has a few pages to do, they'll get the books
finished much quicker. The schedule's creaky right now but it should accelerate
again after 'Karmageddon'. I had some ideas for a new Sebastian O but there are
so many steampunky Victorian things out there now it seems a little redundant.
And I don't know if I can ever do another story where what we call 'reality' is
actually a simulation inside some higher system.

jamieoni - Sep 24, 1999 9:20 AM - 55 of 335


Grant, Vertigo may have gone "Ned Flanders," but don't forget you have friends
elsewhere. I can shamelessly say that there are some small, upstart publishers
who would love to talk to you about stuff like that (and boy, this is

jamie s. rich oni1@onipress.com

Guest_Mad_Messiah - Sep 24, 1999 9:42 AM - 56 of 335

grant, I just want to say that I've been following your stuff ever since I read
50+ issues of Doom Patrol in one sitting (could not put it down!!!)

Errrrggh...I have so much I've wanted to say, I had it built up in my mind (filed
under "things I will say to GRant Morrison if I ever have a chance to speak with
him"), and some imp has apparently snuck into the bureau and burnt the damn
files! Which is good, I guess, because I feel it's better to speak from the heart
about the genuine influence your comics had on me.

Doom Patrol changed everything comics for me, along with a few other
titles/mini-series (Miracleman, Watchmen, The Dark Knight Returns, and
Dreadstar). I didn't even have the language to speak about Doom Patrol at the
time, I wasn't in the proper headspace - I had to wait until the Invisibles for

Which brings me to the first question/comment. The first story arc, which is
obviously initiation rites, seems something like an apprentices' grimoire (I'm
being more metaphorical than literal here) ... it acted as such for me - I was so
impressed and well, confused about everything that was going on initially that I
was compelled to research - I consumed massive quantities of text from various
sources about Chaos Magic and more "traditional" magic schools (although since so
many of them seem designed for people of certain ethnicities/backgrounds, I never
felt truly comfortable working with them), and generally moving away from my
American notions of "me-space" and looking more at the world around me, not just
the surface, but the cracks and holes, in the sideways places, and suprisingly
enough, I found more me out there than I found "within"...Thank you, so much.

It's quite amusing to me to realize that even in a culture where subversion has
been cleaned up and soled as "lifestyle entertainment", dangerous books like the
Invisibles can still be released relatively unscathed.

Thanks again for reading my ramble and again, thank you very much for everything
you've written.

Guest_Lunar - Sep 24, 1999 10:13 AM - 57 of 335

I can't even put into words exactly what Flex Mentallo means to mean ... it's
something deep and personal, yet grandiose and exciting, everything I love and
everything I hate all in one.

I have to read it every now and again and i'm unsure why.

Needless to say every single time that ending absolutely haunts me. When reading
part one I think of it and start crying.

There's always something new to be noticed on every read.

I love that book.

Thanks for all your (and Frank Quitely's) hard work on the title. I heard it was
somewhat of a labour of love and it shows.

Along with J.M. DeMatteis you are one of the people that has changed the way I
look at life, for which I can never thank you enough.

Love, hugs and Chinese Rugs...

Guest_Sara - Sep 24, 1999 11:04 AM - 58 of 335

Now, "Mad Messiah," is it really subversion or is it something else, passing as
subversion? I mean, definitionally, can something (or someone) who says overtly
"This is / I am subverting," actually do so? If you're blatant about it, are you
really subversive?

Maybe that was your point.

Either way, it's one of my favorite conundrums.

And, shifting gears a bit: Grant, I love Edith. It's just so nifty to have a
grand old lady like her in a comic. In high school, I spent a lot of time at the
local senior center (don't ask) and got to know some teriffic old gals -- most of
whom had gotten into, and out of, more trouble than anybody I'd ever met before.
Made an impression on my young and, ahem, impressionable mind.

It's great to see a character who reminds me of my "aunties," especially because
we've really gotten to see her develop more than any of the other characters in
the book -- from young, sexy, smart and superficial, to the wise, sarcastic,
domineering old woman closing out the century.

It's almost enough to give me some hope for Helga.

Guest_Chris+ - Sep 24, 1999 11:11 AM - 59 of 335

Grant Grant Grant...

wonderful to see you online after the false laptopsmashing thing...

I think everyone already said and asked what I was burning to know.

So you liked the Bill & Ted films, and you (sorry, not you but King Mob, but
you're... er) so you reccomended The Magic Christian too and I watched that last
weekend and loved it too, so for lack of meaningful questions, what are other
cinematic suggestions?

Oh, and FYI - I'm not sure if the whole "Kansas bans evolution" uproar has hit
the UK... but for what it's worth, last spring I wrote a term paper on Lord Fanny
for an American Studies class that got an A+ and might get published in an
undergrad journal, and one of my English professors is waiting for that damnable
Flex Mentallo collection to come out so that it can be part of his contemporary
literature reading list. So as if you weren't aware, you're part of the
resistance, even in the Heartland of America.


Guest_Mad_Messiah - Sep 24, 1999 11:38 AM - 60 of 335

I guess this one's for Sara (can't reply via e-mail, so here's a good a place as

Yes, I meant to imply that the licensed "subversion" (I think I should have used
quotes last time) that seems to be popular right now is not subversion in any way
or shape -it's annoying to see GAP commercials were they tell you to be an
individual just like the people on TV wearing GAP jeans -as Grant himself
actually notes through a character in the Invisibles (I may be incorrect, but I'm
pretty confident it was),American teenagers look like billboards.

I guss I find Grant's work to be subversive because even though it is out in the
open, it has meaningful symbolism and content buried beneath, for those who
(again quoting Morrison, from this msg board) "see the moon". He could sell a
trillion comics and I'd still think it was subversive material. How poorly or
well you do commercially is not, and never was, I believe, a proper method with
which to analyze the content and meaning of art.

Erm, long answer to a very short question? Probably. I'm going to go put my head
between my legs, starting breathing again, have a beer and calm down. Sorry for
my off-tangent clutter here.

Flames and arson-notes to: super_otaku@hotmail.com

MisterJLA - Sep 24, 1999 4:20 PM - 61 of 335


MisterJLA - Sep 24, 1999 4:35 PM - 62 of 335

Hello Grant!

First off, let me say this is quite an honor to chat with you. I've never able to
attend the conventions that you have been at, so I've got some questions and
comments for you that may be a little outdated.

Having said that, I noticed your answer to MSR77's question concerning Zauriel,
and all I can say is- I hope you're kidding!!! Zauriel has become one of my
favorite characters, and as a matter of fact,I was actually hoping that DC would
eventually give him his own book. You always handled the Z-man brilliantly(not to
mention Mark Millar's "Paradise Lost") and with the attention he has recieved in
"Judgment Day", I was under the impression that his status among fans was at a
all-time high. Again, I truly hope that you are misleading us!!! As a side note,
I'm part of a little on-line fan club over on the DC Message Boards called
S.W.O.R.D.Z.- S pecial W orld O rganization of R eaders D evoted to Z auriel, and
we have a thread over on the JLA Board. It goes to show how popular this
character is! On another side note, there is a thread over on the same JLA Board
which is a collection of mesage by many different fans, in which they posted some
very nice farewell message for you, Howard, and John- please check them out, most
of them are very good! (It's called something along the lines of "important all
JLA fans please respond" started by fuunyboy) And just to drive this Zauriel
point home, if you ever surf over to the DC Boards, check out my sig! I guess
that's all for now. In case you haven't noticed, I loved all of your work on
JLA!!!!! Take care- MisterJLA

Guest_Timmy Timmy Bang Bang - Sep 24, 1999 5:47 PM - 63 of 335

wow.. I really enjoy Justice league....It's a heck of alot of fun... I never read
the invisibles..but I might just want to give it a try.. My question is about
your afformentioned plays...I was wondering how one makes a jump from the stage
to comic books, Have you ever acted? directed? And do you ever want to get back
to playwriting

Guest_Silent Nick - Sep 24, 1999 5:59 PM - 64 of 335

Hi Grant, I'd like to say thanks for getting me back into comics. It's was JLA
#10 that got me collecting comics again. Now I collect 6 or seven books. Also, I
have a project that I think would be up your alley. It's a story that I wrote up
called Brave New World.It's like a DC version of Mutant X or as I like to call it
the DC Universe on crack. For example, Batman is a complete idoit for using the
venom the Bane uses, and Superman is in a group of hitmen with Deathstroke and
Hitman. If you're interested, or have ideas to help me. E-mail me.

Also, I run a group called BOB aka Brotherhood of the Bow. If you'd like more
info, here's the link:

br> Well, let me say good luck after JLA, it'll be weird reading it without you on

Guest_Nick the Red - Sep 24, 1999 6:51 PM - 65 of 335

Hi from Australia Grant!

I'm new here and I just have a quick question which you might be able to answer,
being an insider and all.

OK you write Batman and you write him in Super heroic contexts and within and
interacting with the rest of th DCU. Can you explain what's going on with Alan
Scott? From all available sources Alan lives in Gotham but he NEVER seems to
interact with Bats. Do you know of any editorial views on their relationship? I
realise it would kinda ruin some of the tension if Super heroes were dropping in
to help Bats out but I'm getting sick of the claustrophobic attitude the Bat
books seem to be taking in relation to the rest of the DCU and super heroes in
general. Maybe a happy medium could be found or, and I like this one better, we
could have a mini series exploring all super heroics in Gotham and Bats reaction
to it.

Thanks Grant for some brilliant work on JLA and good luck for the future!

Guest_GOOZ - Sep 24, 1999 8:06 PM - 66 of 335



Guest_snow goon - Sep 24, 1999 8:20 PM - 67 of 335

Hey Grant,

Just a quick question about a plot point in the Invisibles. How did they get the
fear-creating technology(for lack of a better term) from the church in order to
use it in Black Science II? I assume it had something to do with that van that
was shown in the last issue of that arc but I'm not sure and would like some

Also while I'm at it, how would destroying the Philosipher's Stone(in JLA) have
allowed Darkseid to take over the Earth?

Can't think of a new way to phrase the "I love you, think you're great" stuff so
I'll just leave that out until another time.

Thanks in advance.

Guest_Eradicator - Sep 24, 1999 10:26 PM - 68 of 335

Grant Morrison

you are the only reason i started reading JLA now you are leaving! Well i have
come to accept it. You have acually helped me in writing comics (Porter helped me
with the drawing) i plan to pursue it as a carrer! I would like to thank you for
the four years of reading(i never piked up an ivisibles). Oh and don't kill
Zauriel please!

have a nice one!

Guest_Jimmylove - Sep 25, 1999 2:07 AM - 69 of 335

Grant, So happy to have found a way to contact you now that the letters page of
the Invisibles is a thing of the past. I just wanted to let you know how much
your work has influenced me. Since reading the first issue of the Invisibles,
I've gone from thinking it was total nonsence, to utter truth. And, when I say
truth, I don't mean 'fact', but something deeper, something that I've been
exploring for the last two years, and has changed my life dramaticaly.

I'm currently engaged in Reichian analysis and finding it to be an amazing
experience, read all of Terrance Mckenna's books and took his 'monsterous'
aproach to expanding consciousness, and am about three months away from saving
enough money for an extended trip to Europe and India. At times, the whole thing
is fightning, but I've found that the deeper I delve into learning the truth
about reality, the more alive, if not necessarily secure, I feel. So, thank you
for helping kick me onto that road.

Having said that, you've often spoken about your experiences is roundabout terms,
so I'm wondering if you could be more exact. When you say you met Ragged Robin,
do you mean you met a redhead who looked like her and was perhaps similar in
personality, or do you mean you met someone named Kay who had similar experiences
to Ragged Robin? When you say that you're going to switch places with King Mob,
do you mean an exchange of conciousness or bodily? If bodily, how exactly do you
plan on doing it? And finally, what exactly was your abduction experience like?
Why do you think they chose you?

Thanks for your time, you magnificent freak.

BeefChief - Sep 25, 1999 8:45 AM - 70 of 335

First of all, isn't that "testing" message from MisterJLA a few messages ago
great? God I laughed at that - cheers, MisterJLA!

Right, howdo, Grant! Sadly, living in the remote highlands of Scotland, the
opportunity to meet you at comic conventions are few and far bet...hang on, I
tell a lie...there are NO opportunities to meet you at conventions at all, and so
God Bless Next Planet Over for providing us all with this opportunity.

Now, I could praise you for all your work, but I won't, since all these
compliments must be swelling your head no end (though I have insisted that every
one of my friends - none of whom have ever had any real exposure to or interest
in comics - read The Invisibles, and I am happy to say that the book was enough
to make a few non-believers see the woeful errors of their ways).

But I digress...

A more general question to the ones asked so far, perhaps, but one I'm very
interested in hearing your response to: What are your views on the new(ish) boom
in online comic publishing? Do you see this as something which may help the
industry as a whole, bringing the industry to a whole new audience, or do you see
it as something which may weaken the industry as a whole, perhaps eventually
spelling the death for comics as a print medium?

Guest_RedRobin - Sep 25, 1999 11:53 AM - 71 of 335

I have to tell you it's an honor to talk to you, and I really hate to see you
leave JLA. What were your and Waid's initial plans for Hypertime, and how do you
guys plan to explore it as time goes on. You don't have to give everything away,
but give me some idea. Also, will you ever work for DC again? It'd be a damn
shame if you didn't?

Guest_Ganesha - Sep 25, 1999 2:56 PM - 72 of 335

Hello Grant. Just discovered this place via The Nexus, where we're all engaged in
feverish discussion of the various sub and hyperplots of The Invisibles...

What gave you the initial idea of using comics as hypersigils? Was it your
successful ritual to boost the comic's sales towards the end of Volume 1? Was any
sacrifice (real or fictional) involved on your part?

The Invisibles has been responsible for seeding many ideas and turning me onto
all manner of new things. My favourite from your body of work has to be Flex
Mentallo, though, which I actually found deeply moving (in a strange sort of
way). I was thinking about parts of Flex's oddysey, fiction suits and your plans,
post-Invisibles, and I recalled reading somewhere that you were going to be
writing for/about the fetish scene. I've kept my eyes open but haven't seen
anything yet? Have you written anything for Skin Two? Will they be creating your
King Mob fiction suit?! What WILL you be doing after the Invisibles finishes its

There's loads of stuff I want to ask you, but I'll leave it there for now. Thanks
for everything.

Guest_levon - Sep 25, 1999 3:04 PM - 73 of 335


It wasnt until just a few minutes ago when I realized how much I missed the
letters column in The Invisibles. If only DC could print the letters in a
seperate publication in addition to the TPB, I'd never have to leave my bathroom
(where I ritualistically read all my comics). But alas, I'm drawn back to the
internet. This is the first time that I've actually found the fans of a comic to
be just as interesting as the creator of the comic.

I'd hate for this to turn into a "remember me?" message, but actually that's
exactly what it's gonna be. Remember me? I'm Levon from the SD comic con. I'm
that "other guy". I'm that guy who was also there a couple of years ago and
pissed off Mark Waid during the One Million panel. I'm glad you finally found
your way onto the internet, And I hope you havent found too many scandalous
rumors about yourself.

Actually, I really wanted to ask you a couple of questions and also ask for a
little bit of advice:

I'm currently working on a very short subversive children's book for one of my
classes. I'm writing and illustrating it. Since you're the only person who has
experience in that general field, do you have any tips for making it totally

Also, I want to have a few t-shirts printed of the heart-crossed-out shirt that
Dane wore in "London" of volume 1 so that me and my friends and whoever else
wanted one could go punk rock. Is this okay with you? and if so, would you like
one? and if so, what size?

And let me finally add how I really appreciate the amount of dedication you've
put into all of your work. I love your old Doom Patrol and Invisibles stuff, but
I've sensed a maturity in your writing these last couple of years, where the
Invisibles has grown out of simply being a "triumph for postmodernism" and into
its own living volume. Is this what you intended to happen, or is it a magical
side effect of some sort? Anyway, thanks for everything and thank Shelly for
explaining to me exactly what an editor for a comic does.

Morpheous - Sep 25, 1999 6:41 PM - 74 of 335

Hey Grant, I just wanted to say that you are the reason I read comics. If it
hadn't been for JLA I never would have read comics. I just wanted to ask, does
Mageddon have anything to do with Solaris? Well, thanks for doing such a great
job on JLA and good luck on your projects to come

Guest_iao adonai - Sep 25, 1999 8:28 PM - 75 of 335


Wonderfull job, eh!

I discovered this board via The Nexus, as another of my mates did. I'm pleased to
be able to communicate my regards to you, directly.

I'm very taken by The Invisibles. Wish it could be a movie. But, the Wachowski
Bros. and all.. We'll see.

Your works are very cool. Been with the Invisibles since I,5, got the preceeding
issues right away, and followed your groovy spell since.

Flex Mentallo, very nice, and truly inspired. That and The Invisibles should be
required reading for any initiate into the art of awareness expansion.

Oh, and Kill Your Boyfriend. Mmm, Fun.

Thanks much for the ideas and the company. I'm looking forward to the closure of
The Invisibles, and many more years of the treats you will come up with


Guest_bigdaddybitch - Sep 25, 1999 9:18 PM - 76 of 335

hey was the Matrix actually something you participated in, or did the creators of
that just rip it off from the Invisibles? Peace bitch, and your work is freakin
awesome! see ya

Guest_Tom_Strong - Sep 26, 1999 8:31 AM - 77 of 335

'I really have no idea why someone I don't know would repeatedly try to undermine
my career so as far as I'm concerned poor Rich is strictly dark side of the

Well, the Lord Of Sith seems to like your work and has run BUY INVISIBLES OR DIE
campaigns. He introduced me to Skrull Kill Krew, Lovely Biscuits, Sebastian O and
told me that something about Hitler you did was one of the finest comics of the
eighties. I can't find it yet but I'll keep trying. And something called Sleaze
Nation? I'll e-mail him and ask him to comment. He always loves to comment.


Guest_Josh - Sep 26, 1999 11:54 AM - 78 of 335

Yesterday, at around sunset, I was walking through a street in Philadelphia, and
looked up at the way light from the sun hit a radio tower on top of one of the
few skyscrapers in town, and thought that it was pretty. Behind the tower, a few
pieces of clouds began to move and form together. I knew this was happening,
because I could see it. I then stared at what was going on up there for a little
longer, and thought about the Earth's movement through space and around the sun,
and how this affected the way the light was hitting the moisture in the air just
above the steel tower. I then acknowledged the fact that as I stand still on
Earth, the Earth's movement in space is really causing me to move through time
and space at incredibly high speeds that I'm not aware of, because my vestibulary
system, which detects movement, is already used to the constant movement of the
Earth. So I began to wonder, if there wasn't some other type of natural, or
unnatural force being applied to be that I wasn't aware of, because my brain is
already trained to deal with it. I began, once again, to doubt reality. I had my
own personal revelation about the nature of perception, and it's message is
beyond words. Not even the McKenna brothers stated it fully, as I felt it. I
don't think anyone has. I think that Grant Morrison has had a similar experience,
and I applaud his courage to try expressing it within a fictional context. I
myself am trying to be a film maker, and I don't know if I can ever put into
words and images and sounds the exact doubts and feelings that I went through
within seconds looking at a metal tower surrounded by orangey-pink clouds. The
Invisibles is one of the most important, creative and daring works of art that I
know of. I have faith now that its end will answer its promise. It couldn't have
been executed by anyone less than the best within his field. I hope that comics
will one day be accepted into the mainstream again, because Grant Morrison will
come to be known in history as one of our greatest thinkers, and daring

That said, I've got some questions. How can I go about trying to make student
films from your short stories? Is it something you'd support? Is it possible?
Where can I find them? Thanks.

Guest_biffandsully - Sep 26, 1999 11:55 AM - 79 of 335

Grant! How lovely to "see" you! Anyway, on with the usual... Love your stuff to
pieces, been reading Invisibles since the start (since I was...16? 17?) and can
see that my p.o.v. has DEFINITELY been skewed in a most positive way since that
time, want to be a writer and am ever so glad that you've introduced me to the
concepts that you have, bla bla bla. I'm sure you've heard it all before, you
cultural icon, you... I -am- glad that I finally have your "ear". Like some
others on the board, though, I've thoroughly forgotten the majority of things
that I've wanted to ask you if ever the chance were to present itself. A
conversation always seemed more appealing to me than a question and answer
session, but I suppose I'll have to make due (sigh). Now, as for the questions I
-can- think of at the moment:

1) What are you listening to these days? Do you have anything (music-wise) in
your head when you write? For instance, I always thought that Guided By Voices
(from around '91 to '95, I guess) went quite well with your Doom Patrol stuff. At
any rate, I suppose I'm just curious as to where your musical tastes lie these

2) What books have affected you the most? I know that this is a real "put you on
the spot" type of question, so maybe you could just list a few that have really
rocked your world lately? Or a few that have influenced your writing
significantly (from a "craft" point of view or from an "ideas" point of view)?

3) Is there a chance that we might ever get a look at some of the actual scripts
for your comics work? I've always wondered if some of your art direction has been
lost in the translation from writer to artist and that we may have missed some
details based upon that.

4) You've checked out the Nexus. Supercool. Now, the question is: have you
checked out the Invisibles mailing list (the archives are at:
www.onelist.com/messages/invisibles )? It's been around for almost a year now,
and if you perform the search function (at the given address) on a topic of
interest, you'll see that we've discussed almost everything under the bright red
sun at one time or another. People on the list are of differing opinions about
your actually -joining- the list (because they'd rather not have their
Invisibles-related predictions proved or disproved, I think, although I think
that you could be an invaluable part of most of our discussions, which really
don't have much at all to do with the Invisibles, per se), but, as you are an
autonomous individual, you may do as you see fit, my man.

And I guess that's it for now. Hopefully, you'll maintain this open line of
communication in one form or another for a long time to come. I'm sure that
everyone really appreciates it. Thanks.


Guest_BLITZY - Sep 26, 1999 2:15 PM - 80 of 335

Any chancce that the remainder of Invisibles Volume 1 will be collected in trade

Guest_Sara - Sep 26, 1999 10:06 PM - 81 of 335

"Mad Messiah," we're not off topic, we're thinking. We're having a dialogue. This
is, one might argue, The Point. <GRIN>

That said: I swear, I can almost see the insect heads on those kids in the Gap

And besides which, if we don't talk amongst ourselves, it leaves poor Mr.
Morrison with, like, umpteen million messages to work through.

Guest_RichJohnston - Sep 27, 1999 5:27 AM - 82 of 335

Thanks for the e-mail Tom. I'd seen the piece (hell, my column should have
brought quite a bit of traffic to NextPlanetOver's Grant Morrison forum, as I
just featured it.

Anyway, point by point.

"until some of his spurious ravings led to loss of work for me."

If this is about the Superman stuff, I printed pieces that DC workers forwarded
to me, and explicitly labelled them rumour and comment. Anything I printed was
already going around DC, this gave an opening to fans to see what was being
discussed. I printed responses from Mark Waid where he gave me his side of the
story. And even so, it was all printed after the situation had resolved itself.

Now, if there's any other information that I'm not aware of, then it's because no
one has told me. Including Grant.

"As someone working inside the industry, I don't need to check the internet for
half-heard rumors or misinterpreted facts; I KNOW what's going on."

And the rest of us don't. Ramblings helps to provide an insight, and also stops
damaging rumours from spreading by unashamably placing them in the spotlight and
allowing any affected party to comment on their veracity or importance.

"I really have no idea why someone I don't know would repeatedly try to undermine
my career"

I do not repeatedly try to undermine your career. In fact, as 'Tom' alludes to, I
frequently try to support it, by recommending Morrison works, both past, present
and future. I've just given Invisibles another big plug - basically ordering my
readers to buy it. We've been plugging this JLA hardcover for ages because I
expect it to be a phenomenal piece of work. I buy copies of Crisis to send to
people who really want the Adventures Of Hitler stuff. Ditto with Zoids (probably
the hardest of the Morrison bibliography to get). What I write can only impact
favourable of the sales of your work.

And, as every column says, it's rumour. 100%. If a suit believes something
wholeheartedly then they are idiots. We've addressed this issue a number of times
and currently the Rumour Barriers are as explicit as we can get.

If you want to talk, address any issues, or basically have it out with me, Grant,
my e-mail address is twisting@hotmail.com. You've already got my work number.

For everybody else, feel free to check the Ramblings archives at

Guest_macavity - Sep 27, 1999 6:33 AM - 83 of 335

hi again grant.....

must say i agree with everyone here who's happy to see this as a replacement for
the much-missed vertigo lettercols, especially, as levon said, about the fans of
the comic being as interesting as the comic (and sometimes more so!)

anyway, i wanted to ask some more about the "artists jam" you mentioned in your
reply to my first message. i read somewhere that frank quitely was going to be
doing the last arc, so is this now not so? i take it from the way you say that
"everyone only has a few pages to do" that he's not going to be the only artist.
not that i mind that, i'm just curious.

oh yeah, in regard to deric's msg i'd be careful if you check out the archives at
invisibles@onelist.com....there's this one person on the list who seems to spend
her entire life posting messages full of irrelevent bollocks, and she posts about
every damn subject too, more or less. you want to watch her...she's called

and now she's doing it here as well. :)

incidentally, in response to jamie oni's offer, i have to say that oni are one of
my favourite publishers at the moment. i love 'jenny finn'. actually, maybe you
could clear something up for me....why are so many contemporary comics writers
into elements of the occult such as templars, magick and so forth? there's you,
gaiman, alan moore, mignola, etc. is it something to do with being british comics
writers or what?

ok, i'll shut up now


Guest_biffandsully - Sep 27, 1999 8:36 AM - 84 of 335

Oooohhh yeah... Hey, Grant? There was one other thing that I wanted to ask about.
I heard somewhere (and I don't know where) that -you- would be doing some of the
art for the last issue of The Invisibles. I don't know if this was a completely
off the wall rumor or what, but if it's not...kudos to you. Anyway. I was just
kind of curious about how true this rumor really was. And macavity's full of it.
She's a wonderful person full o' wonderful ideas and insight. Trust me.


Guest_Aled_Davies - Sep 27, 1999 9:04 AM - 85 of 335


A couple of quick questions. What were the original plans for v2 of the
Invisibles. ?? From the letter column towards the end of v1 it seemed to suggest
that Division X would play a bigger role in v2 than they did. ??

Also in the 'Rock of Ages' Darkseid future arc in JLA was Grandmother Box really
quoting from 'Barbarism Begins at Home' by The Smiths or was it just my
imagination ??

Guest_Stephen - Sep 27, 1999 9:14 AM - 86 of 335

Hi Grant,

Just wanted to say that "The Invisibles" has been invaluable to me as an
introduction to all kinds of fantastic things and i've learnt more about magick
from it than any of the text books i've ever read on the subject.

I'd be very interested to hear how your experiments in chaos magick have
influenced "The Invisibles", I read somewhere that you described the series as
the longest piece of magick that you've performed and i'd love to know more about
this from a practical perspective...

I'd also be really interested to know how much of the Invisibles mythology
(specifically Barbelith and the Magick Mirror substance) plays a part in your
personal system of magick and how you work with these concepts. Unless it's a

Thanks for writing everything you've written,


Guest_huggybear - Sep 27, 1999 1:41 PM - 87 of 335


just want to tell you what an outstanding job you've done with the invisibles. i
remember when i was just a pup, i picked up the first issue when it hit the
stands. the fat guy at the comic book store asked me how old i was; 14, i said.
he said, there's a really nasty word on page two. i said, that's ok. he was nice
enough to let me buy it, even if it was "suggested for mature readers."

during the course of the series, i've (in no particular order)gone through high
school, lost my virginity, started writing for the local newspaper, and entered
college. when i go through the old issues, i can see them through older, wiser
eyes, and catch the little things you put in that i didn't see when i was

my point? well, you've certainly had an indelible impact on the way i see the
world. thank you, and on my writing style. thanks!

say, have you ever heard of mr. bungle? it's got mike patton (formerly of faith
no more). amazing stuff. check 'em out if you get the chance. you won't be

Guest_whocares - Sep 27, 1999 2:47 PM - 88 of 335

Grant, let me start off by saying that I am a huge fan of your run on JLA. After
a couple of issues of it I started looking for your work on other titles as well.
I found Invisibles. WOW! What a trip. I'm still picking up back issues and can't
wait to see how it ends.

Now back to JLA. Rock of Ages, the Azmodel storyline, and the Hyperclan are some
of my favorite stories of all time. I'm a huge Batman fan and I have to tell you
that your interpretation of the Dark Knight was well received. He seemed like
James Bond (Sean Connery) mixed with Albert Einstein considering the way he so
smoothly eliminated the Hyperclan with technical precision.

I really hate to see you go and was just wondering what you'll be doing next. I
heard about a Marvel Knights project in the works (Marvel Boy). But what aobut
after that? Any offers to work on a monthly? What aobut the rumored creator owned
franchise rumored to be set in motion by Busiek and Waid? Please give a fan some

One last thing, I read a long time ago that you said when it all came down to it,
at the end of the Mageddon storyline that it would be Bats and Supes as the only
ones left standing against the ultimate war bringer. Is that still the plan? It
sounds awesome. What a way to leave the book, with the World's FInest stepping up
to the plate.

PS: can't wait for Earth II!

brainwalker - Sep 27, 1999 3:33 PM - 89 of 335

Hey Grant. Don't know if you remember me from Chicago. I got to meet you at the
DC booth. I'm sure you were handed quite a few gifts or comics or books from
fans....but i was curious to see if you read mine. I gave you a copy of my
ash-can for my comic book. It is called BRAINWALKER. I would like to know what
you think of it. The ashcan was kind of a rough draft of what the book will be.
Just wanted to say thanks for all the years of great comics and look forward to
your future work after Invisibles. Take care. Chris Riley

Guest_initiar - Sep 27, 1999 4:06 PM - 90 of 335

Hey Grant,

Great job on JLA so far.Like"who cares" I also liked the hyperclan,American
dreams and Rock of ages.I read your quote on the community page and was wondering
what kind of comics (if any)you would be doing after your "break".

Guest_mgb - Sep 27, 1999 6:11 PM - 91 of 335

London calling Grant....

it seems to me that the major religions, mystery schools, 19th century occultism,
modern magick, quantuum physics and common sense (you make your own luck) are all
telling us the same thing - you make your own reality. If you were to loosely
agree with this, I wondered if you really think a major "event" is going to occur
in 2012, and if what's happening between now and then is some kind of battle to
establish a consciouness paradigm-shift to enable whatever-it-is to happen on a
mass scale or not?

As for "comics", have you checked Steve Yeowells stuff on Devlin Waugh in 2000AD
at the moment? It just screams "Zenith" I think.

If you're ever in London on a weekend come along to our club and drink a lot on

Guest_zephir - Sep 27, 1999 8:11 PM - 92 of 335

On the subject of Invisibles movies, I feel I'd be remiss in not telling all of
you to go out and see American Beauty. If the Matrix was everything Flashy and
cool about invis, this is everything poingnant and sweet and wonderful. Grant, if
you're still listening, go check it out, man.

Guest_ulysses2000 - Sep 27, 1999 9:05 PM - 93 of 335

hi grant,

i'm the fellow who got macavity her sighned comic and talked about mod music with
you in san diego. lot's o' questions, but you've got plenty to answer as it
is.... i'll keep it paired down to 3 important ones.

1. is that mason under one of the animal masks at fanny and quimper's violation
in brazil?

2. who was the cute girl sitting next to you in the vertigo booth at sand diego
comic con. (she was wearing the target shirt)

3. oh yeah, where do you stand on sporks?

thanks for a great book, i've met some cool folk because of it.


Guest_LoreNz - Sep 28, 1999 4:53 AM - 94 of 335

Hello, Grant I'm a portuguese fan of your work. I think I sent a message to you
about a year ago concerning the "Barbelith debate" but I don't know if you got
it. Thing is, right now I'm in Glasgow. I'll be doing one semester at Caledonian
on the Communications and Mass Media Course. And for me this would be a one time
opportunity to meet you before Y2K. I just wante to know if you'd be interested
in having a pint some time. i swear to God I won't try to squeeze the Invisible
Last Secret from you, or anything. I just would like to have a pint. So if you're
interested maybe you can deop me a line to teh e-mail address. Thank you Paulo

Guest_LorEnz - Sep 28, 1999 4:55 AM - 95 of 335

P.S. e-mail: paul_lorenz@hotmail.com LorEnz

Guest_levon - Sep 28, 1999 10:16 AM - 96 of 335

this is actually to ulysses2000:

hey, I think I remember you. Were you the guy with the colorful shirt and the
beatle haircut? I think I took a picture for you. I was wearing a green paisley

vadge - Sep 28, 1999 10:35 AM - 97 of 335

Grant, it's good to hear that you've been hanging around the Nexus and that you
like what you see. Fingers pointing at the moon and blank badges, eh? So, John's
"hiding in plain site" behind the "Billion Masks of God" is he? And he's both
subject: a character/personality, and object: "a complex structure". We all know
what happens to the subject and the object in your stories, don't we? Cults that
become "pure thought". Thought "unemcumbered by form", maybe? The Chimera? And,
of course, one can describe the universe as a hologram, but "hologram" is also a
perfect description of "mind"/consciousness.....

I think I've got a good idea where you're going with this, and I'd just like to
say that the message is being recieved loud and clear. I've just realised that
all the themes of the Invisibles, all the clues that point to the nature of it's
conclusion, were there from the first. You've achieved the "Holographic Tapestry"
you set out to create. He's "waking up" and it's all "re-solidifying"/becoming

First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is.

Anyway, philosophical/narrative speculation aside I'd really like the answer to a
really boring question: Are we going to see Orlando again?

Oh yeah, here's another one. Rumours of death abound over in the JLA and I was
wondering if they only concerned Wildcats near departure in "Crisis times Five".

Cheers for bringing fashion and Pop back to comics. Here's to the only comic book
writer who get's coverage in both "SleazeNation" and "Wizard"!


" "

Guest_zephir - Sep 28, 1999 11:50 AM - 98 of 335

You know, on the subject of pointing to the moon, the other night I was pointing
out Jupiter, I thought it might be Venus, but, well, it was right next to the
moon, and I tripped and sprained my ankle and am now hobbling around not at
school or work. So just remember kids, in the next life: be good.

Guest_fidra52 - Sep 28, 1999 12:20 PM - 99 of 335

I have to agree with the other writers. Your Doom Patrol was probably one of the
best series run ever. It was weird, innovative, very readable and best of all,
REALLY fun. Any chance you might write them again? I´d love to read another
another DP adventure (pre-Pollack era) be it a limited series or one of those
direct-to-trade gr.novels.

Guest_shirleydoe - Sep 28, 1999 2:41 PM - 100 of 335

Dear Grant,

Thanks for making me care about comics again. A quick question about Zauriel. Is
he your attempt to create a Hawkman you could enjoy writing or as Thor is a
representative and super heroic ideal of the Norse myths, an attempt to create
the super heroic ideal type of the Judeo Christian myths?

Guest_Fenris - Sep 28, 1999 4:24 PM - 101 of 335

Grant- I'm very interestend about your involvment with the medium of music. I
myself, being part of several underground bands which thrive on the raw noise and
energy created by that spark responsible for "teenage rebelion"(It realy pisses
me off the way that social institutions often function to diverts this energy
away from rectifying the cause of one's misery, pushing them toward tendencies
which hurt themselves and others), have begun to view music as another form of
language. Somewhere I read that you had been part of a noise band, which I would
like to know some more about. Also, I have been getting into the idea of
utilizing the language of music for the purposes of divination. Earlier you
mentioned doing the same thing within the medium of comics, and I was wondering
if you had made any such attempts through music. As for your literary work, such
comics as Arkam Asylum, The Mystery Play, and The Invisibles have had such a
profound effect on my fabricated identity that I won't even bother going into it
now. Thanks.

Guest_Hector Lima - Sep 28, 1999 9:04 PM - 102 of 335

man, oh man......

Another wonder of the future! Talking to Grant via Intenet! Will quit the fanboy
thing right now... Is this going to be weekly? Heard of this through The Bomb.

Grant, thanks for the work you do, for all of it. I have so many things to ask
you that I don't even know where to start from. I'm from Brasil and may you know
you have a bunch of faithfull readers here!

The Invisibles is the best Vertigo book of all. If a book should be picked up
that had to do more with everybody's life this would be it.

Can I mention I've known Chaos Magick through your texts? Okay, I said I'd quit
the fanboy thing....

Are you doing more work to Marvel? Spider Man and Fantastic Four would be well
handed by you.

Ah, can't post this without asking you: is there a web site where I can get a
script sample of anything you've written? I'm trying to start writting for comics
and would love to see how you do it so I can have a good model. The only thing
I've ever seen is the script in the monkey's typewriter from the cover of Animal
Man# 25, if I'm right.

That's it for now. I know you're busy and have to answer other posts. Thanks for
attention! Can't wait for the Invisibles#1 and Marvel Boy too.

Hector vortex09@yahoo.com

PhilipAMoore - Sep 29, 1999 8:38 AM - 103 of 335

Dear Grant I have been A fan of yours for years. In fact you got me in to mature
reader titles with Doom PatroL (sill my all time favorite comic ). I have had a
few question for you (Iknow dread words) . What ever happen to your Animal Man
six issue story arc That was supossed to come out around issue 57 ? will we ever
see it ? Karen Burger once siad in an intervew that she had three Animal Man
scripts she had shelved where you had gotten a little heavy handed (her words
)I've always assumed one of them was Gorrilas A Go Go. What where the other two?
What happened in them or did they see print ? What do you think of what happend
to Kid Eternety in JSA you one siad you would like to do sequels to him every
five years Is there A chance we will see one ? I've looked up and down this post
and Have not seen any mention of your spin off of JLA starring charicters form
the Shaggy Man story .When will we see it or is it dead on rout? will there are
My question please answer them when you get the chance HAVE A GOOD DAY

Guest_Friendlyboy23 - Sep 29, 1999 10:22 AM - 104 of 335

Dear Grunt, When do we see the Invisimobile? (And I don't mean the version from
that dumb 60's Invisibles show - you know, the one with Mickey Rooney as Dane,
and Peter Falk as Fanny). And while I'm on it what about Discordo the

Guest_vadge - Sep 29, 1999 11:58 AM - 105 of 335

Friendlyboy's my friend, and I'm with him. When are you going to reveal King
Mob's real identity: Alan Treharne?

Look! There goes NickWaddam!

Guest_PornoHolocaust - Sep 29, 1999 1:04 PM - 106 of 335

Yes, !) I once sent you a letter suggesting facial hair as a disguise for comics
conventions. Several months later King Mob showed up disguised in just such a
manner. Many other letters in Invisible Ink seem to worm their way into the
storyline, too. My question is this: Are you insane? $) Will the final issue have
a big middle finger on the cover (#1)? ?) I was in the worst car accident of my
life on August 11th this year. The car flipped (tail over head, not rolled), and
I walked away with barely a scratch or two. Did you or any readers out there have
any bizarre experiences on the 11th?

GrantMorrison - Oct 1, 1999 4:08 AM - 107 of 335

Thanks for all the messages. Can't do my usual Friday reply session but I'll be
here on Sunday to gnaw my way through the hundreds of postings which have piled
up since I turned my back last week. It's raining again in Glasgow - we have rain
like LA has sun...

Guest_Skippy the DRUNK - Oct 1, 1999 9:42 AM - 108 of 335

Hey Grant, When you were putting together your icon team of 14 members in JLA how
much pressure did you get from "editorial" on who would make up your JLA...By the
way Your handling of Orion has been the best! I wish that your contract had
stated that no one else could write him in the JLA. Would you do one
thing...would you give Steel Superman's old electropowers and the costume of
BLACK VULCAN from the old Superfriends TV show...Now that is Iconic...UR..On that
note, I must tell you that I will sorely miss waiting for JLA each month,You made
it work on so many levels,... Thank you for some great reads, even though you got
stuck with Electric Superman,John Byrne killing Wonder Woman and Huntress(ugh)...
Have a great Year... P.s. Please convince Mark Millar to take over the JLA when
they offer it to them.. your pal Skippy the DRUNK!

Guest_louisemichel - Oct 2, 1999 4:34 AM - 109 of 335

Hi, Grant, Just a question, what did you think of the french printing of The
Invisibles ?

Guest_whocares alias wellmanicuredmandead - Oct 2, 1999 12:20 PM - 110 of 335

Grant, I keep hearing you refer to theis Hypercrisis. I'm guessing it's a retcon
of some kind. Will it be along the same lines as Crisis on Infinite Earths? WIll
it have the same magnitude or maybe even more? Oh yeah, and don't kill Zauriel.
He kicks ass man. I really like the character but the rumor is that he has to go.

PS: Was wondering about what your thoughts were on John Byrne's Fourth World run
or his Genesis crossover.

Guest_louisemichel - Oct 3, 1999 2:26 AM - 111 of 335

My previous message was a little skinny...

I sent you the first issue of Les Invisibles (french edition) some monthes ago,
the second should be out now. So what do you think of it ?

Another one : ever heard the Blue Oyster Cult song called Les Invisibles ? And a
last one : are you still practising JKD/silat ?

Keep on the Work !

rakehell - Oct 3, 1999 7:01 AM - 112 of 335

Hey Grant!

We met in Australia, drinkin' 'til stupid o'clock. I'm wondering if you answer
your regular mail at all, or are you too snowed under? Also when are you coming
back here

Guest_GrantMorrison - Oct 3, 1999 10:50 AM - 113 of 335

jamieoni - thanks for keeping me in mind. The script was never finished and if
Jamie didn't draw it it wouldn't work.

MadMessiah - thankyou. You're right about the apprentice thing.

Lunar - I'm glad you got it. thank you.

Sara - I'm not subversive I work for Time Warner. I'm glad you like Edith - more
than any other character she blasts down from the Pleroma and onto the page with
hardly a 'me' in between. She's based on a few people I've knownin both her young
and ancient time sections.

Guest_GrantMorrison - Oct 3, 1999 11:05 AM - 114 of 335

Chris+ - glad to hear I'm growing like a bad bloom in the corn out there. I'm
doing what I can with the Flex trade. Beats me why it hasn't been released to
coincide with EARTH 2. I always forget all my favorite movies when people ask -
Pi was good, Predator, The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer, The Experiencer, The
Final Programme...umm I'll think about this.

MasterJLA - I appreciate all the suppport for Zauriel. I've come to love the
character and I can assure you his death and its consequences will satisfy fans
of the Celestial Crusader everywhere!

TimmyTimmyBangBang - great name. I wrote comics before I did plays. I did them so
that I could prestigious awards and be taken more seriously as an artiste,
thereby raising the profile of the comics. I don't know if it worked. My work is
influenced by a number of playwrights and dramatists so it was an interesting
experiment to write the plays and see them performed to full houses but comics
was more fun and paid more money. I played 'Grant Polanski' in the film
'Strangers' by Sue Denim and appeared in several 'extra' roles in the 80s but
acting didn't come into it.

Guest_GrantMorrison - Oct 3, 1999 11:16 AM - 115 of 335

Silent Nick - Sounds good. I can't help right now - I'm out of comics for a while
so I'm just a freelancer like you and as one to another I suggest you send your
stuff in to an editor who'll take a look at it. I f he/she likes it, you'll get a
job. Keep reading JLA. Waid and Hitch will mesmerise you into states of howling

Nick The Red - You and me both. My Batman is rooted in Denny O'Neil and Neal
Adams 70s version which I grew up on - the hairy sex god who flew highspeed jets,
ski-ed down mountains with girls in his arms and had, in Talia, the sexiest woman
in comics as his opponent and lover. Give me that guy over the weird, twisty
isolationist Batman. I thought I\d statirised that to death in 'Arkham Asylum'.

GOOZ - Thanks GOOZ. I may do some JLA related stuff in future. Anything can
happen and so rarely does...

snowgoon - the tech was in the Dulce base. Darkseid almost taking over Earth then
being beaten by Hourman and the worlogog is a story which hasn't been told yet.

Eradicator - you too. Thanks for reading.

Guest_GrantMorrison - Oct 3, 1999 11:30 AM - 116 of 335

JimmyLove - you'll love India. Every time I've been there I vow never ever to
return and then I find I can't stop thinking about it and have to return. The
pverty is shocking beyond any western conception. Some parts of Europe will
prepare you for it. As for Ragged Robin - in 96, after I got sick and life
tumbled into an abyss, I emerged with a new understanding of magic and the
possibilities of using my comics as magical sigils. My girlfirend and I had split
and when I saw Brain Bolland;'s cover for Invisibles volume 2:3 I decided I'd
enchant for someone who looked exactly like Robin. Robin's doppelganger
materialised shortly after. When. after a month of two of tryinmg, it turned out
that we didn't get on at all, I learned that image isn't everything and shied
away from such frivolous use of the hypersigil. Strangely enough, every woman I
met that year and the next had red hair or other Robin-like qualities, including
some who directlky impacted ont he storytelling of the book itself. Life and
fiction are strange and interchangeable here. The 'aliens' didn't choose me. I
believe that everyone was 'abducted' in a period roughly covering from '92 to 97.
I'm not sure if its an emergent structure in consciousness which we're
identifying as alien and a little threatening. Or maybe it's aliens. The
experience is unmistakable and real and literally dozens of peopel I know
personally went through classic or skewed versions of the whole 'abduction'
scenario during the 90s. As for me and KM switching places - I'll see. I'm
leaving part of me in the comic and going back to martial arts and ontological
terrorism etc... Have a good time, man.

Guest_GrantMorrison - Oct 3, 1999 12:32 PM - 117 of 335

BeefChief - here's tae ye from the bricht lichts o' Glesgae where ye micht get
lucky... ANy kind of comics is good news for comics. I still think print has a
lot of mileage - it has an organic quality that we still don't have in ouir huge
boxy terminals. Once digital paper and flexible screen scrolls become commonplace
I think we'll simply see a fusion of print and computer technology. Neither will
suffer. As a computer Neanderthal I'm intrigued to see the developments coming in
from that side of the medium.

RedRobin - I hope I'll work for DC again at some point. And the whole Hypercircus
thing is ubnfolding as we planned so just keep watching.

Ganesha - hi. I'm familair with you from the Nexus. Flex Mentallo was the
wellspring for much of The Invisibles and can be considered a shard of the
Invisibles hologram. Animal Man 5 was my first probing at the notion of the
comics as sigils - the meditative concentration that goes into the story and art
if its done well is a form of gnosis. The first magic we know of was in the form
of drawings - images designed to encode desire and make deire manifest in 3-d
reality. And the results were and continue to be spectacular. I wrote some weirdo
text for the photo spread 'The Story of Zero' - the cover's red and cyberpunky
with a bald girl wearing a silver 'Brainiac' skullcap and clutching her head.
Post-carnal version of 'The Scream'.

Guest_GrantMorrison - Oct 3, 1999 12:43 PM - 118 of 335

levon - I remember you. Make the T-shirts if you want. I'll have a medium.
SUbversive ? Don't ask me ? Everything that's in your face but which society
prefers to ignore and not talk about will provide you with the shock of
subversion beyond that there is the option of six years zen practise for the kids
Nice to hear from you again and I'll thank Shelly whenever she can prise herself
away from her latest, hunkiest beau!!!

Morpheous - Nah, Mageddon has nothing to do with Solaris eacept one's the Tyrant
Sun and one's the Anti-Sun. IT's one of those things you don't realise you've
done when you're working fast and to deadline. I must have been crazy about suns
when I came up with those two. They're not alike however.

iao adonai - hi. Your entries in the Nexus are so frighteningly close to my own
thinking that it's a pleasure and a horror to meet you here. Which is not to
slight all the other brilliant minds revolving in the neitherworld of the Nexus -
all versions are the 'real' version - but sometimes you alarm me.

Guest_ulysses2000 - Oct 3, 1999 12:55 PM - 119 of 335

hey grant, me again...

what is the difference between a sigil and a hyper-sigil. is this to denote
multiple intents or merely the way it's appearance and storyline shifts over time
during the working?

also, havyou read any jack sarfatti? i think you'd enjoy him. he's taking chaos
and quantum theory and attempting to link it up with the human consciousness. it
winds up sounding quite majical and poetic... heres a link to some of his stuff.


and i still need to know who that little moddette next to you at comic con was


Guest_GrantMorrison - Oct 3, 1999 1:10 PM - 120 of 335

bigdaddybitch - nah, it had nothing to do with me.

TomStrong - I'm sure Rich means no harm and any of his efforts to boost my work
are appreciated by me. However, despite the sternest of talking-tos, Rich decided
to run another ludicrous story - about Marvel Boy - which has now been sanctioned
as news by Comics International. For the record, Marvel Boy is a completely new
creation - in the spirit of Bill Everett and using the name only of one of his
characters. It is a direct progression from my work on JLA. I'd love to love Rich
as he deserves but this stuff hits hard andf he should learn fast that with great
power comes great responsibility. Rich has no source for me - the only people in
the industry I speak with regularly are Mark Millar and Frank Quitely. Anything
you read about me on Rich's Ramblings will be false and I'd ask Rich again, in
softer tones this time, not to write anything about me in his columns. None of it
will be true and most of it seems to be actively damaging.

RichJohnston - see above. Just keep me out of it, Rich. I'm not doing anything
weird or interesting and whatever you hear is bollocks.

Josh - you got it. As for the short stories, they're collected in 'Lovely
Biscuits' see information somewhere else I'm sure. Let me know what you'd like to
do and I look forward to you getting 'it' down on film.

biffandsully - hi. 1) right now, I'm listening to the Gentle People. Kool Keith,
Atari Teenage Riot. Nothing to start revolutions yet I'm afraid. If someone could
marry the digital hardcore sound with Chris Morris lyrics, we'd almost have the
new punk rock.

2) Books: all the Enid Blyton mystery stories. Alan Garner - particularly
'Elidor' and 'red Shift'. T'The Lord of the Rings', a compendium of every classic
adventure story trope - indispensable for a comics writer. Michael Moorcock,
especially the 'Jerry Cornelius' stories. 'Illuminatus'. And otherwise
non-fiction and dramtists, plus all the other things I"ve forgotten to include.
And yes, I'm hoping to draw a couple of pages in the orgy.

Guest_GrantMorrison - Oct 3, 1999 1:18 PM - 121 of 335

ulysses - quick one here to sign off, My connection's terrible. I call it a
hyper-sigil because the abstracted desire is not simply a spooky 'Blair Witch'
style witchy figure familiar from the traditional Austin Spare sigil technique.
The 'hyper-sigil' idea unfolds into virtual dimensions which include 'story',
'character' etc. I'm sure I'll explain it more clearly as I work with the idea
further. I'm familiar with Sarfatti's name via Robert Anton Wilson etc. but it
sounds like I should check that stuff out. Thanks.

Guest_GrantMorrison - Oct 3, 1999 1:19 PM - 122 of 335

Oh - and the 'modette' is my glamorous editor the aformementioned and sainted
Shelly Roeberg. You may have to fight Philip Bond for her however.

Guest_AustinArmatys - Oct 3, 1999 9:31 PM - 123 of 335


There have been several scenes in The Invisibles that take place in my home
country, Australia. One week ago I visited Uluru for the first time in my life
and found it a truly powerful place (just as KM described it back in Vol. 1).
What experiences have you had with Australia, the aboriginal culture and Uluru in
particular? Cheers,


Guest_SaintMolotov - Oct 4, 1999 3:17 AM - 124 of 335

Always wanted an opportunity to have a word with you Grant....Love your work in
the Invisibles, it changed my life. I began reading it in a time of my life where
I was looking for something, something more than I was being fed by the
Consensus, and you and the Ivisibles were there for me. I can't say enough how
much I appreciate that.

Now that I'm done being sycophantic, I'd like to know your opinion on a little
theory I have. Don't really have the space or time to fully outline it here, but
I'll give ya the short-short version.

We exist in two realities...the inner and the outer, or "consenus" reality. The
outer is often a false mirror of the inner, and thus is a cause of great stress
as we learn more and more that the consensus does not want us to be our inner
self. Often we lose sight of the inner, and create all sorts of barriers and
filters between the inner and outer. I believe the trick is to circumvent these
filters and achieve symmetry between inner and outer reality, actualizing the
true self in a sense.

That's the beginning of true revolution, for myself at least, not sure if it
applies to all. Let me know your thoughts, if you care to, I'd appreciate it.

SM saintmolotov@disinfo.net

Guest_Jack Frost - Oct 4, 1999 8:28 AM - 125 of 335


What's happening?!

Invisibles V.3#6 is excruciatingly late and I just saw that there is no issue
solicited for December...

Has DC made you alter the spell? What, if any, are the ramifications of the
series not ending in January 2000? I was told by DC you wouldn't be at San Diego,
and you were, but I still missed my opportunity to ask you in person.

I'm very suspicious of DC lately. I don't like some of the corporate decisions
they've been making. I think they're compromising some of the titles, too. I
think they've made you and Garth change your books, and that's why Invisibles is
late and Preacher seems empty. I don't like the Transmet merchandise, especially
the 'prop' sunglasses with UV coated lenses. I don't like the fact that they
remove the letters pages from the Vertigo titles, thus cutting you and us off
from each other, telling me it's because they need more space for all the ads
they receive. Then they tell me that nothing can be done about the cover
prices... Does this not make sense to you either?

I hate corporations...

Guest_Jack Frost - Oct 4, 1999 8:30 AM - 126 of 335


Just in case you need it, my e-mail is:


Here's hoping that you reply...


Guest_JHunter - Oct 4, 1999 11:39 AM - 127 of 335

Grant, I've been reading you since I got back into comics with your version of
the Doom Patrol, the thrilling (but awfully reprinted) Steed and Mrs Peel,
Sebastion O, ... everything really.

I'm very confused with the status of Book 3. It seems trhat there are so many
ideas thrown into the air. There are lots of vbery air-headed guesses on what is
going on and that you intend the comic to be nonsensical being that the end is

I don't agree. I've seen a vast rise and fall of quality in your work both in
Invisibles and JLA. It seems that you get gripped by an idea, then forget why you
used it in the first place. Very unCapricorn, but I do commend you on listening
to your unconscious inspirations. That is what has kept you my favorite writer
over the years. You seem to be very intune with your mind and your imagination.
You let ideas out, but they're always appropriate (certain threads in the
monumental Rock of Ages make no sense and the rather bad Crisis Times Three is

I have been argued with over the nature of your current lack of cohesiveness with
others who say I don't "get you." I've been "getting you " since way back, Grant.
Your writing speaks to me unlike any other. I've decided to not touch the new
issues of Invisibles until New Year's. I doubt if it makes enough sense to be
satisfying in a monthly basis to read it otherwise.

In any case, thank you for truly original comics and thank you for Dane.

Guest_GrantMorrison - Oct 4, 1999 1:49 PM - 128 of 335

Aleddavies - no, Division X were always intended to return in Volume 3, ALed. And
yes - you're the only person who's pointed out the Smiths quote - one of many
with which I've been littering my scripts over the years. You win this delicious
Morrissey Omelette!

Stephen - thanks for reading Stephen. I don't have sdpace or time here to go very
deeply into my personal approach to magic. I've worked with a number of The
Invisibles entities to remarkable and sometime life-threatening effect. The
Invisibles speel was partly designed to undo the knots of the Age of Osiris and
track the pyschic seismograph trails of the century's end. I'd love to go into
this more and will if I write the story of the story of The Invisibles.

huggybear - good to hear from you huggy and I'm glad to have been along for the
ride somewhere in the background leering. I've had a pretty wild few years too
and I thinks there are more and stranger fireworks to come. I'll check out mr.
bungle, thanks.

whocares - you're dead on with the Batman analysis. I'm taking a break after
Marvel Boy but I'll be back with some big new projects in 2001 I hope. And yes,
IT's Bruce and Clark against the mind-devouring, world-exterminating Annihilator
in the final chapter.

Guest_GrantMorrison - Oct 4, 1999 2:00 PM - 129 of 335

mgb - there's some kind of self-referring, self-correcting communal system at
work beyond the simple notion of 'you make your own reality'. There is an element
of large scale collaboration involved in the maintenance of what we call reality.
Magic in one sense is the serial establishing of what Hakim Bey describes as
Temporary Autonomous Zones - moments of personal freedom and self-responsibility
wrenched from consensus-tolerance. 2012 is an intriguing myth at this stage. My
own wacko experiences have imprinted in me a gut belief that some unusual
upheaval of thought and perception is beginning to occur and I've tried to
explore through the fictional context of Invisibles the 'information' I was
presented with by apparent '5th dimensional complexes' in a hotel in
Kathman-bleeding-du...I'm not sure I can be trusted but I'm convinced it will
inevitably be mass scale. I have no idea what 'It' is. It may be some 20th
century analogue of the modernist impulse whoich will seem brutal or dissonant or
terrifying to we of the decadent postmodern 20th century. I saw Steve's art for
Devlin it lookd brilliant. He's done a bunch of pages for the final Invisibles
arc. Thanks for the invite!

Guest_GrantMorrison - Oct 4, 1999 2:08 PM - 130 of 335

vadge - yes. The secret of Invisibles is in every volume on every page and in
every word written in the letter columns and on the Nexus and everywhere else.
Orlando is back immediately. And I should maybe say here that the next issue of
INVISIBLES - #6 - missed an edit stage and has glaring gaps where important
information should be. I apologise to everybody who's trying to put the jigsaw
together - the gaps are clearly obvious and contain information about the Billy
Chang character. I'll put the dialogue as it should read up when I do my next
message board here and maybe some of the Nexus people could transfer it there
until we fix it in the trade. Deaths in the JLA will occur at an alarming rate.
Hip Hip...

Guest_Brainwalker - Oct 4, 1999 2:34 PM - 131 of 335

Hey Grant. Don't know if you remember me from Chicago. I got to meet you at the
DC booth. I'm sure you were handed quite a few gifts or comics or books from
fans....but i was curious to see if you read mine. I gave you a copy of my
ash-can for my comic book. It is called BRAINWALKER. I would like to know what
you think of it. The ashcan was kind of a rough draft of what the book will be.
Just wanted to say thanks for all the years of great comics and look forward to
your future work after Invisibles. Take care. Chris Riley P.S. Have you ever read
about Intelligence Agents?

Guest_Sergey - Oct 4, 1999 2:59 PM - 132 of 335

Not to mention that a 16 year old is writing this (I can write! Look ma! I can
write!) my brain hardwired into permanent theta (although I still have to
schedule that appointment with the neurologist). A good friend of mine was
speaking to my friends and I and I believe at the exact time when I left for
bladder relief he mentioned something about some kind of ritual done here at the
world trade center. I really dont know the specifics (better call up Nick again)
but September's been quite a strange month for some if not all my friends. What's
it done to you? On a lighter note my TV "talked" for the first time, a message
(command) in bold white capital letters upon a black background appearing for a
second and a half CLOSE THE DOOR which was promptly done by my father who did not
see the TV. Spirits? Witches? All the electronic devices in the world, connected
and talking making one huge growing collective consciousness. But then again is
anything truly dead? The synchronicities are not dying down. Theta is kicking in
even more, I'm sleepy most the time... What did that have to do with comics?
Invisibles, great comics. It's not everyday you learn something from a comics.
And it's not one of those one reads either if you know what I mean. But then
again no one knows anything, we just pretend and say "this is so". I guess this
is the spot where I (Batman) insert one of those clever one liners, so here is my
very own feeble attempt:

QUESTION REALITY They should put that on a tshirt, eh? a picture of a toilet bowl
in the back with the words NOTHING IS REAL (although I have no idea why put the
toilet bowl there. it's all random junk. like the voices you hear if you've woken
up at 4:30 am your mind somewhere between waking and sleeping consciousness and
they seem to come from not the outside (as percieved by one's ears) but from

Peace, Love, and Alcohol


Guest_GrantMorrison - Oct 4, 1999 3:38 PM - 133 of 335

zephir - good advice. This cartoon bites.

fidra52 - I loved the DOOM PATROL characters but I wouldn't want to go back to
them. I ended it as I wanted it to end with Cliff and Jane on the bridge to
everywhere and that was it really.

shirleydoe - Zauriel started out as an attempt by Mark Millar and I to create a
completely new and updated Hawkman. Instead of the science fiction origin of
Katar Hol, we gave him a heavenly background to explain the wings and the
crusading. He was originally intended to appear in the JLA under the name Hawkman
and I imagined a sense-strangling battle of the Hawkmen between Zauriel and Katar
Hol at some point down the line. The Hawkman name was seen as a biohazard after
the numerous continuity maulings the character had sustained. We were asked to
retain the angel concept and simply call him Zauriel. I felt it took away the
mythic power of the name Hawkman from the team but I grew to like Zauriel and
when, as you say, I decided to write him as DC's Thor but with a
Judaeo-Christian/Muslim background to replace the halls of Asgard etc.

Fenris - hi. I'd be interested to hear more about your experiments. My bands were
pretty poppy. It was the 80s and we were into the Sex Pistols and the Beatles and
the Velvet Underground. Feedback pop. That was it. Later stuff is a little more
sophisticated but I've never specifically used the music for magic. I know of
many people who've had interesting results. I a always felt words and pictures
were my natural medium for sorcery.

HectorLima - nice to hear from you. I once had an invite to Rio but missed the
flight. I'm hoping to get an Invisibles script up on the Bomb site sometime.
Otherwise there are plans to make scripts available which I'll let everyone know
about as soon as they're reality.

PhilipAMoore - the Animal Man story is unlikely to ever happen but Buddy does
appear in my final JLA doorstop. I'm sure there were only two rejected Animal Man
scripts. One was the infamous Gorillas-A-G0-Go (the later attempt to sell the
script as a one-shot without A-Man but with all the 60s romance and pop
characters had a much twistier and funnier caper movie story). The other story
was a really heavy grim animal rights tract. All the characters I threw into JLA
will reappear when I do.

FriendlyBoy23 - wait for the cartoon.

Guest_Melanie_astrogirl - Oct 4, 1999 3:39 PM - 134 of 335

Hey Grant-

First off, I want you to know that you are absolutely my favorite "big name"
artist working today. As a writer and an artist myself, I truly admire the risks
you take, the intelligience and originality of your work and what seems like true
artistic integrity. You are definitely one of my role models and influences - and
I really can't tell you how much I appreciate that. I had never even heard of you
just over a year ago when my ex-boyfriend turned me on to "The Invisibles," which
has oozed its way into my conciousness to become my favorite comic. I'm still
making my way through a lot of your older stuff (half of which is of course out
of print and impossible to find), but I have to say that I've never read an
"Invisibles" without being introduced to a new theory or idea - which aside from
the fact that the book's so well-written makes every time an issue comes out a
sheer pleasure for me!! So thanks for that as well!

OK, done with the shameless flattery, on with the questions.

1. You've said in this forum, as you have in several other interviews I've read,
that the "Invisibles" is a concept that's decidedly 90s. While I see what you're
saying - and I agree with you that we've seen quite a few changes in the world
since the Invisibles started in 94 compared to now, I'm wondering what you would
consider a story idea for the new millennium? I can't believe I'm the first
person to think about this - have you thought about it? I know you're taking a
break from writing comics, but do you have plans in mind to do a similar "epoch -
themed" book for the millennium? Or does that idea seem redundant to you?

2. What sort of obsessive, well-organized vitriolic letter-writing campaign do I
need to organize in order to get DC to compile the rest of Volume 1 into a trade
paperback(and therefore stop my lazy-arse search for back issues)?

3. I agree with you about "The Matrix" - when I was watching it I remember
thinking, "This is like watching 'The Invisibles' on screen!" Here's the question
for you, tho, Grant. Is it just me or Switch = Jolly Roger? They look an awful
lot alike n'est-ce pas?

4. The 'Invisibles' mailing list was talking about the significance of flies
appearing in your work. Apparently there have been recurring flies in
"Invisibles," and two other comics you've written (I think I know which two but
I'm not remembering which- Doom Patrol and Animal Man?). My personal take on the
fly in "The Invisibles" - with the many-eyed fly - is a myriad of interpretations
- many different ways of "seeing" the story. ANother theory is the fly on the
wall is me (the reader). Am I close? Or is it all just a coincidence?

Well, that's it! Thanks a lot for reading this and responding, Grant!! I cannot
wait to see what you produce next!

Guest_Dr.Zaius - Oct 4, 1999 3:40 PM - 135 of 335


I have really enjoyed you JLA work. It has had some great stuff. I'm really
interested in the crime syndicate graphic novel. However my favorite work of
yours was your Flash issue featuring a day in the life of Jay Garrick. That was
an amazing story and is one of my favorite comic stories of all time. It made me
cry and made me smile. It also made Jay Garrick my favorite DC character. Thanks,
again Any chance of you writing Jay again in the future?I would love to see a
one-shot or a mini-series.

Thanks, Dr.Z

Guest_mgb - Oct 4, 1999 3:55 PM - 136 of 335

hi grant,

thanks for the reply. I've not come across Hakim Bey, but will check him/her out.
the relation between personal and consensus reality seems to me to be the
battlefield history has and is being played out upon. 9 to 5, anyone?

One of my current frontrunners for 2012 is the magnetic pole shift thing. Lots of
interesting material implications, (magnetic media of all kinds being wiped), and
magenetic effects on organisms...well, who knows?

that's excellent news about steve yeowell doing invisibles stuff - I always
wondered how you felt about his visions of your work, as Zenith just seemed so
kind of complete, and up 'til his current devlin thing I've felt he hasn't really
cracked into anything with real feeling.

and the drunk clubland offer for London visits can be accessed through

take care,

Guest_GrantMorrison - Oct 4, 1999 4:18 PM - 137 of 335

I'm going to write for a bit and reply to more stuff later until I'm blind with
the milligauss blasting of it - going backwards on this page...

Dr Zaius - love those monkeys. I'm glad you enjoyed the Jay Garrick story. It's
one of my favorites and was really only plotted by me with a little dialogue
assist. The issue's brilliance was down to my collaborator Mark Millar, a man
wanted for war crimes in five countries. My only other input was an idea for the
splash page - Jay painting a bowl of fruit he's just tossed in the air -
capturing them at superspeed in watercolors before breakfast. The reflective
splash that was used was much better for the mood of the story. I don't know if
I'll ever write Jay again. Not for a while certainly

MelanieAstrogirl - thanks. I look forward to seeing your work at large in the
world. 1) I definitely do have an idea for the new century and the
post-post-modern age that is coming. There are hints of some of this new stuff in
the last Invisibles but I intend to expand the ideas into the book I'm writing
between now and whenever. I've made a start and it's...um a superdense black
satire about the world beyond Individuality. 2) Whatever you can do... 3) First
thing I thought when she came onscreen. I did like the women in the Matrix though
- they had chopped hair and lines at the corners of the mouths - the first screen
hint of the Stormer anti-Pammie archetype or whatever it'll be called. 4) Flies.
Beats me. It embarrasses me to say that a lot of what goes down on paper is
purely unconscious. I often read comics I've written, with no memory of having
been involved at any level. It's like the elves cobbling your shoes at night.
THis isn't a way of sliding out of admitting that sometimes things which don't
necessarily appear meaningful can hide in narrative cracks but it often seems
that my conscious mind does nothing but wrestle with the dreamlike aspects of
Invisibles etc and more than often loses the scuffle. Much of it is beyond
explanation but not beyond contemplation. Which is to say - flies ? I've noticed
them and they're never fully intentional or important to the plot. Beelzelbub ?
THE LORD OF THE FLIES himself perhaps ? I have no idea why my literary droppings
are covered in bluebottles, astro...

Sergey - you too, man. Speaking of televison and according to Rudy Rucker, you
can tune your TV to a white noise station and pick up regular five minute washes
of signal emitted by a pulsar in the Crab Nebula. Who needs HBO ?

Guest_rory - Oct 4, 1999 4:42 PM - 138 of 335

Grant: on question that's been bugging me since fifth year at school. (Hermitage
Academy, Helensburgh 1988) - In Zenith Phase 3part4: 'Facts and Figures', did you
seek cut and pastage from a book called New York Trilogy (City of Glass) from a
character called Stillman for Maximan's strange language structure? I happened to
be reading that book round about the same time and I was struck by the
similarities. If you haven't read the book, I recommend it - I'm sure you have,
though - it bangs on about prelapsarian laguage etc.

One other thing: Is the impending Armageddon in the Invisibles, simply the ending
of the story? Are the characters becoming aware that they are bound within the
pages of a comic? That bit where you/king mob reaches out of the page in the
invisible college (girl most likely to)?

That Catman do expo sounds pretty whacked out. (from comics scriptwriting book)

As for GLasgow, it's been a wet, summer as you say and now it's frozen.

Grant, I turned up at the CCA earlier this year for a 'rebel' night of sorts and
listened to Stuart Home play some crap music. I got talking to you about the
invisibles and said something daft like, 'isn't it just a gnostic watchmen? Mason
is Ozymandias.' I particularly remember saying 'I didn't understand Arcadia'
which was just a lie in the same way you occasionally would find yourself denying
a desire for lemonade and a club biscuit when offered such items by a friend's
mother. Anyway - I did understand it - what I meant to say was that the artwork
almost rendered it unreadable.Otherwise script and art have been amonst the best
I've ever read and processed. I loved - Boy's Story - supposedly unpopular. Her
brother Eezy D(/) and that whole Bambaata/Chuck D vibe etc. (I think)

What I want to sday though is - I left that cca night before you got round to
doing your thing and asking people in the audience to draw 'things' etc.

I'm sorry I missed it. After chatting with you and trying to be cryptic by saying
'I know about the greenest adventure.' I wandered out in to the freezing city and
went to Alaska, got to the door, had a big huge camera stuck in my face and
decided to leave for home instead. I promptly fell asleep in bed and had a mild
out of body experience which I think I forced upon myself to try and generate
mystery following my meeting with the Invisible's Omega being. I remember saying
to my mate that night - 'that's him, - and that whole story is just buzzing
around in his head. Watching you walk around the bar I was intrigued for a few
moments almost imagining the story might actually fall out as you padded about.A
couple of weeks later everyone I bumped into told me they say me on telly.
Supposedly I was on Frontline Scotland, scowling at a camera in my face and
turning round and walking away. It was a documentary about bouncers and I decided
not to go dancin' that nicht.

Any way - I can't believe it will end. Any chance you could bring B.McCarthy back
to Mainstream comics for sumthin? please!

Guest_iao adonai - Oct 4, 1999 6:52 PM - 139 of 335

Grant, Much appreciated. Feeling's mutual. -IA

Guest_Sergey - Oct 4, 1999 8:06 PM - 140 of 335

Here and once again myself. Individuality. Now there's a thought. What does one
think of when one says "I"? The human body is comprised of billions of life forms
(cells) all working together. This "I" person is actually a product of
interaction of various cellular tissues with one another and the outside world.
What's the difference between the human body and a city? The basic concept is
almost the same. What if New York City could talk? Anyway (which one?) I've been
reading into some things. Has anyone heard of somethings called Mollot Cells?
I've heard that they were invented accidentaly by Aleksander Mollot and allowed
for transport of matter between xenoverses. I'm pretty sure that's not what they
use at Ong's Hat though.

Peace, Love, and Alcohol


Guest_Tom - Oct 5, 1999 2:04 AM - 141 of 335

Grant - if I were to add a forum on The Nexus where you could post without having
to reveal your e-mail address, would you be interested in doing one of these
sessions over there sometime?


Guest_LorEnz - Oct 5, 1999 4:41 AM - 142 of 335

Hello, Grant. Just wanted to know if you read Erik Davis's "TechGnosis". It's an
excellent book (with a great title) speaking about how the supernatural or the
simply strange always has pervaded the uses we make on new technology (small
example: how old folklore and devilish mythologies have been dug up in order to
provide backgrounds and characters for computer games). Some points of contact
with "Escape Velocity" but Davis's message is quite different.

Anyone else there has read this?

Another thing: magic is a way of relating to reality. Tradicional magic was based
on the concept that language had a direct impact on reality. You said
"abracadabra" and bang! the girl of your dreams would lie in your bed with a sexy
lingerie, that sort of thing. There are all these discussions about how that is
still true because if we use Language to decribe the world, we are actually
shaping it. Ok. But, apart from this perspective, don't you think that Computers
are driving us to a magical future? In a "Clarkian" way, which means they are
getting so complex that they become truly magical machines. Eventually we won't
understand how they operate, so they become totems or something. I remember a
similar notion popping up in Gaiman's "Books of Magic" when Tim sees the future
and the computers are powered by a mix of logic and magic.

By the way, I'm reading VALIS. Now, why do I think everyone is talking about the
same thing? But I have to hand it to PKD, he was talking about it for a long time
before any of us knew what was going on.

Pint offer still stands if you're interested Cheers

Guest_GrantMorrison - Oct 5, 1999 5:41 AM - 143 of 335

PornoHolocaust - Strangely enough I have an Alan Moore kit consisting of beard
and wig. Mark Millar gave me this for Christmas a couple of years ago. The Peter
David outfit was also his. Insane ? I've never felt more sane in my life but
that's undoubtedly the first sign of madness. Glad you survived the wreck. That
is unless you grow up to be a new global Hitler.

SkippyTheDrunk - ah, Skip, what's happened to ya ? Kylie's been trapped down in
the mine for three days while you've been cracking tinnies like you just don't
care!!! The 14 man JLA was all my idea and the line-up was based on the Greek
gods. The Steel idea is inspired but John Henry's out of my hands now. Thanks for
noticing Orion - I've been studying Kirby's dialogue carefully - he places
stresses on verbs rather than nouns for instance - and trying not to succumb to
the lazy portrayal of Orion as simply a surly foaming berserker.

louisemichel - hi. Just got the French editions last week. The book looks great
mais je peux parler suelement un peu de Francais... Haven't heard the BOC song
and martial arts practise has been halted for a year thanks to deadline
pressures. I intend to get back now that I'm off the hook for a while.

whocaresalias - Hypercrisis won't be any kind of retcon. Hitting the Cosmic Reset
button every few years is too easy. Hypertime is a new way to think about your
comics and our policy will be include and transcend as regards 'continuity'. I
enjoyed 'New Gods' and wasn't too keen on the Genesis - some things are supposed
to be mysterious. Writers who treat Kirby's Source as a 'place' you can go 'into'
or 'out of' have grossly misinterpreted the King's concept and tned to proceed
from that grave error to masses of others.

rakehell - soon as I can. I loved Melbourne and everyone I met there. I'm slowly
working my way through correspondence I've let pile up. This is the easier but I
have a whole pile of slug-mail to process. I hope to come back next year
sometime. I've loved Australia every time I've been but Melbourne really pushed
my buttons - I met more 'Invisibles' style cool and beautiful freaks per square
foot than in any other city I've been except for New York and San Francisco. You
bet I'll be back.

Guest_BadSyrret - Oct 5, 1999 5:56 AM - 144 of 335

Hi Grant. Love You. Love The Invisibles. Loved Flex Metallo. Any chance that you
and Frank Quitely can make a Shazam! series of sorts? I'm drooling at the
prospect. Oh, and is that REALLY his name? Quite Frankly? Uhmm...

Guest_BadSyrret - Oct 5, 1999 5:59 AM - 145 of 335

Hi Grant. Love You. Love The Invisibles. Loved Flex Metallo. Any chance that you
and Frank Quitely can make a Shazam! series of sorts? I'm drooling at the
prospect. Oh, and is that REALLY his name? Quite Frankly? Uhmm...

Guest_Starry Bed - Oct 5, 1999 6:18 AM - 146 of 335

Sorry 'bout the double posts. I was tripping, or something. Seriously: who can
resist Tawny the Talking Tiger? Done right, I mean. Pretty please? Oh, and can
you make me a star?

Guest_Brady13 - Oct 5, 1999 6:23 AM - 147 of 335

Grant Morrison. Well. I'm wondering what I could write that would lodge itself
between a couple of your wayward synapses and twist just enough, but not so much
as to turn you into, say, Chuck Dixon. I have spent many a strange hour sitting
with one of your books slack on the desk, fired out into some pretty unusual
mental spaces. They're not just 15-minute distractions, these comics of yours.
Doom Patrol got me back into comics after years away and from Animal Man and Kid
Eternity (YOUR Kid Eternity) to the Invisibles (which I wasn't sure would be the
same after the departure of Senor Jimenez, but is still disturbing and brilliant)
you have set a standard (a bizarre f*cking standard, sure) unique in the
industry. So...thanks. What's your poison?

Guest_GrantMorrison - Oct 5, 1999 6:29 AM - 148 of 335

AustinArmatya - I've been to Australia three times and each time has been
incredible. First time I was in Perth then went to Uluru and onto Sydney. Then I
visited Darwin and Broome before another trip to Uluru. The only aboriginals I
met were drunks, men whose heads had been hollowed-out and infected with white
man's magic. If you want to destroy a culture, kill its dreams and that's what
has been done to many aboriginals. The 'clever men' of old are undoubtedly still
there but, quite understandably, tend to keep their secrets very secret. I had a
profound totemistic experience on the Rock, which led to my visionary rant about
Ayers Rock being the 'heart', the 'magic stone' embedded in the Earth entity, in
the same way shamans and abductees claim to have stones or crystals placed inside

SaintMolotov - hi. Ultimately we're all part of the Consensus and instead of
seeing it as something apart from ourselves, I think you're right to allow the
Consensus to show you where your own personal boundaries are - the so-called
'Consensus' is simply territory where our 'self' sense feels compromised by
'difference'. These areas where our ideas about who we 'are' feel most at threat
are the most interesting areas for me - that feeling of self-danger is an alert
that we are either about to contract into a secure but limited and defined
'identity' or expand into an understanding with what once seemed outside,
different or meanacing. Once we realise that the Consensus is US, we realise that
it is only US standing in the way of the world as we would prefer it to be.

JackFrost - you're right to be suspicious about DC and other corporations but I
have to say again that the lateness of Invisibles is down to me and nobody else.
The series has now been completed except for some little tidy ups on the second
last issue so it's in the can now and everyone's drawing like a team of galley
slaves to get the book out as close to the original schedule as possible. Issue 6
is out this week I think - I have a bunch of copies here - and, as I said before,
has some glaring script omissions which I'll correct here.

JackFrost - interesting. My 'lack of cohesiveness' is endemic and goes back to my
earliest works. I'll use the excuse you graciously provide and blame it all on my
unconscious mind. I guess I've always preferred surrealist dream narratives to
stories but at the same time I like a good yarn and my attempts to marry the two
in my comics often seem bizarre and disjointed. My whole career is an ongoing
attempt to marry the bizarre with commonplace and create a 'truer' picture of
things as I see them. Neither Volume 3 of The Invisibles nor Crisis Times Five
are remotely 'nonsensical' in my opinion but it may be that in trying to talk
about events in higher dimensional spacetime, my language sometimes fails and I
try too hard to apply 4-d reason to higher-order realities. I've set myself the
task of describing the indescribable in ways that will at least hint at the
possibilities. It doesn't always work. I'm not a guru or a genius - I'm simply
using my work to attempt to make sense of difficult and non-consensus areas of my
experience. Maybe that effort to make sense of that which lies beyond sense is as
dumb as trying to make steak taste like ice cream but it's the effort that gives
me the pioneer buzz I look for when I'm writing. The Invisibles is also an
attempt to shatter genre categories - it's only partly a 'story' and is also an
autobiography, a puzzle that may not be solvable, an essay, a utopian rant, a way
of making money to pay my rent, a blueprint, a hypersigil etc. It was largely
written at speed, with no revision time and - post-'96 - very little conscious
involvement from me. The next collection KISSING MISTER QUIMPER, which reprints
the Chris Weston conclusion to Volume 2 is a precise record of my rational
storytelling mind fighting to the death with what my dreamlike uncosncious mind
insisted the story should be. Volume 3 is the unconscious doing its thing without
me at all. And Volume 1 is very controlled and left brainy. I can only trust the
process and it surprises me everytime. I'm sure there will be a lot of people
who'll make themselves disappointed when they read the last issue - I refer them
back to the first three pagesd of Volume 1 #8. If it speaks to you on whatever
level, you're getting it. As I've said, there will be interesting revelations and
grand notions for personal and societal change in the last few issues but the
'big secret' has been on every page since 1994 and has been discussed and chewed
over all through the series. Unlike any other work I've done, Invisibles is no
longer a 'comic' or a 'story' in my mind but has become a transcendent living
breathing 'thing' which often behaves in ways I don't expect. I could talk and
talk about this and say nothing so I guess you should just read it and see how
you feel about it in the end. Thankyou for reading.

Guest_Basteyrrd - Oct 5, 1999 6:36 AM - 149 of 335

Is it true that you are the brain behind the poem "A Supermarket in Caledonia" -
containing the infamous lines: "Where are we going, Alan Moore? The doors close
in an hour. Which way does your beard point tonight?" ? Okay, sorry me mean human
bean. Wouldn't it be nice with a super-market, though? "Flame Vision, £59.99", or
something. Alternatively, a building that could leap tall buildings in a single
bound, and you could get your canned ostrich there? What the hades am I going on
about? I might be tripping, forgive me.

Guest_GrantMorrison - Oct 5, 1999 6:59 AM - 150 of 335

Rory - well spotted. Maximan's speech pattern was sampled from Stillman in 'City
of Glass' right enough. No, the Invisibles world is suppised to be 'real', even
though they are simplky the comic book version of the real Invisibles story. It's
not going to be revealed that everyone is a character and I'm god - I did that in
Animal Man - but it was my contemplation of the various coherent comic book
universes that led me to much of my thinking on the Invisibles cosmology.
Invisibles treats the two-dimensional surface of the comics page as though it
were the three-dimensional surface of space. Whe KM manipulates the comics page
it's to suggest the manipulation of the invisible spacetime medium in which 'we'
as 4-d processes float. You missed a great night, it must be said. We had people
draw nudes then set fire to the winner and we played great music. I'll be doing
more deejaty nights at the CCA now that Air Organic hjas opened a cafe in the
McLellan Galleries. Look out for 'The Beastocracy'. Brendan's too busy doing
movies to come back, which is a pity but once he starts directing you won't care
about the comics. Look at comics today and it's obvious - I may have been ten
years early with Doom Patrol but Brendan was doing this stuff 20 years ago. One
of comics' greatest visionaries and innovators is barely known to most fans.

Seregy - you're on it. There is no 'I'. The 21st century's first big conceptual
leap I reckon will be to condemn the concept of the individual as ultimately
damaging and pernicious. See Invisibles V3:1 for more. We are the Midwich
Cuckoos, we are the Stepford Wives...

Tom - yes, I'd love to. And thanks for all the enthusiasm.

LorEnz - haven't read TechGnosis. I definitely agree with you on technology and
magic becoming interchangeable over the next few decades. Even things like the
fact we now have dozens of Feng Shui magazines for sale suggests this - soon
there will be voodoo mags and sigil mags telling you how to get a new lover by
wringing a chicken's neck or whatever. Silicon wafers give animism a whole new
lease of life - how soon before the rocks we've taught to count start speaking
back to us ? Many exponents of Norse Magic also report much success in treating
the computer screen as a new and powerful avatar of Odin - the electric god of
knowledge and language, one-eyed. The God who sends his ravens Thought and Memory
out into the world to bring him back news about the universe.. Computers are also
allowing us to colonize the past. Cut and paste digital techniques mean that we
can occupy any piece of film footage or any photograph, Forrest-Gump style.
Photoshop is our first rudimentary time travel technology in that repspect. VALIS
is pretty amazing isn't it ? I read it after I had my own 'abduction' experience
and sat open-mouthed for days. The 'Exegesis' for VALIS is also a fascinating
read. Dick is like my weird uncle but even though I've read his (sad) biography
I've still never read any of his other books - I tried 'Time Out of Joint' and
got bored but that was probably too early and science-fictiony a story for my
tastes. He was the first pulp writer to resurrect and revitalize the Gnostic
traditions as far as I know.

Guest_Brady13 - Oct 5, 1999 7:14 AM - 151 of 335

Now I'm having reality problems....I'm at work but experiencing a distinctly
recreational mental episode... Like I need that (maybe?)... it's about this link
being open whereever the hell you are and here in LA at the same time while ideas
appear here like some Magic-Erase ouija board... LESS RANTING HERE: Hinting at
the possibilities is what you do best, Grant - opening those vistas, even for a
flash of time - is a gift. This then would be something of a thank you note. I
didn't even bring a bottle of wine... I don't know about getting steak to taste
like ice cream, but I've had a mouthful of M&Ms turn to broken glass on me... You
need to be careful about what you think would be funny...

Guest_Pip the Elder aka Ramrod Jones - Oct 5, 1999 7:16 AM - 152 of 335

Hi Grant, It seems that a lot of the best American comicbook stories are written
from British writers. Why do you think that is? Better milk? Not jaded? OR a
sense of nostalgia unseen in the USA?

Where you under pressure to put more women into the JLA? I understand and approve
100% with Orion ( He is a great character ) But I don't quite get why you put in
Big Barda? It seems to me that Lightray was always his pal....How much do editors
influence your can's and can'ts ...Thanks for making comics fun...Any plans for
DC's Captain Marvel?

Guest_GrantMorrison - Oct 5, 1999 7:17 AM - 153 of 335

StarryBed -I don't think we'll ever do a Shazam series but Captain Marvel's a
major part of the still-unsold Hypercrisis idea. Of course it's his real name -
just like John Wayne or Marilyn Manson or Starry Bed.

Brady13 - sticks and stones may break my bones but only expensive and painful
surgery could turn me into Chuck Dixon. Thabnks for reading. My favorite poison
is ricin which kills silently over a period of days and is easily confused with
'natural' causes.

Guest_Brady13 - Oct 5, 1999 7:20 AM - 154 of 335

Hey LorEnz - Got TechGnosis - haven't read it yet, will now. What the hell is
VALIS - sounds cool but, I'm lost.

Dick sends me to a lot of the same places Morrison does. These are not our
Father's Oldsmobiles....

Guest_GrantMorrison - Oct 5, 1999 7:33 AM - 155 of 335

Brady13 - wish I was in LA right now, man. VALIS is the first book of Dick's
final 'trilogy' - comprising 'VALIS', 'The TransMigration of Timothy Archer' and
'The Divin Invasion'. VALIS is the only one of the bunch I really got into and it
has many areas of crossover with INVISIBLES, not least of which is the
BARBELiTH/VALIS connection. It's definitely worth a read, as it's PKD trying to
make sense of his 'shamanic' experiences using thinly-veiled fiction as a probe.

PipTheElderRamrod - Hi. In the 80s it may have been true that the most innovative
writers were from Britain but I don't think it's anywhere near as true any more.
We have our own share of hacks and there are some brilliant US writers around
now. The good writers tend to be ones who read and experience a lot of other
stuff outwith comics and who are willing to put at least some of the fire in the
their souls down onto paper. At least that's how I judge it. Intelligence and a
sense of humour really helps too. I wasn't pressured to i nclude more women in
JLA but I wanted to. The trouble was I felt that the female characters at DC
weren't iconic enough for JLA. I solved that problem by coming up with the idea
to base the JLA membership on the Greek pantheon - that meant Oracle could go in
as Athenas, Huntress could be Artemis and Barda could be Demeter. Editors are the
bane of my life sometimes, as I am the bane of theirs but in the end the comics
get out more or less unscathed. I'm glad you're enjoying them.

Guest_GrantMorrison - Oct 5, 1999 7:37 AM - 156 of 335

basteyyrd - I'll have some of what you're on. Believe me, I'm on my knees wishing
I had written 'A Supermarket In Caledonia'. In fact I may yet.

Guest_Brady13 - Oct 5, 1999 7:45 AM - 157 of 335

Grant - but you ARE in LA...look, I'm angling your bed toward the window. I know
how you like to see the ocean....

Guest_Satyr Bred - Oct 5, 1999 7:58 AM - 158 of 335

-----and other Syd Barret anagrams.... Please DO write "A Supermarket...". I can
feel Borges and Dennis Potter clamoring to get in. Actually, I'm not on much,
except coffee, nicotine, sugar and my ass. And lack of sleep. Anyway, I won't
tell you what to write, I have complete faith in you. Here's to the release of
the entire Morrisonian back-catalogue! I only have the first two issues of Kid
Eternity, which is a major pain in one of the things I'm on!

Guest_GrantMorrison - Oct 5, 1999 8:07 AM - 159 of 335

JHunter - last one for today. Sorry I replied to you under JackFrost's name.
We're all one anyway.

Brainwalker - yes, thanks for the ashcan which I enjoyed but which got left
behind in the US so forgive me for being a little vague. I'd love to see the
finished printed version. Besat thing to do is send it via Vertigo. I've heard
the phrase Intelligence Agents used in several contexts but I'd be intrigued to
know what you're referring to here.

Guest_Lucifer Sam - Oct 5, 1999 8:08 AM - 160 of 335

I have often found out afterwards that I have almost crossed paths with the
Invisibles, first in the Pacific Northwest, then in London. Now that things are
coming to a head (or is it a hand?), will I be safe in Norway? I seem to be stuck
here for a while. Oh, and I have wanted to ask: Were you in some way inspired by
the Invincibles? I read about them in "Ulysses" first. I mean: funny names,
"Skin-the-Goat" &c. And will you incorporate the earthquakes that are currently
girdling the earth in your (haha!) fiction?

Guest_GrantMorrison - Oct 5, 1999 8:15 AM - 161 of 335

Lucifer Sam - I'm quitting before I'm inundated with scarecrows, gnomes and mice
called Gerald. No-one is safe any more. Norway is one of the most psychically
dangerous countries in the world! And I read 'Ulysses' once and once only ten
years ago - maybe it stuck. As for the earthquakes I'll view them from the
comfort of my bed in Brady13's work.

Guest_Bike - Oct 5, 1999 8:25 AM - 162 of 335

I just knew it! Did you know that Prince Valiant was from Norway? Boy, that was
one disturbed boy. Demand: "The New Adventures of Hitler", collected edition. I
howl, you howl, we all howl for U-Haul! So.... Happy...uhm...anything, then!

Guest_louisemichel - Oct 5, 1999 9:09 AM - 163 of 335

Re : french edition Arg. You got the french edition last week. Does that mean
that you didn't receive the one I sent to you in Glasgow ? (Olivier from the
Album comics shop gave me your adress, I'm the translator of the french edition
by the way and we did a great (IMHO) interview in Paris in the basement of your
hotel last time you were here. Mark Millar was there too. But nothing showed on
tape... really. ) Come back as soon as you can, I'm sure Olivier 'll love it. He
won't be the only one. By the way, if I have a fu**ing big problem with the
translation, I'll ask him to phone you to see what help you can offer.

Blue Oyster Cult's song Les Invisibles is part of an album called Imaginos full
of Voodoo, lovecraftian magick, Magic Mirror and interdimensional entities able
to dream reality and to change reality according to their dreams. Just a short
citation : "In the saga of Imaginos, between the extreme of the beginning and the
end, everything happens all at once."

Thanks for your time !

Guest_Tom - Oct 5, 1999 11:21 AM - 164 of 335

Grant - rather than leave a forum completely open to people pretending to be you
(weird, but has happened already) on The Nexus, I have provided you a user name
and a password. I believe that you already have an anonymous one for the site,
but this one uses a generic e-mail address so you won't get e-mail from people so
you can go under your own name.

You can change all the information (including password and e-mail addresses etc)
under the profile button. In the meantime, your user name is: Grant Morrison
(duh) and your password is the (case sensitive) last name of your agent at your
English Management company. Or at least it was when I interviewed you before Xmas
for SubMedia. First name is Mark if I remember correctly.

[E-mail me if you have any trouble on tom@barbelith.com].

Sorry to everyone else - this is possibly the most boring message on this board.

Guest_NdGame - Oct 5, 1999 12:21 PM - 165 of 335

Grant-can you point me towards some informative Gnostic literature? I started do
do some research on my own after some helpful friend told me that was where you
derived many of your themes, but all I found was an advanced text which I didn't
understand, and had more to do with Kaballaism than Gnosticism, and the Gnostic
web ring on the internet. I suppose it had some good info, but I consider
religious material on the web to be highly circumspect, and I just plain prefer
books to this damn devil box anyway. Also, do you have any enemies that your more
loyal fans should rise up and destroy without using your name? Would you like
them kidnapped and fricaseed, or just financially ruined? I represent a
consortium perfectly capable of anything you want done, and for a reasonable fee.
Please contact CheapShot Inc.: Discount Asassins.

Guest_Josh - Oct 5, 1999 12:45 PM - 166 of 335

Hey Grant, I finally ordered my copy of Lovely Biscuits from Amazon.co.uk, so
I'll be receiving it soon here in America, and I'll probably ask you if I can
make a film out of something from it.

This might be the wrong place to ask you this, but what kind of chemicals have
you used to trip on? Would you recommend anything specific? I've had some very
wonderful experiences, but at the time I didn't know the science behind it at the
time, and I was no more knowing about what I was taking than Alice was. It just
said "eat me" so I did. Wasn't exactly smart, I know. I'm swimming in Terence
McKenna Land, and although I find a lot of what he says to be fascinating, much
of it doesn't completely ring true, and sounds more like a man trying to guess
interestingly, than to know. I'm looking to know. That said, I'm now more
interested in the science of psychadelic experience, as well as the subjective
aspect of it as well. Can you suggest any certain substances that have had a
profound and "safe" affect on you? If you don't want to answer here, you could
e-mail me or something.

I've been thinking about how to marry deist and gnostic ideas. It seems to me
that most religions follow deist notions, which state that this reality is The
Divine reality, and that there is nothing more to need or ask for, or they are of
a more gnostic point of view, focusing on a spirit realm of some kind which lies
outside of objective experience. I'm searching for something in science which
makes it possible for the gnostic unseen to coexist in harmony with the tangible
reality. If there are doorways to a spirit realm, whether it be death,
imagination, birth, dream, or neural alteration, is it possible that the
Hereworld and the Otherworld are so close that there is no separationbetween the
two other than imagination and perception, and the fact is that there is no real
doorway other than perception and language themselves? I'm looking for a way to
find scientific evidence for or against this. It's probably impossible, but the
separation and opposition of deist and gnostic thoughts, which can both be
beautiful in their own rights, disturbs me. Any thoughts, anyone?

Guest_October Ghost - Oct 5, 1999 12:51 PM - 167 of 335

Grant, Sorry to hear that editorial hijinx have happened with Invisibles V3-6. Do
your travels ever bring you over to Canada? There's certainly a host of bizarre
creatures waiting happily to greet you if you ever show up in Toronto and are
looking for free drinks. Mutability of space and self by way of language is a
pretty common device in your work - I'm mainly thinking of Kid Eternity, Flex
Mentallo, and The Invisibles here. I've heard that you're considering writing a
book about the process of creating the Invisibles - considering your experiments
with comics as sigils, do you intend for this to be one of the subjects covered
in the book?

Guest_HalFromNewYork - Oct 5, 1999 4:28 PM - 168 of 335

Grant-- What to say, what to say... I'll try to keep it short and sweet.

INVISIBLES started when I was newly 16, and had spent the last year or two
entranced with the Sex Pistols and yearning for rebellion. Right around the time
I began to assimilate John Rotten and crave something more, you showed up, and
I've not been the same since. That first issue sucked me in, 'cause it had a kid
talking about anarchy and blowing up his high school; what was not to love? Skip
ahead to 1999, and I'm as enthralled as ever, proudly naming you as one of my
strongest role models (the others being Andy Kaufman, who erased the line between
fiction and reality, and Frank Zappa, whose autobio is a must-read). My life is
dedicated to being the "I have a dream" kid described in the issue-one

I've also been likely enough to find a therapist who worships at the altar of
Wilhelm Reich, and I've turned him on to THE INVISIBLES; he's now a major fan.

Y'think you might someday want to write a non-fiction autobio, containing the
kinds of stuff that have happened to you while writing INVISIBLES (the saga of
you and King Mob being ill together, etc.)? It would be a fascinating tome, I'm

By the way, I've been lurking at the Nexus, trying to catch up... so you (and the
rest of you) will see me there soon.

Right then, I'm off to find new and exciting ways to live vicariously through
you. Make it good!

Guest_ANRKOK4U - Oct 5, 1999 4:50 PM - 169 of 335


I've heard various rumors that you have written several plays. If so, where are
they in print?

Have you ever considered turning "Kill Your Boyfriend" into a play? Or giving
some enterprising young theater company a crack at it?

(I run Rude Guerrilla Theater Company in So. Cal. and we're always looking for
provocative work, so that's why I'm asking!)

Guest_biffandsully - Oct 5, 1999 5:33 PM - 170 of 335

Hiya, Grant! Me again...

Glad to hear you refer to the beginning of v.1, ish 8. I read you loud and clear
and have been in that mode of thought for some time (also comes in helpful
w/Illuminatus! and Schrodinger's Cat, insofar as texts are concerned). I can see
what you mean, though, that those expecting something big with no work on their
part may be in for disappointment...

And speaking of Arcadia... I'd posited the theory on the Invisibles list quite a
long time ago that Arcadia is -the- storyline most integral to "getting" the
Invisibles. So, am I right? Even close?

Have you read any David Foster Wallace? Heard any Guided By Voices? I think you
might like one or both.

In regards to Phillip Dick, you should read The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldrich.
Dick does hallucinations right!

I'll reserve judgement of JLA until it's finished, but here's when I had a
feeling that I'd end up lovin' it: 1) Green Lantern and Captain Marvel cross
dimensions (super-kooky!), and 2) the supervillain in the catacombs of the prison
with the enormous Mageddon eye (super-spooky!). Not to say that you've been a
slouch otherwise, but I -loved- these two scenes immensely. Just thought I'd

I find it very interesting that you mention Predator as one of your favorite
films, and I'm very curious as to why this is. Very curious indeed... What do you
think of 2001: A Space Odyssey?

How much input do you have in Bolland's covers? How much any given Invisibles
cover is encoded information? How many advertisements (on average) have you
personally created and/or had placed in a given issue? Advertisement is the next
artform to be given full recognition -as- an artform, you know. The corporate
logos told me so.

Thanks for your time, Grant. I think I can fairly say, on behalf of us all, that
we appreciate it. Your check, as they say, is in the mail.

Discovered last night that there's a band called Swan Lee (only 3 more Syd
Barrett song titles left to exploit, folks! get 'em while they're fresh!), Deric

Guest_Leo - Oct 5, 1999 7:14 PM - 171 of 335

Hey, I'm Leo. Recently I had a theory pop into my head like an exploding soda can
of carbonated ideas... Here is what it said on the can:

Assuming that the equation e=mc(square), the theory that the quicker and object
moves the slower it goes through time, and the big (badda-bing, badda)bang theory
is correct, then we can say that the colder an object is, the quicker it moves
through time (because an extremely hot object would be vibrating so vigorously
and fast that it might go faster than light [ftl] and slow down in time). Now the
universe is expanding and cooling down (big bang theory.) Put two and two
together and you get...

Our modern day universe began with an extremely hot explosion which took place
over a single frame in time (is there really such a thing?). It will cool down
and expand until absolute zero. With the temperature of absolute zero an object
will exist in reference points of time, i.e. it will exist/fluctuate back to the
beginning of the universe and other crap will happen that I cannot imagine. I
presume that I will not live to experience this (because of old age and the
goddamn cold temp.) and I assume that almost no other living thing will. In
volume 3, issue 1, this hairy guy with K.M.'s sunglasses mentions that the future
is sending back object in time until the future, past and present will overlap.
Well, my theory is how i think that overlapping will happen... I'm probably wrong
(or right) because I assume too much but i don't really care... Have fun, peace
and goodbye.


Guest_Sergey - Oct 5, 1999 8:16 PM - 172 of 335

I shall tell the truth or I will lie.

Quite an interesting thing this synchronicity is. Quite a few months back in the
early days of 1999 we folks in New York have been hearing all over the news about
accidents involving passenger buses going to Atlantic City for gambling. There
were around 4 or 5 crashes in the period of 3 weeks or so. Then there were these
train derailings and accidents. I dont remember the exact timeline but something
like an Amtrak accident followed by a British train accident followed by some
other accident, I really dont recall. Then JFK Jr. died (was he flying to or from
Martha's Vineyard? I forget). A week or so later a boat simply exploded off the
coast of Martha's Vineyard. Then there were all these rollercoaster deaths. 3 or
4 separate incidents within 2 weeks. Now you've got a Japanese Nuke Power Plant
accident. What's it followed by? Well, now South Korea reports a leak in one of
their plants which occured on monday. Just 4 days after the Japanese incident.
What does this have to do with the Invisibles? Um... (thinking up an excuse)...
perhaps it's the television flashing at the 24 frames per second that is putting
all the viewers into deep alpha state in which a sigil (here represented by a
news item) is implanted. Heh if they ever make Invisibles the movie I cant
imagine all the stuff that might happen. Then again may be I will. Just a

Peace, Love and Alcohol


Guest_Levon - Oct 5, 1999 10:06 PM - 173 of 335


What do you like to do when you're in LA? Right now it is 9:45 PM and it's 65
degrees out. The weather is clear with a slight breeze and I'm looking forward to
the weekend when I can call up the boys and we can hit Hollywood for some booze
and laughs. I'm trying to intice you into buying a plane ticket and heading down
here so you can spend time with me and my bohemian comrades, and so that I can
introduce you to a couple of my easy girl/friends (sorry girls, but you know who
you are).

If you have been reading the Nexus lately, I recently realised that Jack Frost
grew his finger back from when Orlando cut it off. I could really care less,
because I "get" that The Invisibles is more than just a story, but 1. I want to
know if you did it on purpose so that I can start torturing myself as to why, and
2. I just have to know (I'm the cat that curiosity killed). Oh and BTW, I love
your new look, but maybe you can do with a new hairstyle? I think the "in" thing
is "wolfman style".


Guest_DreadEyeDick - Oct 5, 1999 10:19 PM - 174 of 335


First off, the last issue of DP. Bawled my eyes out when I read it. Probably the
most persoanally touching endings ever for me (still waiting for the Invisibles
to end though). Up there with Gwen Stacy and the (first) Electra death.

I do appreciate your not digging up old characters and creating a beginning,
middle and end of a run. I'll admit I pretty much stop reading a book after you
leave and the sense of closure sure is nice. And leaving characters alone unless
thay have more of a story to tell (like Sebastion O). Anyway, I think I know
where Crazy Jane and Flex are and maybe I don't want to ruin it.

I might have missed it, but is there some kind of friction between you and
Michael Moorcock on the Gideon Stargrave/Jerry Cornelius front? I don't mean to
bring up a sore point but I never heard a clear answer to bits and pieces of
rumors online.

I had an idea that the series should be digitized and burned onto a CD-ROM
(allowing users to reference points, music clips and ability to hop around
throughout the series). Perhaps a pipe dream considering the crappy comic CDROMS
Marvel put out. I got to thinking about it when you described sigil creation for
your Thankgiving spell (now an annual tradition!).

Liked Lovely Biscuits. It cost more to buy the money order than the book itself
but it was well worth it.

Add me to your "are you ever going to put out a bibliography?" pile. Your
pointers turned me onto the Quay Bros., NLP, PKD, "The Marriage of Cadmus and
Harmony", New Scientist, and Maya Deren.

My "remember me" story. SD con in 94 for the first issue. I babbled on about how
how exciting it would be to have a series on Bavarians, Templars and UFOs. Thanks
for putting up with me in geek-out fanboy mode!

Cheers.. Richard Haussmann

Kryptolad - Oct 5, 1999 11:10 PM - 175 of 335

Hello, Grant.

Like everyone else and the black sheep of their family, I want to break into
comics as a writer.

I've got a query letter regarding some 10 page stories pending with Tony Bedard
over at DC now and I've had a loose correspondence going with Tom Peyer (who I
cannot praise highly enough) for awhile now.

You have any special advice?

Also, I have a neo-pagan friend who acts as a cosmic gatekeeper of sorts. He
dislikes you on an instinctive level but he is willing to share information. He
has a detailed knowledge of beings he calls Changelings who match the description
of the beings you saw in your mountain-climbing encounter. He's even suggested
that I may be one of them! If you ever want to get in touch with him, contact me
at kryptolad@hotmail.com and I'll be happy to arrange a correspondence.

He really is an interesting guy. He has a college degree in Pre-Crisis Superman,
he has several physical mutations and he's supposed to be the reincarnation of
the otherworldly archetype upon which Hercules, Samson and Superman were founded.

I'd love to hear from you and I'm sure you two could have a very interesting
exchange of ideas.


Petar - Oct 5, 1999 11:16 PM - 176 of 335

Grant!! Hey there......

A question about JLA: EARTH 2 that is driving me mad.....

Will there be CRIME SYNDICATE counterparts for AQUAMAN and the MARTIAN MANHUNTER?

I believe you mentioned a while ago that there would be, but have things changed?

Great work, and I can't wait to read it. Do you know Frank Quitely personally,
cuz I think his artwork is great!!


Guest_Jimmylove - Oct 5, 1999 11:51 PM - 177 of 335

Grant, Yeah, I'm looking forward to India with a pleasent mingling of excitment
and trepidation, both of which, I suppose are the point in going. I just finished
a book that made me think of the Invisibles. The Secret Of Secrets by Bhagwan
Shree Rajneesh. A lot of his points seemed to reflect my own point of view
lately, which is that the best, and perhaps only, way of affecting positive
change in the world is to focus on sorting your own junk out. We're all so messed
up, that if we ignore ourselves and try and change the world, we will only
succeed in creating a world as screwed up as we are. If, however, we turn inward
and make something better of ourselves, whatever it is that seemes to connect the
world (showing itself in blips of syncronicity, deja vu, and so on) will ensure
that your improved presense changes things without you even trying. As above so

I raise this, because it reminds me of the conversation between King Mob and his
ex-girlfriend and, in a more subtle way, seems to be an important theme running
through the entire work- the question of whether ultimately, the Invisibles are
doing more harm than good. I assume that you're represented in both K.M. and his
ex-girlfriend, and I was wondering if, since then, you've sorted the argument out
in your own head any better and have come to any conclusions.

On a related note, of action and inaction, I was wondering if you find it
difficult to find a balance in everyday life, now that you've had experiences
that force you into questioning the reality of our precieved every day existance.
Not that what's happaning now isn't real, but being convinced that it's a very
small part of a greater reality, has it become difficult for you to participate
in everyday life? Isn't it a bit like going back to wanking after having
incredible sex with a supermodel? I mean, wanking's OK, but it's a bit of a
letdown once you've experienced something better.

Thanks for the time. Gonna be crestfallenif the new Invisibles isn't in the store

Guest_LorEnz - Oct 6, 1999 3:53 AM - 178 of 335

Hi, Grant I remember when you wrote that Flash story with Jay Garrick and you put
Wally West spelling your theory for the "ages of comics". If I remember correctly
Wally said there was still no name for the Age we're into now, and that
supposedly began in 1995. Is there a name already? Cause if not, I'd like to
propose one, and it's so silly and ridiculously obvious it might work: the New
Age of the Golden Age

If you play it by initials it gives NAGA. When I saw this I remembered the Naga
were some sort of deities from Hinduism. I checked on a web page about mythology
and this is what it said:

"In Hindu myth, nagas are a primeval race of divine serpent-people that play an
important part in religion. They are half human and half snake, and are still
worshipped as the bringers of fertility, especially in southern India. Nagas are
believed to live in palaces (Patala) in the underground city Bhogavati. They are
considered the protectors of springs, wells and rivers. They bring rain, and thus
fertility, but are also thought to bring disasters such as floods and drought.
Their ruler is Sesha. Some of the nagas are: Ananta (symbol of eternity), Vasuki,
Manasa (fertility goddess and protector against snake-bites), and Mucilinda. "

So, they bring fertility but be careful because they are powerful and might turn
against you. I think that's a fairly good account of what is going on in comics
today. What do you think?

Anyone else has an opinion?

Brady13- About VALIS: I think Grant has said it all: about TechGnosis-I'd like to
hear from you when you finished it

Well, I'm off to all tomorrow's parties


Kryptolad - Oct 6, 1999 7:20 AM - 179 of 335


Another thing. What's the prognosis for Triumph?

I've liked him since he first appeared and to me, it seems that he was designed
as an attempt at recreating an iconic JLA before DC was actually willing to bring
the icons back together.

I imagine he's still alive in some capacity or Zauriel wouldn't have bothered to
defend him.

But I heard the Watchtower's getting trashed in WWIII and I can almost envision
him melting in a one-panel sightgag.

I won't be too disappointed if that's the case since the whole Crisis Times Five
story was a fittingly tragic ending to a tragic character and I like how the last
person he spoke to was Hourman, making a nice bookend for his career since the
first Hourman inspired him to become a hero.

But geez, if there was ever a way to straighten out his continuity, I'd want him
in the JLA... And back in the form that Howard Porter originally designed him in
for his Zero Hour appearances.

So... What's the word?

Guest_Patrick - Oct 6, 1999 8:26 AM - 180 of 335


I love your work. You're a beautiful and horrible man. At the Wizard Con Mark
Waid mentioned a Superman series that The two of you along with Mark Millar and
Tom Peyer (I think) had proposed. It hurts my heart to think that DC didn't jump
on it. Can you give us some insights as to what the proposal entailed? I realize
you don't want to give away any story ideas you could use later, but I'd love to
see some of the ideas the four of you cobbled together.

Guest_Cardinal Humbert - Oct 6, 1999 9:56 AM - 181 of 335

Salutations GM!

What have you got planned for the night of 31st December '99? (without going into
too many personal details/locations to prevent being mobbed by fans.)

Or the real question is, following your "Policemen" story + Stargrave one-off,
what would you really *LIKE* to be up to that crazy night? Like, if you could
organise a New Years event, $ no object, what would it be? (Apart from trying to
dodge the various falling planes, leaking soviet subs and soaked clubbers etc.)

Guest_Friendlyboy23 - Oct 6, 1999 11:37 AM - 182 of 335

Groont, My favourite JLA episode is the one where Batman fights Fanny in G.A.Y.,
with the Dark Knight stripped to the waist and oiled grappling on a light
up-disco dancefloor while Fanny pistol whips the f***ker with her make-up case.
Also, I've had a bizarre set of synchronicities that tie in remarkably with the
Invisibubbles - remember the episode for instance where Jack steals and eats the
sandwich from the newsagent? Well I had a sandwich on THE DAY I READ IT! And you
know how KM wears trousers? Well SO DO I! Spooky. Bear hugs and bum kisses,
Friendlyboy23. p.s. Who'd win a fight out of Wonder Woman and Tucker from Grange

Guest_Windy - Oct 6, 1999 11:39 AM - 183 of 335

This is for Pornoholocaust: Dear Porno, What is Pornoholocaust? Are you making a
holocaust of your porn? Or is your porn reeking a holocaust? Nothing malicious,
just curious.

Guest_KV - Oct 6, 1999 12:00 PM - 184 of 335

Grant-I'm 47,been reading comics since 1957(stopped 72-79)Jack Kerouac is the
first postmodern writer,you are the last of the 20th century.PKD the other.AM was
great fun,DP the best comic i'd read since the mid sixties Kirby-Ditko runs with
a beatific ending.Invisables&Flex have kept the Dream alive in the 90s.Thank You
from the bottom of my soul.Comics Language(the unique melding of w&p-unlike
prose,movies)is achieved rarely.Have you(in your opinion)suceeded yet?I challenge
you,post hiatus2 to return with the ultimate.I have yet to meet you...I've met
just about all the Comics people i want to-except you.Your comments about The
Matrix were interesting...Comics when achieved should never be attempted as
film.Years ago you were influenced by Moore...(the first great writer in
Comics)The fact The Matrix ripped you from your first creator owned series
Invisables means you've arrived.The film was a fun ride on the big screen,but
couldnt survive on the surface of The Invisables,much less plunge to its depths.I
try not to be entertained,but lead a daily existence to learn,experiance and
feel.How about you? Love,Ken Viola

GrantMorrison - Oct 6, 1999 1:48 PM - 185 of 335

FriendlyBoy23 - As you well know Tucker is dying of AIDS and would be too weak to
fend off an attack by the Amazon Princess. That you should even sugest such a
one-sided bout shows the callousness of Thatcher's bastards in its purest form.
Wonder Woman would go out of her way to bathe Tucker in the healing radiation of
the Purple Ray and there would be no post-ironic faffing about either...

Guest_Brainwalker - Oct 6, 1999 3:06 PM - 186 of 335

I will send you a copy of BRAINWALKER. I have so much more to do on it......In
all my 23 years on this earth and 11 of those reading comics I have never felt
the satisfaction I felt when I completed that first ashcan. It must compare to
the feeling a musician gets when they finish a song or albumn. As for
Intelligence Agents the book I read about them in is Cosmic Trigger Vol. 1
written by Robert Anton Wilson. It is actually in the preface written by Timothy
Leary. He explains that in every generation there are what he calls "Intelligence
Agents". These people are people like you and I and other Invisible like minded
people who see, expierience, or even feel the underlying weirdness in our small
world. People who see the "other reality". People who see in between the lines.
From the way I understood it he was saying that this "knowledge" is in us from
the day we are born and is released to us over the years as we get older. It's
almost as if the knowledge is passed down to us from other IA's like Terrence
Mckenna just through them keeping the "knowledge" alive. This is a very loose
description of what Mr. Leary was talking about but i'm sure you could find the
book on the web and order it. It's a very good book. RAW is a great writer. And
so are you. I remember reading the early Doom Patrol issues and barely
understanding a word of it because I was so young. But I kept with it and re-read
and re-read as I grew up. Doom Patrol is still some of my favorite work by you.
After Invisibles of course. Oh yeah....I have heard rumors of an Invisible's
movie. Thank you for your valuable time. Chris Riley

Guest_Rohdsohd88 - Oct 6, 1999 9:47 PM - 187 of 335

Heaven-o Grant, I own and enjoy the comic scriptwriting interview book that you
participated in, tho the exact name escapes me for the moment. What I was
wondering is have you succeeded yet in changing places with K.M.? Is this still a
goal of yours? You sir, are a froot loop... but at least you're fun to read.
JLA's been a little hit-or-miss with me, but I definitely enjoyed the whole DC
1,000,000 event. I bought each and every main line comic that DC put out that
month. Even Young Heroes in Love 1,000,000... Let me now use this space to
campaign for a character dear to my heart. Have you given any thought to a
Firestorm book? I think we both know the answer to that, but I felt like asking
anyway. Cheers, good luck, and I look forward to that EARTH-2 book you mentioned.

Guest_Mr.. Whisper - Oct 6, 1999 11:05 PM - 188 of 335

Hey Grant.

I can't really say anything that hasn't already been better stated by all these
folks I recognize, from both the INVIS mailing list and The Nexus but I'm gonna
toss a few things into the soup.....besides I'm buzzing on DHB so my brain feels
a bit like it's on rollers.

Uh...ever thought about doing THE INVISIBLES animated? There's just not enough
cartoons with "F***" in the dialogue by jingo by gosh by gum.

I don't know if you remember, but I met you at WizardWorld in Chicago and gave
you a book by James Morrow called BLAMELESS IN ABBADON. You probably get
wheelbarrows full of gifts like that but if you did read it, I gotta
ask....what'd you think of it?

And lastly, thank you for all of this. You have no idea the community, the
friendships, the comradery of fans that has blossomed, fully armored, from your
imagination. The Invisibles that truly exist in flesh out there all over the
globe are the kindest souls I have ever encountered. And I have you to thank for

Well wishes from the deepest corners of my heart to a writer whose spell will
probably go down in history as most engrossing & encompassing piece of magic ever

Guest_zephir'd - Oct 7, 1999 12:46 AM - 189 of 335

I want to say again and again that I hear what you're saying and I get it and all
that, I find myself quoting KM's driving instructers line in casual conversation
(as my own, of course) when appropo... but... I still want to follow you around
in some sort of bus or a van getting my groove on under your funky magic aura
thingy. You obviously don't mind the adoration of the masses, but you have a
pretty good (if a bit ironic) point about the whole thing. Your stuff makes sense
on a level that I deeply understand, but could never hope you explain. Like
dreams, or love, or hillariously repetitive saturday night live sketches. "You
had to be there." I can't believe people are still criticizing you for it, and I
knew you weren't gonna repeat the "I'm in a comic!" story, but thanks for
clearing that up anyway. It shocks and annoys me to realize that you're barely
concious of your work, but then it makes me feel like you're just a regular guy,
of whom I can find an even greater persian flaw to admire about. Ha, more praise
for you, sukka!

Hell, it probably just stems from some guilt I have about letting down my
teachers, not the other way 'round. Like, I wish I'd stuck with kung fu and the
saxophone instead of writing really bad poetry and wearing all black, you know
what I'm saying? Hey, what are those flashing lights outside...

Guest_MR. MVP - Oct 7, 1999 9:08 AM - 190 of 335

I know that Nightwing is working with the Titans right now. But since he is so
popular, do you plan on having him in the JLA books any time soon since Bats is
out. I would love to see Nightwing work with the JLA. He is the best leader in
the DCVerse and He would interact better with the JLA then the Huntress. Also, I
thought it would be nice to see those JLAers that are his age (GL,
Flash)interacting. That would be interesting. What do you think about that?

Or doing a story where the Origanl 5 Titans plus GL and Green Arrow has to save
the JLA. That would make a cool story. And it would also have all the hero's of
the same age interacting and building relationships. Since they still are the
present and the future.

Guest_Johnny7 - Oct 7, 1999 12:30 PM - 191 of 335


Usual fanboy stuff applies -- thank you for INVISIBLES, it has quite honestly
changed the way I look at life and Reality.

Two quick questions, because you've got many others to answer...

1. Solve a long-standing debate: in volume 1, #1, who is the off-panel speaker of
the words "Mr. Lennon?" Was it Dane, or was it Mark David Chapman?

2. More personal -- around the time vol 2 was starting up I sent you the first
part of a short story called INDIGO SYSTEM. Did you receive it? I ask because
I've finished it and would like to send it to you, but I'm not completely sure I
can trust it sent via DC...

Guest_Cardboard Dada - Oct 7, 1999 3:11 PM - 192 of 335

Is the Invisibles merely Valis, crossed with the aesthetic of The Avengers and
motifs from The Prisoner? Discuss in no more than 333 words.

Guest_Hector - Oct 7, 1999 8:04 PM - 193 of 335

Grant, I live in Santos, which is an our drive from São Paulo and 5 from Rio (and
can sometimes be as rainy as the first one or hot as the second). If you ever
come here for a convention or tourism, drop a message! I have read some of your
interviews for Amazing Heroes, Comics Scene, Comics Journal plus the great
Invisible Ink stuff and wanted to ask some things about your personal life, since
you seem not to mind talking about it.

1- What did you do in the early eighties when you got no jobs at all?

2- Many of us have heard that you played in the bands Art Boy, The Mixers, some
people from a Forum even claiming to have records, but in the profile at the end
of Arkham Asylum it says you've played rithym guitar in the band The Fauves. But
wasn't that an australian band? How do I get any of the stuff you recorded?

3- Did any crazed fanboy tried to look for your house after the last issue of
Animal Man came out?

4- Is it true Zenith did not made you even some money to pay the rent? I thought
that maybe it could have paid some bills. Did you have some good time writting
it? I mean, it is visually psychedellic and grim at the same time to me, maybe
because of the scenario for the stories, the end of the 80s and the use of black
in Yeowell's pencilling, I don't know. Maybe it's just me. Well, Thatcher last
days were coming, Dc editors were approaching you and the 90s were right the next
corner, so I guess it was a good time, at least the turn of the decade would be
for you.

5- Well, the last one didn't come out as clear as I imagined, but... hey, what
*actually* happened when you got sick by the end Inv. vol.1? Was it something
that you smoke and got to your lungs? Blue mold maybe? Were you really operated
or the intravenous medication did their job? Man, that was weird...

6- On the Arkham album profile, again, it is stated that you're an hipocondriac.
Animal Man made that idea about you strong. And now, you're older of course, but
seem to have changed for the best on how you look at yourself. How much of it was
Reichian therapy and how much was deconstructing your self with Chaos Magick?

7- Last one, I promiss. Did you feel some editors sort of 'sabotaged' you on the
Invisbles first volume? You know, the change in the 'sygnalling for sales' page
and the I-Ching number on the cover thing?

Well, sorry if these questions bored you. It is because those interviews helped
making you more and more of a 'rock star of comics' to me, and to tell you the
truth, I think this media needs people with this kind of attitude. And, man, I
like the fact that this rock star is you. Thanks for your time and I'll
understand if you don't want to answer to any of these. It was so "That's your
life, Grant Morrison"...


Guest_Hector - Oct 7, 1999 8:37 PM - 194 of 335

an by 'coming here for conventions' I mean Brasil, not specifically Santos...

Guest_Ncnspcus - Oct 8, 1999 1:15 AM - 195 of 335

Grant, Have you noticed that they're trying to do in the dreamers? The wild,
crazy ones with fear and thought and hope are dying or being imprisoned at an
alarming rate. The ones with just the sort of messed up ones that will be there
to forge the new days into uncontrolable freedom and community are passing away.
It's strange. Every day a new death or two or three of someone famous and
important. Not just important because they're famous. I wonder who was, or who
was supposed to be, on that train wreck tuesday? Or at the centre of the
earthquake in Taiwan. You know?

I guess - Stay out of the spotlight, they might come after you too.


Guest_Stephen - Oct 8, 1999 7:38 AM - 196 of 335

Hello again

Thanks for replying, I shall be looking forward to reading the story of the story
of the Invisibles if you get around to writing it. I've always thought that you
could write a good book about something like that, ever since reading issue 1
however many years ago that was. I'm busy working on a book about my own
experimentation with the various systems generically labelled 'magick' over the
last 3 years, when i'm done i'll attempt to send you a copy as I'd like you to
read about some of the weirdness you've unwittingly spawned by writing that
ungodly serialised pamphlet.

Just bought Number 6. Can't wait to read the missing Billy Chang stuff. The alien
meta language interests me. I've been working with the runes as a meta language
recently, using rune asanas to gain a direct physical understanding of each
symbol. The letters seem to act like arials that tune in to various frequencies
of energy (chi, prajna, orgone, magick mirror?) I thought it might be fun to try
and work with your alien language in a similar way and see what results i get.
nguage looks futurist and
esoteric, I imagine that it will open up very different areas of consciousness to
what i've been working with. I'll post any interesting results to The Nexus.

Do you actually train in Penchak Silat yourself? I've been learning Silat for a
year or so now (wanted to do a martial art, couldnt resist copying King Mob and
Jolly Roger, terrible i know but some things just have to be done.) Anyway, I'd
be interested to know what style of Silat you do, as there doesnt seem to be all
that many people teaching it in the UK. I'm learning the unfeasably worded style
Gerak Ilham Bugis Makassar Penchak Silat myself at a small class in London. I've
found it invaluable as a brain re-programming technique, the self defense aspect
seems almost secondary sometimes.

I'll shut up now, hope to see you on The Nexus sometime.


Guest_Anna Naki - Oct 8, 1999 2:14 PM - 197 of 335

Hiya Grant!

I just wanted to say that blah blah blah best comic ever, blah blah blah changed
my life blah blah blah now i'm gay blah blah blah.

I was curious about Barbelith, I had had an odd experience with the green/red
light-eye thingie while I was very sick a while back. It was a mysterious
"flu-like" sickness that the doctors were puzzled by. Anyway, when I read Flex
Mentallo for the first time I was floored. Could you shed some light on the
red/green light-eye thingie and Barbelith? What are they to you. Have you ever
heard of others having similar experiences? Do you happen to know the origin of
red and green being used for traffic signals?

I also wanted to know If I could name my band "the Invisibles"?

Thanks you for spilling all your fluids onto paper for us Grant!


Guest_Anna Naki - Oct 8, 1999 2:20 PM - 198 of 335

Hiya Grant!

I just wanted to say that blah blah blah best comic ever, blah blah blah changed
my life blah blah blah now i'm gay blah blah blah.

I was curious about Barbelith, I had had an odd experience with the green/red
light-eye thingie while I was very sick a while back. It was a mysterious
"flu-like" sickness that the doctors were puzzled by. Anyway, when I read Flex
Mentallo for the first time I was floored. Could you shed some light on the
red/green light-eye thingie and Barbelith? What are they to you. Have you ever
heard of others having similar experiences? Do you happen to know the origin of
red and green being used for traffic signals?

I also wanted to know If I could name my band "the Invisibles"?

Thanks you for spilling all your fluids onto paper for us Grant!


Guest_RichJohnston - Oct 8, 1999 6:18 PM - 199 of 335

Teach me not to check this group for a while...

>However, despite the sternest of talking-tos, >Rich decided to run another
ludicrous story - >about Marvel Boy - which has now been >sanctioned as news by
Comics International.

I have nothing to do with Comics International. And the rumour that the Marvel
boy proposal was present in a previous Marvel pitch came from a Marvel staffer.
We labelled it as rumour, and now we'll be able to scotch it.

>For the record, Marvel Boy is a completely new >creation - in the spirit of Bill
Everett and >using the name only of one of his characters. >It is a direct
progression from my work on >JLA.

Of course, Authority seems like a direct progression of your work on JLA...

Marvel Boy may likely join the Ramblings Approved List Of Mindblowing Superhero
Comics that I'm promoting on the website (alongside Invisibles, Authority,
Planetary, ABC, Dragon, Deadpool, Quantum And Woody and some of the Marvel

> Rich has no source for me - the only people >in the industry I speak with
regularly are >Mark Millar and Frank Quitely. Anything you >read about me on
Rich's Ramblings will be >false and I'd ask Rich again, in softer tones >this
time, not to write anything about me in >his columns. None of it will be true and
most >of it seems to be actively damaging.

Grant, you're an important person in comics. Previously on Ramblings, we broke
rumours about your JLA Earth 2, the backwards numbering of Invisibles Vol 3, the
fact that you would be working on Marvel Knights and much more. These came mostly
from your publishers and people who talked to you at cons.

I'm sorry, but I'm not going to blanket ban any stories that concern you. That
would be akin to the Guardian Diary agreeing not to do any more stories that
mention Alistair Campbell. I will however try to pass anything that could seem...
controversial past you for comment if I can.

Well, here's one. We've been told about a possible graphic novel project with
Ashley Wood for Todd McFarlane Productions and that Ashley will be working on
some Invisibles pages. I'm printing this as a rumour... there's more to this
story though, some of which could be seen as 'stirring'.... is it okay if I pass
the rest of it to you by a mutual acquaintance of ours such as Mark Millar for
comment, denial or confirmation?

This is me being responsible you know.

>RichJohnston - see above. Just keep me out of >it, Rich. I'm not doing anything
weird or >interesting and whatever you hear is bollocks.

I hear you hung Warren Ellis' review of Doom Patrol 19 ages ago on your wall for
a while... is that bollocks?

Guest_RichJohnston - Oct 8, 1999 6:25 PM - 200 of 335

Actually, while I'm here, just one thought...

Division X... were they directly inspired by The Comic Strip Presents: Detectives
On The Edge Of A Nervous Breakdown?

Guest_Newguy - Oct 8, 1999 7:52 PM - 201 of 335

I just saw "The Matrix" on video and had no idea (until now!) that the characters
and concepts were outright stolen from your "Invisibles" (where have I been????)

It burns me to see Hollywood steal another great concept from someone in comics.
I should have known...the background was too good to be hatched from such a
thinly-plotted script. Little did I know, until now, that it came from you.

Well, I think something good may have come out of it, Grant. Thanks to "The
Matrix" and all the interesting people on this website, I've learned there's a
whole intriguing new world awaiting me in the pages of "The Invisibles!"

So now I have in my hands a copy of Vol. I which I can't wait to devour! You've
won another eager mind, and I'm sure I'm not the only one to just find your work.

Guest_NML - Oct 8, 1999 8:30 PM - 202 of 335

Was it your idea to make "Earth 2" a hardcover and therefore waaaay too expensive
for some people **cough** to afford? (Hope this doesn't come of as too sarcastic.
JLA is one of my favorite comics.)

Guest_RichJohnston - Oct 9, 1999 2:28 AM - 203 of 335


Do what I'll do. Drool over it in the shop and buy it when it's a softcover...

Guest_Johnny Starseed - Oct 9, 1999 6:55 AM - 204 of 335

Grant, There are folks just dying for you to bless them with your presence over
at the "Mecca" of Invisiblesdom, The Nexus at www.barbelith.com . They are
already doing incantations to summon you. Please hurry, before they start the
blood ceremonies!

Guest_NML - Oct 9, 1999 10:23 AM - 205 of 335


Not a bad idea, but if I drool over it they'll probably make me pay for it

GrantMorrison - Oct 9, 1999 11:12 AM - 206 of 335

TOM - and all the other Nexus heads. I'm doin another week here and then I'm
going to New York for a bit and then I'll be on the Nexus first week of
Novemember. In the meantime, keep the kettle boiling.

NdGame - My favorite book on the Gnostics is called 'The Gnostics' and is by
Jacques LaCarriere and published by City Lights in San Francisco. It's a short
poetic overview of not only the major themes but also the incredible weirdness
and the detailed demiurigic pantheons specific to each Gnostic sect. If you just
can't get enough, I'd suggest 'A History of Gnosticism' by Giovanni Filoramo,
'The Elements of Gnosticism' by Stuart Holroyd and 'The Gnostic Gospels' by
Elaine Pagels (which has good stuff in the intro about the suppressed version of
Genesis, told from the snake's point of view and the equally suppressed Gospel of
Mary Magdalene. Or for one man's account of confrontation with Gnostic energies,
read VALIS by Philip K Dick and the 'Exegesis' to VALIS, also by Dick

Guest_RichJohnston - Oct 9, 1999 12:30 PM - 207 of 335

>Not a bad idea, but if I drool over it they'll >probably make me pay for it

Drool on it enough and it will be a softcover...

Rich Johnston

Guest_??? - Oct 9, 1999 3:26 PM - 208 of 335

Sooo....What is the URL of THE NEXUS anyway??

Stefan Blitz ballroomblitz@hotmail.com

Guest_hangon_sloopy - Oct 9, 1999 5:52 PM - 209 of 335

Grant I know your bizzy but you made some coments in an interwiew that you have
idea's for every character in the DCU. Any idea when those idea's will see the
light of day? Thank you for doing this even if you don't answer.

Guest_DreadEyeDick - Oct 9, 1999 8:17 PM - 210 of 335

The Nexus is on Barbelith at www.barbelith.com. Tom's been working this site into
something to behold. Just an amazing repository of information. www.barbelith.com

I try to thank Tom whenever I can for doing such a good job on a labor of love.
Thanks Tom!

Guest_Reflex - Oct 9, 1999 9:24 PM - 211 of 335

Dear Grant,

Is there any chance you can get Pil Jimenez to do this Hypercrisis' art? His work
on JLA/Titans blew me away and I think his rendition of everyone in the DCU is
near perfect.

Hellboy - Oct 10, 1999 11:41 AM - 212 of 335

Hey, Grant. I just saw the "Earth 2" preview in this month's Previews catalog,
and I'm already blown away. I can't wait for this thing!

The panel with Owlman & Superwoman gettin' it on was particularly striking, given
that Plastic Man seems to be the only member of your JLA with a libido. One thing
that I find really distinctive about your JLA is the focus on professionalism --
scenes like Clark, Bruce, & J'onn debating the size of the organization. This is
a big contrast with, say, the Avengers, which seems to be a domestic drama as
much as a superhero book. I really like the professionalism theme, but I'm
curious about how you got there, esp. considering the higher sex quotient in your
other books (the Invisibles, obviously, but also Dorothy's menstruation in Doom
Patrol and even having the Joker grab Batman's ass in Arkham Asylum, which is one
of my favorite comics moments ever.)

Anyway, mindless fanboy thanks for producing incredibly innovative stuff. I wish
Warner Brothers would let you mastermind a new Superfriends cartoon, so you could
spread your particular genius to all the little kiddies of this fine land every
schoolday afternoon. 8)

GrantMorrison - Oct 10, 1999 2:58 PM - 213 of 335

Hellboy - Owlman and Superwoman are the two best Cruime Syndicaters and use every
available moment to get it on. The professionalism in JLA - I just decided to do
them as the gods. there is no problem they can't handle. Each of them is a master
or mistress of the game and they simply go to work and get the job done whatever
it costs. That simple. The JLA are not in any way domestic - they are the last
line of defense against threats to reality. These are serious professionals who
get plenty of sex off screen in there own books. I'd love to do Superfriends but
hey...Charles Manson wouold love to be free...

matsya - Oct 10, 1999 5:17 PM - 214 of 335

Mistah Em,

Taking this opportunity, though I do not know what for, exactly. I have no
questions that others wouldn't and haven't already asked. I'm a lurker on many
invisibles sites and that's where I'm comfortable.

To get to a name-dropping point, we met at a convention in Melbourne earlier this
year, a friend and I interviewed you for our respective zines. Both are now out
and will be coming your way shortly. Thanks for your time and generosity. I have
one question - did you happen to read the book of poetry I gave you?

You have been a great inspiration to my writing. Thanks heaps. Take care.

Adam Ford

Guest_ULTRAVELVET - Oct 10, 1999 9:10 PM - 215 of 335

>>However, despite the sternest of talking-tos, >>Rich decided to run another
ludicrous story - >>about Marvel Boy - which has now been >>sanctioned as news by
Comics International.

>I have nothing to do with Comics International.

And yet they used the rumor *you* spread as the basis for their story. Do you not
see how this works? >We labelled it as rumour, and now we'll be able to scotch
it. Definitions, eh? A rumor is simply an unconfirmed report. You are playing at
being a journalist while hiding behind semantics. A real journalist CHECKS FACTS
BEFORE REPORTING THEM. You can whine about not being a journalist, but what you
are is a LAZY journalist.

>Marvel Boy may likely join the Ramblings >Approved List Of Mindblowing Superhero

I'd like to hear from ANYBODY who checks out your site to find out what you deem
cool. What a trade-off - damaging rumor mongering in return for the star of
approval from - someone who runs a website. Yay.

>Grant, you're an important person in comics. >Previously on Ramblings, we broke
rumours >about your JLA Earth 2, the backwards >numbering of Invisibles Vol 3,
the fact blah blah blah... You cannot try to escape the responsibility of what
you do by claiming "its only rumor (and I'm too lazy to check out its veracity)"
and then turn around and claim how wonderful your site is at breaking stories.
This is pure hypocrisy. "This is all gossip for gossips sake - but we're nearly
always right"

Grow up, Rich. Your site helps NOBODY.

Uh - Grant - sorry to try to speak on your behalf. He annoyed me greatly, is all.

Greg - who hopes Rich is well and truly gone by the time HE becomes a hit comic
writer(12 months, max).

Guest_SaintMolotov - Oct 11, 1999 4:45 AM - 216 of 335


You do my point much more justice, perhaps because I am just fleshing out the
idea as it came to me one night. I had always understood it intellectually, but
now I think I am on my way to actualizing it. Once we realize that the power to
control our realities is in our hands, and not someone elses, the closer we will
come to truly living as opposed to mere existence.

BTW....how do you feel about re-incarnation...my roommates are right on about it
and they seem to think it is the key to everything, but I tend to think that one
should be concerned with the here and now...

Thanks for the great response, I really appreciate it..



PS- I'm having a bit of a struggle with something...I am battling the question of
whether or not I am my brothers keeper...at what point does my responsibility for
others begin and end? I feel a great deal of responsibilty towards my brothers
and sisters that I share the universe with, but I am not sure what exactly to do
with that sense of responsibility. I worry that if I share my ideas around too
much, it could be somewhat manipulative...should people come to such revelations
on their own, or should one help others to get "tuned in"????

Guest_Vassilis - Oct 11, 1999 7:02 AM - 217 of 335

Hi Grant, another one from the invisibles list here. thanks for the endless
satisfaction i get when reading and rereading your comics. I was wondering while
reading your replies if you have ever read BABEL-17 by Sam.Delany. I finished it
this week and was surprised to see that you are dealing with the same concept ,ie
the elimination of the "I" from our language. Personally, I'm confident that the
concept of "personal identity" is a human invention, maybe the foremost thing
that "corrupts" our thoughts/intellect and hinders us from becoming trully
invisible -to use your words there. I've actually written a logical proof of the
theory from my philosophy studies, although i don't really believe in the power
of logic. Still, using the tools of the enemy, eh? All this might not be making
too much sense, as english is my third language,but there you go. I'm writing
from Athens, Greece actually, being the sole representative of the greek
invisibles cell that has internet access. On behalf of the whole cell (exactly 5)
I have to say: Please, please consider coming here at some point... forget the
Acropolis and the crap tourist attractions: we're gonna show you the *real*
ancient/mystical Greece. Plus finer beaches exist nowhere :-) Vassilis (sounding
probably like the greek tourist board)

JackTango - Oct 11, 1999 10:37 AM - 218 of 335


This really isn't the proper forum for bashing others. This is a Grant Morrison
message board, not "Bash Rich Johnston." I know he's more than capable of
defending himself, but likely that'll incite you two to argue more. If you have a
problem with him, or anyone else, please take it to e-mail, okay?

We now return you to your regularly scheduled board...

Guest_friendlyboy23 - Oct 11, 1999 10:40 AM - 219 of 335

Grant Mitchell: That's the last straw sonny jim. You and me behind the bikesheds
after school - prepare yourself for a kick in the chakra's. Really and Truly,

JackTango - Oct 11, 1999 10:42 AM - 220 of 335


This really isn't the proper forum for bashing others. This is a Grant Morrison
message board, not "Bash Rich Johnston." I know he's more than capable of
defending himself, but likely that'll incite you two to argue more. If you have a
problem with him, or anyone else, please take it to e-mail, okay?

We now return you to your regularly scheduled board...

Guest_Zenith_DeMacchiavelli - Oct 11, 1999 12:02 PM - 221 of 335

hey grant, i've been a fan of your work for a few years now and can thank you and
the invisibles for bringing me into the world of vertigo and out of mainstream
crap. anyway, i have a few questions. what do you think of aphex twin and his
cohorts at Warp records? i love 'em personally. read that you want to do
non-comic work, including movies. any specific kind of movie? you got a plot
floating around in there maybe? and, i heard you were planning on visiting my
home country of iceland in the near future, is this true? i hope so.

Guest_JLErik - Oct 11, 1999 12:56 PM - 222 of 335

Grant, Why do you think it has become popular to kill off heroes in the last few
years? Why not just have the character leave - or just not use a character?

You gave Black Canary a way out of the current JLA, while Metamorpho died. JSA #1
killed several characters. Now Mageddon and Earth II are posed to kill more. What
is the obsession with killing?

GrantMorrison - Oct 11, 1999 1:36 PM - 223 of 335

Working backwards here -

JLErik - because we can. Where else do you get to have all the pathos and drama
of death without the mess ? These guys live in a universe where the important
dead ALWAYS come back no matter how thoroughly the dirt is tramped down. We in
our universe can wring endless thrills, spills and tears out those poor
characters' sufferings. Life and death are the stuff of drama, I guess. Having
said that, no-body important dies in EARTH 2. And Metamorpho is currently
'inert'. Do you really think he'll stay that way forever ?

Zenith - I'd love to visit Iceland. Maybe when the sun's up all year round and
everyone's crazy drunk in the daylight at three in the morning. Yeah I have a few
movie ideas on the hob. One of them, with Mark Millar, is a whole new take on the
superhero concept. I never got into Aphex Twin or Polygon Window and haven't
really paid any attention to what he's been doing for years - except for those
pictures of his head on some LA beach babe's body. What would you recommend ?

Guest_FotoCub - Oct 11, 1999 4:19 PM - 224 of 335


I've been a huge fan of your JLA... Having read the Justice League through thick
and thin for the last twenty years, I can honestly say your version of the League
is the most intelligent and thrilling...

That said... I have a question about another of your teams... What do you plan to
do (if anything) with the UltraMarines? And who were all those other heroes at
the end of the UltraMarines storyline in JLA? I only recognized Vixen, Jack
O'Lantern, and the original four.

Thanks in Advance. :-)


LadyBast - Oct 12, 1999 1:51 AM - 225 of 335

Grant, have you read An Unlikely Prophet by Alvin Schwartz? Schwartz wrote
Superman back in the Golden Age, and in this book he runs into Superman for real.
Schwartz book is about the nature of reality as well, just like your current
works. I think you would truely enjoy it.

Guest_Pink Freud - Oct 12, 1999 6:50 AM - 226 of 335


I've been reading through some of the early messages, and have to agree with you
about the O'Neill/Adams Batman. The story with R'as al Ghul, skiing, half-naked
swordplay in the desert and the enthralling Thalia was released in graphic novel
format over here some time in the early/mid seventies. I also fondly remember a
story about a hapless werewolf (Lupus?) and a story about some carnival freaks.
Great stuff, and Batman always coming across as lost and an outsider even though
he was the most normal character in the story. I wasn't aware that this was the
kind of Batman you were aiming for, and I don't think he necessarily comes across
as especially dashing, rather the dark, silent, methodical and clever tough-guy.
But that might be because you're writing him as part of a team, or because Neal
Adams isn't doing the art...

Anyway, enough chatter, I have a question: How do I make my wife read The
Invisibles? She likes the X-Files, and has seen The Matrix five times. She is no
stranger to comics, as she loves Preacher. She once gave The Invisibles a go, but
the urban fox hunters and the story with the extradimensional heir to the throne
was too much for her. Grant, can you please tell my wife to give the Invisibles a
try? I'm sure it would help, she never listens to me blah blah blah...

PS.: How is "A Supermarket in Caledonia" coming along?

Guest_macavity - Oct 12, 1999 7:21 AM - 227 of 335

sorry for bumping up the pile of msgs, grant. i see you already have a ton of
stuff to reply to. i wanted to post this last week, but my computer died...

anyway, what i wanted to ask you about was the references to david icke in v3#7.
see, it was an amazing bit of syncronicity. over on the invisibles list, someone
mentioned that he'd bought a copy of david icke's book, which reminded me of a
funny incident at glastonbury festival in 1992 where icke was doing a spot. one
of my friends had a megaphone and was shouting "david icke is off his bike" until
he got his life actually threatened by an over-zealous fan. (i was with him and
it was pretty hairy for a mad minute) and then about a month after this post to
the list, 2 references to david icke -- including one about him being on a
bicycle -- appear in the latest issue of the invisibles, prompting much
speculation about which person was really grant morrison incognito, or whether
you had someone monitoring the list for you. but when ulysses2000 met you at san
diego, you didn't know anything about the list at all...weird. which brings me to
my question -- why did you mention david icke =twice= in that issue? or at all?

my other question regards the paperback collections -- i see the remainder of
volume 2 is coming out, but why are there no apparent plans to reprint volume 1?
will this ever happen, it seems so crazy for it not to, that's such a big gap in
the narrative. not to mention that it means people will miss out on all the great
arcs in v1 -- 'she-man', 'gideon stargrave', 'house of fun' etc. those stories
seem so important to me, having read them (not in the order they came out),
people are missing out on them!

finally, after much talk about 'valis' on the invisibles list, i finally tracked
down a copy. unfortunately, i'm finding it really, really hard to get into, so
i've been reading 'the wanderers' (about street gangs in the 60s, they made a
film of it) instead. i also had the same problem with 'the illuminatus trilogy'
although i did finish that, and we won't even mention moorcock or mckenna.
anyway, what i'm trying to say is that i prefer your take on what they've written
to theirs. you seem to bring a femininity and organic quality that i don't find
in their writing, or maybe it's just because i like looking at the pretty
pictures :)

ok, i'll shut up now. would be interested to read your answers re: david icke and
volume 1, but i'm sure this post will get lost amongst all the others you have to

see you on the nexus


Guest_SkippyThe Drunk - Oct 12, 1999 7:31 AM - 228 of 335

HIC* Lo' Grant, So it appaers that all the good creators are leaving there books
due to the fact that editors are messin wif um... What are some of the conflicts
you had with characters from the JLA?

Did it piss you off when Byrne Killed Wonder Woman?

Hey I gotta tells ya, I like your work, an being a druken freak mebbe I'll check
out some of dem Visible's *hiccup*

Guest_macavity - Oct 12, 1999 7:40 AM - 229 of 335

oh, ps.

meant to aks you about 'the matrix' -- i watched this again on sunday, and
although i noticed =some= similar elements (the towerblock leap, the archon-like
birthing-machines, switch=jolly roger, the bad guys all with little square black
glasses) there isn't much else in the way of complete rip-offs that i can see. i
was talking about it with my boyfriend and he pondered why you hadn't sued the
creators of the film if you felt that strongly about it. but thinking about it,
referencing my previous post, if you were to do that, you'd also have to admit to
"ripping off" all the writers who influence you, wouldn't you? and i like living
in a world where i can see everyone's views of the same thing, and people cane
feed in and out of each others' work -- which is why i've enjoyed 'the
invisibles' so much, and why i'm looking forward to the "art jam". my boyfriend
also suggested that the best film version of the comic would be an animated one
(like mr whisper said) which now gives me visions of the invisibles done manga
style which bizarrely appeals in a big way!

ok, i'm definitely shutting up now


Guest_DanSouder - Oct 12, 1999 11:47 AM - 230 of 335

Grant, when I'm writing I sometimes have a tough time concentrating and staying
focused. How do you maintain your focus on a story for hours at a time? Do you
use some kind of aid? Any tips or secrets you don't mind sharing?

And how did you enjoy your stay in New York?

redzone - Oct 12, 1999 2:59 PM - 231 of 335

Hey, Grant I just wanted to tell you I think you're doing a great job on the JLA
so far.It's my favorite title for all the core members, you do such a great job
working with each one's personality.And w.a.w.m.m.d. is right don't kill Zauriel
he's awesome.Can't wait to see the finale:WW3(but we'll hate to see your stories
go).I was also wondering if you'd be doing any guest writing for the JLA after
the finale.

Big JLA fan

Guest_NikNak - Oct 12, 1999 5:24 PM - 232 of 335

Hi Grant, thanks for doing this, it's great to see creators interacting with us
folks. Here's a query I have - when you write comics, do you see it as a visual
or prose-derived activity? In my own limited experience doing comics scripts,
I've found it pretty cinematic - the images come first, the dialogue second. In
the "Marvel style" of comics, of course, this is exactly how they tend to do it,
but I'm not sure how you work with your writers. Do you find yourself more
influenced by cinematic/visual sources (i.e., films, paintings, comics
themselves, etc.) or by direct prose (fiction, non-fiction, whathaveyou) when it
comes to the comics medium? Or is it a mixture of ALL media you've been exposed
to? And, to toss the most cliche question there is at you, what ARE some of your
influences outside comics, anyway - in particular, with your Animal Man, JLA and
Doom Patrol work? Hope this doesn't sound TOO rambling an inquisition for you!
Thanks again!

Guest_me - Oct 12, 1999 7:24 PM - 233 of 335

Grant, Thank you very much for the Invisibles! It has been one of my favorite
stories since the beginning. I was ecstatic to see that you mentioned Stansilav
Grof. Have you done Breathwork? This summer I was at Burningman and had half a
notion to post a message to see if you were there and say hi. I never inquired
but I wondered if you had been there. If you've never been it is truly worth it.
Anyways, thanks again and keep up the great work! Erik Herndon

Kryptolad - Oct 13, 1999 12:02 AM - 234 of 335


It's my understanding that the DC1M 80-Page Giant was your farewell to that

I gotta know though: What's the deal with New Krypton?

Is it where Uranus used to be?

Did anyone actually die when Krypton was destroyed?

Are Kara Zor-El and General Zod running around the 853rd century right now?

And, above ALL ELSE, what's the Justice Legion A's Superman's birthname? Mxy-El
or something along those lines?

Thanks a heap for the creative infusion.

Guest_RichJohnston - Oct 13, 1999 12:21 AM - 235 of 335

Well, I would have taken this to private e-mail but the chap never e-mailed. I'll
address a couple of his points.

>I have nothing to do with Comics International.

.And yet they used the rumor *you* spread as . the basis for their story. Do you
not see how .this works?

I see that anyone who writes a news story purely based on a rumour is doing
something wrong. We clearly label every story as a rumour... nothing more,
nothing less.

>We labelled it as rumour, and now we'll be .able to scotch it.

. Definitions, eh? A rumor is simply an .unconfirmed report. You are playing at
being a .journalist while hiding behind semantics. A .real journalist CHECKS

But what I'm doing is more akin to a gossip column or a newspaper Diary. There
are plenty of other straight comics news sites. We're something different. We get
to print more than just press releases.

.You can whine about not being a journalist, .but what you are is a LAZY

Ramblings is a hell of a lot of work. If I was lazy, it would be the first thing
to go. If I was lazy, I'd just reprint other people's news and company press
releases. I don't.

.Greg - who hopes Rich is well and truly gone .by the time HE becomes a hit comic
writer(12 .months, max).

So... what are you working on? what's the inside scoop?

Rich Johnston twisting@hotmail.com <- e-mail him to continue this!

Guest_Matt - Oct 13, 1999 12:56 AM - 236 of 335

I met you at a book signing at Comix Experience in San Francisco a few years
back, and having nothing more intelligent to say, asked if your Invisibles
universe was based off of specific science/magic theories you had read about, and
you replied that you keep discovering things in such books that you had already
written. (Incase the synchronicity continues, I hope The Invisibles has a happy

So I'd like to know, what three, or five (hell, ten if you've got time to list
them) books do you consider most influental or useful in reality-architecture?
May I assume that Peter J Carroll, Hakim Bey, and Phillip K Dick are high on such
a list?

Oh yeah, please work with Frank Quitely again.

Guest_JohnnyBates - Oct 13, 1999 2:05 PM - 237 of 335

Mr. Morrison, I am a huge fan of your superhero work. I have forced a great
number of people to read DC One Million, and they all loved it. Your JLA work has
been nothing short of stellar, and I will be sad to see you go, although I
couldn't imagine a more worthy successor than Mark Waid. Anyway, I do have a few

1) Who are your favorite and least favorite Leaguers?

2) Is there anything you regret about your tenure on JLA?

3) Do you know where I can get Zenith or Dan Dare reprints?

4) Is there anybody in the DCU that you weren't allowed to include in the JLA,
but wanted to? Conversely, was any member forced upon you by the Powers that Be?

5) Who is doing the art on Marvel Boy?

6) And most important of all, what next?

Guest_ultravelvet - Oct 13, 1999 7:31 PM - 238 of 335

One of the worst things about the net is that it's so immediate that a tired
person can post something they wouldn't ordinarily, and subject many people to
bad bulletin board karma.

Sorry everybody. If I ever met you I owe you a personal apology and a chocolate
koala, filled with caramel.

I will reply to you Rich. I have not changed my opinion of you, but I will save
that for e-mail.

Once again, this was the wrong forum for this. Sorry.

Guest_Jack_Tango - Oct 13, 1999 8:34 PM - 239 of 335

Thanks, Ultravelvet. It's not often we can avoid flamewars.

Oh, and I suppose I should say something to Grant:

Some people say your writing is confusing.

It doesn't confuse me at all. Thanks for the fun.

EHFECKED - Oct 14, 1999 1:58 AM - 240 of 335


Sorry people but, much as I have enjoyed a lot of Grant Morrison's work, I have
to get down to some nity grity nasty bitching. I don't think there's any point in
spending time on the amusing belief held by some people that The Matrix is a
direct rip-off of The Invisibles; suffice to say that you could, if you wanted,
claim just as convincingly that Grant ripped off Star Wars to create The
Invisibles (A young boy is trained by an old, bearded loner to use the mystical
powers within himself and joins a group of rebels trying to overthrow a vast
organisation of cold authority which controls everything.....a pyschic
woman...who gets involved with a gun shooting cocky hero... and a villian who
hides his disfigured face behind a mask!!!! I can hear George Lucas calling his
lawyers ;)

No, my problems are with the writing in The Invisibles itself, which nobody else
seems to be talking about. What are these problems...? Welllll.....

1)BOY.Remember her? What a waste of a character Grant! I just can't believe the
complete hash you made of her! I'm sorry, but throughout the run of The
Invisibles she came across as a fill-in....like you realised you needed another
charcter to make the numbers in the group add up to five. Everything from her
name, to her horribly cliched 'origin' story (How I became an Invisible) to the
way you've just chucked her away now, after getting her into an unbelievable
relationship with Dane; which seemed completely out of charcter for her (quite a
feat, seeing as she didn't have much depth in the first place!) indicates that
you either didn't know what to do with her...or didn't care. What could have been
a really cool kick-ass character ends up as just another one dimensional
disposable love interest......yuck!

2) Where the hell has the buzz gone Grant? You know what I mean! I swear, it used
to be a pleasure picking up each issue of The Invisibles....because each issue IN
ITSELF was a great read...either because there would be a great one-off story in
it (my favorite issues are still 'Royal Monsters' and 'Last Man Falls...."I wont
let anyone hurt you Boddy"...ah man, that part STILL brings a tear to my eye!) OR
because I was balanced on a knife edge waiting to see if a)Lord Fanny would
survive his weird initiation,b) King Mob would survive his horrible torture or
c)You would survive that horrible virus/lung fungus thingy.

What I'm saying is that the older issues had suspense, drama, action and a real
pace to them that is sadly lacking in nearly all of the Volume 3 issues(and quite
a few of the Volume 2 issues as well). Before I felt that each issue was great by
itself AS WELL AS being part of the big picture....now each issue feels like an
instruction manual, filled with the information I'll need to understand the
ending of this story ...and sadly, whilst these issues may be helping you to
create a hyper-sigil and breach the walls of 2D-4D 'reality', they don't make
good reading.

Well, there you go. I know what I've said can't change anything, as you've
probably got each of the remaining issues mapped out pretty thoroughly, and the
past is fixed, but I just wish that you could have done a better job of it. I
really hope these next 5 issues do tie up all the loose ends you've left and
provide some much needed....well, ooomph I guess.BYE!

P.S. Oh, please don't go catching any life-threatening diseases just cos I said I
wanted some suspense to return to the comics

P.P.S Oh dear, Scotland v England in the footie. Bad luck mate.....still......
It's only a game. Try to remember ;)

Guest_JASON - Oct 14, 1999 9:31 AM - 241 of 335

Grant -

V1 issue 23-ish: "Goodbye Baby Rabbits"

- was there any particular reason for that title at all?

Just wonderin'...

Guest_wellmanicuredmandead - Oct 14, 1999 11:55 AM - 242 of 335

grant, where will Earth II fit in to the whole Mageddon storyline or will it come
before or after? thanks

Guest_AdamOne - Oct 14, 1999 1:06 PM - 243 of 335


A quick Rock of Ages (my favorite story arc ever) question: When Green Lantern
meets Hourman outside that "iron prison" right before we first see Wonderworld,
are we supposed to understand what the hell is going on? Where is Hourman
exactly? Is that part of the not-yet-written "Darkseid invades Earth but is
stopped by Philospshers Stone"? Oh, and your initial JLA arc got me back into
comics after a 20 year absence. Thanks much.

Guest_Picosecond - Oct 14, 1999 2:38 PM - 244 of 335

hey Grant, Thanks for the reply. I was wondering if you had any interest in doing
anything with the Dark Horse licensed movie characters. Me & a friend think you'd
write a great Predator story.

signed, a fanboy

Guest_Dr.Zaius - Oct 14, 1999 2:52 PM - 245 of 335


I bought my girlfriend a copy of the Flash Born to Run trade today (She loves
Wally West). I read a bit of your intro. Thanks for the great words about the
Flash. I don't think the character gets enough respect. Jay, Barry, and Wally are
all great characters and unfourtunately often overshadowed by Bats and Supes.
Also, I understand that you will be taking a leave of absence from comics writing
soon (correct?). Any chance of seeing you writing in any other forms of media?
Perhaps a novel? Or a screenplay?

Thanks, Dr.Z

Guest_Ed - Oct 14, 1999 5:08 PM - 246 of 335

Hi Grant

I've heard that you wanted to write Spiderman. What was the story about?

Kryptolad - Oct 14, 1999 6:01 PM - 247 of 335


Got a web-site for you to look at devoted to the Golden-Age Superman.

It's at: www.angelfire.com/ga/manoftomorrow

I'm in the process of doing creator interviews related to the JSA, Superman and
Hypertime and I thought you might be interested in taking part.

I know you're not too crazy about handing out your e-mail address so if you're
interested, I'll setup an e-mail account for you somewhere and find a way to get
the password to you.

Or hell, we could just conduct the interview here.

Take a look at what I've got and let me know if you're interested.

Guest_Stefan Blitz - Oct 14, 1999 6:27 PM - 248 of 335


I'm currently working with edito-in-chief Brian Saner-Lamken on the first issue
of the revamped "Comicology". (If you haven't seen it, ask Mr. Waid) and am
wondering if you would be interested in doing an interview at some point.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Stefan Blitz Associate Editor Comicology Magazine ballroomblitz@home.com

Guest_David - Oct 14, 1999 8:12 PM - 249 of 335


I don't really have a question, but I wanted to say some things that I didn't say
the one time I met you (in Melbourne, a few months back).

I got you to sign a bunch of books, and tried to tell you why I picked those
ones, and I didn't get one bit out. Now, I'm sure you, and everyone else here
don't care, but I want to get it out of my system ;)

The book in question was ST. SWITHINS DAY, which I really like. But the one line
in it that I really love, is the description of "There She Goes" : "The guitars
sound like church bells". A perfect description of one of my favourite songs.

The other thing was I have since becoem paranoid (again, like you care) that I
seemed overly critical of your upcoming JLA graphic novel with the great Mr.
Quitely. Personally I think it sounds brilliant. But at $80 (Australian), who can
afford it? Not your fault, but it'll have to wait.

Ah, purged at last. Keep up the fine work

yeshelloyes - Oct 14, 1999 8:30 PM - 250 of 335

grant- though i was indeed looking forward to being the bob dylon to your beatles
i hope you and mark waid had a fine dinner and meeting after the JLA panel in
chicago this summer. My abduction experience took place in the fall of 1992 after
drinking too much absinthe in barcelona and taking a late night stroll through
park guell. the whole bells and whistles really. love the book, and my painting
instructor loved the painting that ate paris.

GrantMorrison - Oct 15, 1999 5:53 AM - 251 of 335

FotoCub - Thanks. The information about the Ultramarines may be elsewehere on
this messgae board, I think.

Lady Bast - Yes. It's fascinating and dovetails with a lot of my own ideas about
the possibilities of using 'fiction' to alter 'reality'.

PinkFreud _ if I was doing the Batman comic there would be a lot more kissing and
hairy chest activity. Try locking your Invisibles in a room with a blue door in
the East Wing and tell your bride, on pain of her immortal soul, that she must
never, ever open that door and read an Invisibles comic. I'm on stanza 190...

GrantMorrison - Oct 15, 1999 6:20 AM - 252 of 335

wellmanicuredmandead - There's no real connection between the two except they
have the same heroes in 'em. Earth 2 doesn't fit into continuity unless you
really want to make it. It's just a story. Think of it as the JLA movie.

AdamOne - Thank you. You're almost right. It's from a future story in which
Hourman has to reclaim the worlogog device which he scattered through spacetime.
It's a kind of quest for the Grail thing and will feature a moment where Hourman
meets GL on the Graveyard World where pilgrims are given a vision of the
worlogog. It'll all make sense in the end.

PicoSecond - I started an Aliens prose thing for them but the deal fell through
and it never saw print. I think the Predator movie stands so well on its own as a
Beowulf-style folktale that I probably wouldn't have anything to add to it. The
Predator is just Death when all's said an done - I don't know if it's interesting
as an alien.

GrantMorrison - Oct 15, 1999 6:24 AM - 253 of 335

Ed - it had Mysterio attacking Spidey and he wakes up in a paralel world where
Aunt May died and peter never married. The Spider Man of that world is a creepy,
skinny Ditko guy, who lives on his own, shunned by the neighbors etc. He only
comes alive when he's out on the rooftops leaping about and squirting jets of
white stuff over everything. Freud would have loved the story as the creepy but
ultimately decent Spider-Man meets his counterpart from a place where Peter
married a supermodel and made lots of money etc. The story was based around that
tension and the ultimate redemption of the creepy Ditko character. I'd do
something different now.

JASON - 'Goodbye Rag, Goodbye Tag, Goddbye Bobtail...Goodbye, baby rabbits...'
See Invisibles Volume 3: 3.

GrantMorrison - Oct 15, 1999 6:35 AM - 254 of 335

NikNak - I always start with the visuals - I draw little thumbnail versions of
all the comics before I begin to write. Most of the work is done in miniature
before I get near the Word processor. Back during the days of Doom Patrol I was
influenced by a lot of surrelaist writers and underground filmmakers. Currently
I'm most influenced by TV advertising, scientific jargon and internet
pornography. I appraoch my comics more like a musician than anything else
however. The art is the music, the words are the lyrics or vice versa sometimes.

MeErik - I've never worked with Grof's methods but they're derived in part from
Wilhelm Reich's ideas about bodywork so I have some experience of the effects.
Couldn't make Burning Man this year but I'm hoping to be there for the next one -
it's already being recuperated by the monoculture.

krytpoload - New Krypton is not in our solar system any more but I don't know
where it actually is. Superman Prime now lives there and his body emits the
yellow sun energy which makes the inhabitants super. Yes, everyone who ever lived
at the moment of Krypton's destruction is there under the watchful eye of the
ultimate superhero god so I wouldn't worry too much. New Krytpoin was set up to
be the OA of 1 Million - the super-futuristic Utopian world of law and science
etc. Superman 1M's secret identity is Kal Kent.

Guest_Vassilis - Oct 15, 1999 7:04 AM - 256 of 335

hi grant, nice to be able to talk to you right, the questions: 1. what was the
reaction to your play about lewis carol in edinburg (damn the spelling)? i
remember hearing it was enthousiastic and it got an award... how come you didn't
write more plays after that? 2. have you read any of the ABC line and did you
like it? 3. invisibles: what were KM&co doing at the graveyard? is it a part of
the current storyline? 4. did you read my previous post about Babel-17 and the
use of "I" in our language? if yes,am i close to the invisibles ending :-) ? the
invitation to greece is still open... thanks again, vassilis

Guest_hypnogun - Oct 15, 1999 12:21 PM - 259 of 335

grant, grant, grant... anything complimentary I could say would be superfluous at
this point. So, how about just a simple question?

What did you think of Milligan and Bachalo's Shade the Changing Man? I always
thought that was (one more) criminally overlooked title. It sort of seemed to
fall apart after Kathy died and Bachalo left, but those first 50 issues stand up
against anything, I would think...

flex mentallo is the best book ever. ever.

Guest_RedRobin - Oct 15, 1999 3:38 PM - 260 of 335

After you leave the comic industry to go back underground, as you say, for a
while, what do you want your lasting influence to be? Do you think you ignited an
imaginative spark at DC that hasn't been in a while? Do you think you set a new
standard in crossovers with DC One Million? What direction do you see comics
going? I know you once said that Ellis' Authority is what you thought was an
evolution of you JLA concept. How else do you see evolution in comic book

Guest_ComixDude - Oct 15, 1999 4:57 PM - 261 of 335

ComixDude again Grant. I read an article online and now now 2 people going down
for sure. That ai't ill!. those were 2 really good charecters and i won't spoil
it for anyone if you really want to know my aol screen name is M C Jaz 34 and
I'll tell you. Also you say GL has a case of death? Is Jade also going down?

Guest_iao adonai - Oct 16, 1999 9:43 AM - 265 of 335

Grant, John, hiding in plain sight; have we (the students of the Invisible
College) been working with the elements of "hyper time" through out the entire
series run? I just read your interview at Another Universe. Color me surprised,
but not unexpected. Ragged Robin, a UFO (algorithm), wearing Barbelith on her
cheeks for all to plainly see? The whole series run, a sigil/simulation designed
to program the students to internally correlate aggregated 'material feelings',
then manifest and run the sigil intentions as a way of 'seeing' and 'responding'?
Geometry? John the Baptist's severed head, the </idea/> that John 'a Dreams could
carry through a police line and not be noticed, unless he wanted to be? Like
Barbelith on Robin's cheeks, folding its</her/>self through the space and time of
us? I suppose I could wait to ask you these questions when you make your official
visit to the Nexus, but I want to have even better questions for you then. And
the suspense is somethin' frightfull. Man, this is not a come on, but you're a
master of foreplay while already in the act! And I can tell it's only a idea of
the real thing. Umphn! I need to shower off. You teased me more in that short
paragraph on Next Planet, than in a full issue of the Invisibles. But then, I've
been learning your language for awhile, now. You know when when something very
majestic and profound is clicking and about to click into place for you, at the
same time; on the verge of synthesizing some fundamental parameters of 'seeing'?
On the threshold, as it were, when you come to realize you're not only on the
threshold, but you are the 'threshold'? .. ahhh! </the 'saviour' must first save
'Hir''self'/> you're not going to tell me anything more, here, are you! Bollocks.
Well, thanks for the clues and your time of day, man. You have been a pleasure to
understudy. Good luck on getting into the book and movie genres. You're needed
there. (Look out Neal Stephenson!)

GrantMorrison - Oct 17, 1999 5:44 AM - 270 of 335

NdGame - My favorite book on the Gnostics is 'The Gnostics' by Jacques
LaCarriere, which is a nice poetic overview. If you just can't get enough, try 'A
History of Gnosticism' by Giovanni Filoramo, 'The Elements of Gnosticism' by
Stuart Holroyd and 'The Gnostic Gospels' by Elaine Pagels, which has a great
introduction and mentions the suppresses Gospel of Mary Magdalene and a version
of Genesis told from the serpent's point of view, which sounds like a laugh.

Josh - the next, imminent upgrading of human thought will require us to unify a
great deal of what we now consider to be opposing concepts. You're right to
suggest that the Hereworld and the Otherworld are close - they're so close, in
fact, that they are indistinguishable. The Otherworld is here, yelling in our
faces. Things only look separate from our current perspective.

GrantMorrison - Oct 17, 1999 5:52 AM - 271 of 335

OctoberGhost - it certainly will be one of the subjects covered in the book. I
was in Toronto years ago with Dave McKean for the Arkham Asylum tour. It was mid-December and minus 24. All I really remember are blizzards, black squirrels and an odd chemical plastic odor. That wasn't you, I hope ?

HalFromNewYork - go forth and multiply, Hal. The world needs millions of you!

ANRKOK4U - There's always talk of 'Kill Your Boyfriend' being made into a movie but none of my work ever seems to get 'made into' anything other than what it is. If you have an idea how to make it work on stage get in touch through DC and we'll talk. The plays are published in 'Lovely Biscuits'.

biffandsully - And speaking of Arcadia... I'd posited the theory on the Invisibles list quite a long time ago that Arcadia is -the- storyline most integral to "getting" the Invisibles. So, am I right? Even close?

I find it very interesting that you mention Predator as one of your favorite
films, and I'm very curious as to why this is. Very curious indeed... What do you
think of 2001: A Space Odyssey?

How much input do you have in Bolland's covers? How much any given Invisibles cover is encoded information? How many advertisements (on average) have you personally created and/or had placed in a given issue? Advertisement is the next artform to be given full recognition -as- an artform, you know. The corporate logos told me so.

'Arcadia' has the series philosophical underpinnings most clearly laid out. Shelly and Byron's debate and all the other confusions wrought by the notion of the 'separate' ego are presented here pretty much raw. 'Predator' was on TV recently and I realised that it's one of those movies I never tire of watching. It has a dreamlike, folktale quality and while all the other macho men in the movie look queer as all get out now, Arnie towers as Man vs. Death. '2001' is one of the movies I left out of my list of films I love. Sometimes I have input in the covers, sometimes I don't. They are as full of encoded information as Tarot cards but not all of it is information I asked to be included.

Guest_GrantMorrison - Oct 17, 1999 6:23 AM - 273 of 335

Leo - interesting. Alan Moore did a story where the universe cools to absolute
zero, starts tyo superconduct and basically becomers self-aware at the moment
when Heath Death is supposed to wipe everything out. Personally, I'm not
convinced by the Big Bang, entropy or the Heat death theories of the Universe.
The 'Big Bang' is a ridiculous and embarrassing origin myth devised by scientists
labouring under an inaccurate and misleading model of thespacetime 'continuum'.

levon - Jack's finger grows and shrinks depending on the memory of the artisdt
who's drawing it. Most of them have no idea he's supposed to have a piece missing
off his pinkie. There are a lot of little mistakes in there, which will no doubt
get corrected when the whole thing is collected and published in a tenth
anniversary special edition. What do I do in LA ? I hang out with my friends and
have a good time and right now I'd rather be there than here.

DreadEyeDick - the CD Rom is a good idea. I keep trying to push print towards
hypertext but maybe it can only go so far. Moorcock saw the 'Gideon Stargrave'
arc in the first volume of Invisibles and hated it - as far as I'm aware, he
assumed the whole series was a rip-off of his character and didn't bother reading
any more. I believe I was dismissed as 'crass' by the great man. C'est la vie.

Kryptolad - Oct 16, 1999 2:28 AM - 264 of 335

Thanks. I talk to Tom Peyer some via e-mail and I managed to talk him into doing an interview for my Golden-Age Superman site. (I actually was able to make it relevant both to his work and the site, I think...)

Anyhow, we've talked some about how DC One Million is really the boundless
potential of Earth-1 refiltered...

So pardon the deluge of questions but since the Dc One Millioverse largely exists in your brain and not on paper, you're the source to turn to. I like your Vertigo work but it's super-hero comics that really get me buzzing so that's why I'm discussing the spandex-clad side of your work. I especially loved Rock of Ages, Crisis Times Five and the two-part Sandman crossover, although... I think it would have been interesting if you could have combined those last two and tossed Daniel into the JLA/JSA teamup somehow, being Hawkman's grandson and all.

I now know that Superman 1M is Kal Kent. WW and Aquaman don't seem to have any need for other identities. Atom's is unpronouncable. Flash is John Fox.

So, that mainly leaves Batman 1M. What's his secret identity?

And what happened to Superman Prime's GL ring? Did he keep it? Or is there now a Green Lantern One Million?

And, lastly, after all of these wonderful questions, I have an answer for you.

Prometheus' real name is Robert Anthony. Because Bob Kane named Bruce Wayne for Robert the Bruce and Mad Anthony Wayne. Robert Anthony is the only fitting name for Bruce's opposite number.

kryptoload - keep writing and keep bugging the editors - if you're any good and
even if you're not sometimes - you'll get noticed in the end. It took me nine
years so I'm not the best person to ask. Mark Millar and I have a hormone called Preposterone which we invented in order to explain the existence of people like Michael Flatley, the 'Lord of the Dance'. Your friend sounds like he's on a high dose. Frankly, time is too short for me to engage with anyone who has decided to dislike me on an 'instinctive level' (like 'Tom and Jerry' ?). If the universe wants us to meet and share information it will arrange an introduction more conducive to a friendly encounter. Glad you noticed the Hourman/Triumph
connection. I completely forgot he was there when I nuked the Watchtower in an upcoming issue so either he's somehow survived the blast or has melted to a puddle of thoroughly ashamed water. I think he worked best as a tragic character anyway.

Petar - originally I had counterparts for J'onn and Aquaman but they seemed
shoehorned in and were removed in the final draft - the Martian character gets a
mention in the script but that's all. EARTH 2 went through three or four
fully-realized and completely different scripts before I was happy - the original
had the Ultra-Humanite and all kinds of odd nonsense. Yes, I'm privileged to know
Frank and as I write he's just called on the phone so I'll pass on your regards.

jimmylove - there's nothing funnier than being waltzed through the cosmos and
knowing all there is to know about everything that ever was, is and shall be,
only to wake up and find that you can't pay your bills or chat up Madonna. Slowly
but surely, I've found that these contradictions start to resolve until you
realise that you actually can do these things at which point you then have to
deal with the fact that you can't use your wonderful magical knowledge to stop
getting ill or getting angry or being stupid. And bit by bit, slowly but surely,
you get less ill, less angry and less stupid. The Dark Night of the Soul becomes
no scarier than Christmas and then... I'm not sure. I'm still only in my 30s with
the work just begun.

LorEnz - it's always the next generation which names the preceding 'Age' so we're
not likely to get an authoritative label for another fifteen years. Try getting
people even to agree on the 'Dark Age' as a description of the last twenty year

Patrick - yes, the above-named Gang of Four was asked to submit a Superman
proposal, which we did. It was rejected and the quote I was given was 'Do you
honestly believe DC will ever give YOU the keys to the family car ?' I can say
here and now that the Superman proposal by Waid. Peyer, Morrison and Millar was
the best, most-thoroughly worked out take on a major character you are ever
likely to see. It was Superman Plus. I wrote most of it after meeting the Man of
Steel at 2.am opposite the Sheraton in San Diego - a true shamanic moment. We had
the 21st century Superman, we had four guys who'd been waiting all their lives to
do this, we wanted to launch in January 2000 and we'd have sold a million copies.
It would have been the coolest, biggest thing to happen to Kal El since the Byrne
revamp and DC blew it. I have nothing but respect for Joe Kelly and Jeph Loeb and
the other guys currently on the books but they haven't been allowed to go far
enough and as a result, the current revamp seems a little muted. Not being able
to do Superman and not being offered anything else at DC was the main reason I
decided to do Marvel Boy for Jimmy and Joe.

Cardinal Humbert - I have nothing planned. I'll be here with the cats and some
friends unless something unlikely happens to make Scotland intersting. This year
has been odd and not much fun and I'll be glad to get it over with and get
started on the next thousand. If I could gather all the people I like from the
four corners of Bizarro-world and get them into Malaparte's house in Capri for
the ultimate Heaven's Gate party, I'd do that but I have a feelijng that will
happen in 2012 when I have L. Ron Hubbard type riches.

Guest_GrantMorrison - Oct 17, 1999 7:39 AM - 275 of 335

KV - thanks for mentioning me in the same sentence as Jack Kerouac. As far as
comics language goes - I've made some breaktrhoughs and got it just right on a
couple of projects or single issues but it's an ongoing adventure to hone the
language to perfection. I accept your challenge. And yes, the success of the
Matrix means that my ideas are mainstream which is good news for me and convinces
me I'm on the right track. my task now is to think way beyond that. The stuff I'm
working on now won't be understood for another ten years.

ChrisRiley - thank you. the Invisibles is my link in the Great Chain. Over to

Rohdsohd 88 - Firestorm gets a panel or two in World War Three but I've never
been a big fan of the character so that's about all you're likely to see from me.

Mr.Whisper - thanks for your involvement. I remember you and i did read
'Blameless in Abaddon' which seemed to me like the work of a 20th century John
Bunyan. Believe me, I do know the connections the Invisibles has helped draw - I
did it deliberately as a signal, a telegraph. I want to meet all those people too
and here they are, stumbling in out of the cold from all over the globe with
sparks in their eyes and mad ideas. This is only beginning.

zephir'd - when I say 'not conscious' I guess I donm't mean I'm dead drunk or
fast asleep while imps move my fingers across the keyboard. I go into a 'clear'
state where the writing gets done by a part of my mind which I'm only aware of
when I'm writing. Check out 'The User Illusion' by Tor Norretranders - a book
which has been invaluable during the wiring of the last volume of Invisibles -
'The remarkable thing is that the brain receives an enormous amount of
information at high bandwidth but is nevertheless able to process far more
information than it receives. It then releases another quantity of information to
the rest of the body, of roughly the same size as the amount it takes in. Fair
enough. But our consciousness does not get tolkd much at all about what is going
on... 'Most of what we experience we can never tell each other about. We
experience millions of bits a second but can tell each other about only a few
dozen...' Roll that around in your head for a while. And you can wear black,
write poietry AND do kung fu!!

MR. MVP - Nightwing has a cameo in the upcoming 'World War 3' but that's about it and since I'm leaving the book there's not much chancve of me ever having Nightwing in JLA. I think he's kinda better as the Titans leader, to be honest.

Johnny 7 - Thanks. Glad to have been of help. 1. It was Chapman. 2. I didn't see it, sorry. Send another via Shelly at Vertigo - she's good at making sure I get everything that's sent to me.

Cardboard Dada - Or is the Invisibles 'merely' Illuminatus, crossed with the
aesthetic of 'A Clockwork Orange' and motifs from H.P. Lovecraft ? Or is it
'merely' Grant Morrison's diary, crossed with the aesthetic of Jerry Cornelius
and motifs from 'If' and 'O Lucky Man!' Or...

Whatever you like, man.

Knowone - How was Kilimanjaro? I find the correspondences between your work and my own life astounding. I pick up the latest Invisibles and it's about what I've been up to this month, even the JLA is the same. Although I don't go around time-travelling in order to prevent the evil plots of gods (or do I?), it is as though the story going on behind the "screen" of reality is the same as the themes which turn up in your stuff. I have had experiences where the conversation in the Invisibles between characters is part of the conversation I am having with another person in the room, who is reading the latest Invisibles for the first time. I have also experienced something I can only imagine is similar to your experiences in Kathmandu. Recently I was on the black grail contemplating these experiences, and then immediately went and read Invisibles Vol3 Number 7 for the first time, and lo and behold, King Mob and Mason are discussing the very same thing. Their description of the "download" aspect of the experience is precisely the term I used to describe it. Anyway, whether or not this has any meaning to anyone else other than me is perhaps not important, but I don't think I'm the only one experiencing this. Things are defiantly changing, or maybe we're the ones who are changing, and seeing our "environment" as it "really" is for the "first" time. And on a slightly more fan-boyish note: Flex Mentallo was one of the most profound experiences of my life, I've been looking for the crossword ever since……wait……what's that little chess-board like thing down there……?

I haven't been to Kilimanjaro yet. It looks like February now. I agree - things are changing. Human consciousness is being rewritten as we speak and you're not the only one to be aware of it or to try to figure out what our odd experiences actually mean.

GrimmSoupGod - I love your work but what the hell. I can't figure out what the hell is going on in JLA. It is getting about as convoluted as it can get and isn't that the reason that everyone stopped buying the last JLA book? How about a little closure, yo?

Can't help you there. I don't find it convoluted in the slightest, sorry. It all seems very straightforward to me which could either mean I'm nuts or you're dumb. Choose the one that suits you best - there is always the very strong possibility that I AM nuts. Luckily, I'll be gone in another six issues so you needn't worry; it's unlikely that things will slide so far into mental confusion that you won't be able to see or read what's on the page.

dakini - Two questions, one straightforward and the other meandering: 1. Is Lady Edith Manning borrowing at all from Doreen Valiente (rip)? 2. If Invisibles is the spell, what is the intent? Is gnosis counting to none? (Or is it issue one?)

1. Who is Doreen Valiente ? 2. The intent is to create a global network of people who would not normally participate in global networks. It is designed
to manifest parts of itself in reality and work as a bridge between the 3-d
comics universe, the 4-d real life universe and the 5-d Supercontext etc. It was designed to rewire my head andf the heads of dedicated readers. It was intended to seed culture so that lots of things like 'Invisibles' would begin to appear and hasten the arrival of The New Aeon of Horus or the emergence of the next level of human consciousness or whatever model of the experience you prefer. And you can read it too. Or paper the budgie cage.

m6 - I was struck by the beauty of the postmodern references in Book 2. The peak of it for me was "The Sound of the Atom Splitting." Nothing like the AUM torturing Lang and KM having an identity crisis over his lunch on the carpet. Truly magnificent! Are we to see many more such references in the third volume? What I mean by that is that Volume Two seemed so topical and full of present tense references (like AUM) as well as references such as Austin O Spare and Kula Shaker (the new album is boss, isn't it?).

One last thing. I look forward to Earth Two with baited breath. You are, after
all, the man who influenced me to listen to Donovan and enter an especially leud entry to the ultimate debaucvhery contest. Girl looking over my shoulder at the time got the time of her life by sneaking at my entry.

m6 - thanks. 'The Sound of the Atom Splitting' is about my favorite Invisibles
issue for various reasons (even the advert in the middle comes at exactly the
right place - the holocaust of the first half of the issue peaks with a double
page ad of hellish red wasteland. And when you turn the page, there's no more
violence just dancing. Therein is the basic Invisibles struggle summed up. Volume 3 has as many current references but maybe they're less obvious, being mostly political or pop scientific. Or like when Fanny says 'Playboy, Playgirl' in V3:7 and you'd have to be familiar with the latest Pizzicato 5 album to know what she's listening to. Hope you like EARTH 2.

sb - I need to know. What was the Gang Of Four's "Superman" Proposal?

It was a proposal for the character which was submitted last year by myself, Mark Waid and Tom Peyer. We were asked to submit the script but things became very odd after we did and for a number of twisty political reasons, the stuff was rejected outright. To answer the other question I've been asked - I don't think the proposal will be made available anywhere - a la Alan Moore's 'Twilight'. Although I'd like people to read it (we put the effort of our lives into putting this thing together) I'd prefer not to put up a rich mine of story material and ideas for Superman that other people could then happily leech from for years (as happened with practically every good idea in 'Twilight'). In our version, it was Lois who's made foreign correspondent, by the way... PS and Mark Millar of course - who did more work on it than those two yankee slackers - was the other member of what we liked to call Der Gruppen Vier.

Tom - Grant, have you read any Kurt Vonnegut or Luke Rheinhart? I can't help thinking that you'd like Slaughterhouse 5...

I loved the movie but I find it impossible to read fiction generally ( I usually spot the structure and know the ending within the first five minutes so I tend only to read weird or non-linear books by people I know, like Steve Aylett or Stewart Home or otherwise re-read Burroughs and Mark Leyner). I did read 'The Dice Man' at a very impressionable age and enjoyed it so much I bought the life.

Brian - OK, if the Invisibles was a postcard, here's my return. Underlying the universe is an as-yet, scientificaly un-detectible energy field that connects everything in the present, past, and future. This connection shows up in Jung's theory of Sychronycity and collective unconciouss, the 1997 Genneva experiment where a photon cut in half and seperated by miles was somehow able to communicate, the particle/wave phenomenom, psychic ability, deja-vu, emotional connections, and on and on and on. These are mere glimpses of the energy that connects us all, sporadic contact and momentary understanding of that which surrounds us.

The fall from paradise was the initial seperation from that whole. The
development of the ego as theorized in Julian Jaynes The Origin of Concsiousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind. We became aware of self, but forgot our connection. From that point on, we have been in the Apocalypse. Death, Famine, War, and all the human cruelities stemed from that sense of self without connection. This was a necessary step, to aknowledge and develop the self. But now, we have to find balance.

Terrence McKenna (and you, Grant), claims the world as we know it will end on
Dec. 22, 2012. How will this happen? Well, what if a breakthrough occurs? If,
through science or spirituality, there is a shattering of our seperation? If all
of humanity suddenly comes into contact with this underlying energy? What if we understood a stranger as well as we understood ourselves? What if this
breakthrough occured on Dec. 22, 2012? Only, this time, when we connect with the whole, we maintain some sense of the self that has been developed over the previous 2000 years. The apocalypse will be over and Heaven will arive on earth. Bow-wow-wow.

Comments, Grant?

YES YES YES! Alhough I must point out to anyone who might still be stuck in what Ken Wilber calls the 'pre/trans' fallacy that whatever is to happen will include but TRANSCEND all prior stages of development. This is not a return to the womb or a regression to primitive fusion consciousness such as babies and pre-bicameral minds enjoy. The original ground of being is already present everywhere but we tend to overlook it and place our heavens elsewhere. The beings I'm talking about in the Invisibles are 'from' a 5-d reality which includes space and time but also transcends it.

CocaComa - Darn! I had no idea your cat was in the hospital! Here's hoping that everything turns out well. There's a panel in Watchmen: King Mob's Ape Mask. Conscious? Coincidence? Unconscious? Uncoincidence?

The cat's terminal with days to live I'm afraid but she doesn't look
it or act it so I'm just proeceeding as usual and assuming she'll live longer
than anyone expects. Thanks. King Mob's Ape Mask? Well, I didn't invent the term King Mob and I know Alan and I read all the same books so I guess that's how it got there. I wasn't aware of it until people pointed it out after Invisibles came out.

Juicy - From reading the Invisibles, it seems obvious that you feel certain drugs are useful in the expanding of conciousness. I was wondering about this. While following Mr. Mckenna's monsterous advice, I felt as if I was in the grip of an alien being which was downloading information into my brain. I don't know what that information was, or for that matter if the event really occured. Now, I know that questioning reality is a cornerstone of your work, but I qustion the
validity of the experience because of the mushrooms. For examply, booze alters one's conciousness, but I wouldn't say that the girl I go home with changed from beautiful to less-than beautiful between midnight and the morning in reality. In that case, my perception and concsiousness are being, it seems to me, decieved, not illuminated. I think back to the scene with King Mob, Dane, and Mason in the desert on LSD, and certain truths about time and Barbarelith are illuminated to them, leading me to believe that the drugs elicited some truth, rather than distorting perception of reality in a false way. I'm not going to bother trying to distill all of this down into a succinct question, but would love it if you'd comment on it. What's the diffirence between a substance that illuminates and one that distorts? How can you tell the diffirence? Well, you get the point of what I'm hopping you can help me in figguring out. Thanks for all the thought provoking hours and years.

All substances distort and all the distortions are illuminating. Your
experience on 'shrooms was a real experience and fairly common to anyone who uses tryptamines. The tryptamine experience IS one of 'download' and 'alien' contact. You were there. The world you see on psilocybin is still the world. There's no other world that we go to. It's here but it looks differently depending uppon the state of your consciousness. As I'm fond of pointing out, almost every single one of us in western capital culture is a refined sugar addict. The stuff is more addictive than heroin and its even put in your toothpaste. The effects of refined sugar, combined with caffeine - our highspeed culture's other drug of choice - over a prolonged period include alienation, paranoia, distrust, panic... All the problems reproted by poor neurotic sods who think they live in a world that's all deadlines and projects and timetables. That world isn't real either and it vanishes as soon as consciousness is changed by some other substance or meditative practise.

To continue this monster...the girl you went home with actually DID
change from beautiful to less-beautiful overnight, that's the point. As far as
you were concerned, one the night you met she was gorgeous and witty and so, no doubt were you. That was real. real enough for the two of you to want to go home to bed. If, in the morning, with hangover consciousness or guilt conciousness or the alienation consciousness of realising you don't even know the name of the person you've just had sex with,makes that person seem unattractive then you'd better believe that now they ARE unattractive and nothing, except maybe another consciousness shift could make it otherwise. The drink did its job long enough for you to transcend your previous concepts of physical beauty and get off with someone who then looks different next day. Of course. That's one of the reasons anyone takes alcohol, in the same way that you wear a wetsuit to go diving. Everything that happens between conception and death is an opportunity for illumination. It's impossible to have a 'false' experience.

Susan - EXCERPT FROM 'WRITERS ON COMICS SCRIPTWRITING': G.M.: Within a year we'll see man's first contact with fictional reality, seriously. That's what magic's all about. Fiction and reality are going to become interchangable. It will happen very slowly, but the first thing I'm gonna try and do is change places with King Mob. QUESTION: YOU'RE GOING TO BE IN THE COMIC? G.M.: I'll be in the comic and he'll come out of the comic. It's a technology...this is pionering stuff, we are now astronauts entering fiction as a dimension. END

Elaborate!!!! If this is technology and it's new, tell me about it. How is it
diffirent from me writting the word, Susan, and saying, "See? There I am in
another dimension."? How is it diffirent from me deciding to act like Nancy Drew and saying, "See? Some of her came out of the book and is in me now."? Are you talking physically? Spiritually? Emotionally? This is a pretty big claim, and I'm ravenously interested in it. Someone asked about this early in the thread, but your answer seemed to pretty much amount to, "we'll see." It would rock if you could speak about this a bit more.

It's not much different and I'm still at the early stages of working out
the possibilities. I now know for sure (athough I urge anyone reading not to just
take me at face value but to try these experiments) that writing things down in a certain way can make them happen. Check out the work Alan Moore is now doing in the same area, quite independently of me, then try it yourselves. I'll try to be brief and throw some notes at you that might help. Otherwise, the novel I'm currently writing actually does use some of these ideas as a technology - a new way of writing and talking - but I'm telling no-one about this or else there'll be three comics and a movie about it before I finish. The basics however - the first magic was pictorial. You draw a bison on the wall of the cave, draw some spears in its back then go out looking for bison. Hey presto! You find one and stick spears in its back and feed the tribe. Then the pictorial element is refined and combined with language and the alpahabet leading to the well-known 'sigil' or magic hex sign which, like the bison, is an abstracted desire. Meditation upon the abstract produces its real life correlation. As I say, I have now proved this to my own satisfaction on countless occasions now.

As a comics writer and as a practising magician since 1981, then, I became interested in the possibilities of using the drawings and words in comics as extended sigils - instead of simple signs which would encode desire, I tried to make complex meta-sigils which also included elements of story, plot, character etc. (I know I've said all this before but it's tricky stuff and always worth going over again) Further to this, while working on ANIMAL MAN I experienced a breakthrough in my thinking when I realised that I could put myself into a superhero comic and interact with a functioning fictional universe (the various comic universes are unusual in fiction - they're ongoing virtual realities which exist beyond the lifespans of their creators. Superman for instance is MORE real in that sense than Siegel and Shuster or Joe Kelly and Jeph Loeb. I wondered what it would be like to be living in a universe that was written and rewritten and constantly emended and updated by dozens of different people, not all of whom agree. And yet the DC Universe still exists and is likely to exist after I'm dead. Which is to say, it has some measure of independent 'reality' and 'history'. Just like our own 'reality'. So...I made the jump...the DC Universe is real but they can't get out into our universe except under special circumstances...

So how DO you get out of the DC Universe and learn that you're simply a character in a comic (something Batman or Wonder Woman still doesn't know and probably wouldn't believe if Animal MAn tried to explain it to them) ? Easy. You get help. Animal Man can't get off the paper into this universe but I can flatten part of myslef down into his world to make him believe that he's talking to a being from beyond - one whose strange ideas will shatter everything Animal Man believs about his reality. I can assume any form I like in the DC Universe and tell them all kinds of weird stuff about a world where they are only 3-d stories on paper (the third dimension being time, which exists in the DCU but in a completely different state from the time we're familiar with in our dimension). Take that up a level and you'll see that the same would be true on the higher scale. We can't get out into 5-d without help. Without the help of our 'writers' or 'creators', who CAN enter our universe at any point in its history, change it, revise it, retcon it without us knowing. We may have suspicions - all those weird events - hauntings, UFOs, odd meetings - but how could we possibly suspect that what we're actually seeing are cross-sections through our reality of higher beings ? Just as Animal Man could scarcely imagine that he was talking to a cross-section of a flesh and blood meta-entity which wrote sections of his life for a while. Maybe when our lives are miserable, a bad writer's taken over. I could go on and on but I hope this gives you some idea of the basics. The applications of this thinking are enormous in the sense that I am now convinced that we can REWRITE the Universe as it happens.

Iknow from using sigils that they always work. i know for
sure that I can put something into the Invisibles and have it happen shortly
after. I know now that everyone is capable of the same bizarre feats. I'm keen to see what happens when this knowledge becomes widespread and starts to really impact the world around us. And, as ever, anyone who thinks I'm completely crazy should do some work with sigils themselves. They always work. And if you still think I'm round the bend and that the world ISN'T turning into THE INVISIBLES, an other 'New Scientist' quote. Today's issue review a new book called Surfing Through Hyperspace by Clifford Pickover... Robert Matthews writes 'Warning: reading this review could leave you memetically modified. For a meme lurks within the pages...and idea so alluring that it could spread like wildfire, infecting minds everywhere...' Pickover's theory ? That 'God' is a hyperspace entity capable of interacting with our reality in a number of ways we'd perceive as highly unusual - shapechanging, vanishing and appearing etc. He concludes, '..The resulting constraints on the existence of higher-dimesnional lifeforms may give many readers a welcome 'vaccine' against the God-As-Hyperbeing meme. Many, but not all, so mark my words; within a few months, you too will come across others in the grip of infection by this amazing book...'

This is only the beginning...