Colonel Friday

o Group Affiliation: Outer Church


Colonel Friday was a full-fledged member of the Outer Church and held a similar rank, it appears, to Miss Dwyer. The two of them shared many attributes, in fact, such as the round mirrored sunglasses and the ability to manifest 4-d armour. Friday worked closely with a number of other members in the Outer Church, most notable Quimper and the Blind Chessman, but had contact with Sir Miles as well.

Following the cell's second attack on the Dulce facility, Colonel Friday was shown the penalty for failure in the Outer Church, and was killed by his men under Sir Miles' orders.

Colonel Friday was the primary antagonist for Volume 2. He was based out of a military installation in Dulce, New Mexico, where he was responsible for many secrets, including an AIDS vaccine, the Scorpio Generator, and various and sundry biological weapons.


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