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Cyphermen (The)

o Group Affiliation: Outer Church


According to King Mob the Cyphermen are humans who have been modified by high-frequency subliminal transmissions. The signals suppress individual thought and encourage hive mind loyalty. Japanese Corporations use them on office workers. They seem to generally be used by the Outer Church for time-travel work (they have travelled back to France at the time of the Revolution and to New York in the 1920s). In these circumstances, they are sent into the past as spirit projections. These can be disrupted by weapons such as King Mob's 'Ghostbuster'.

The Cyphermen have been seen in what may be 'the present'. Ragged Robin encountered them at Rennes-Le-Chateau where they were guarding the head of John the Baptist. Here they appear to be physical, as they threaten Robin with blades and surgical instruments.

The Cyphermen describe themselves as empty and ready to be filled, free from decisions, responsibility and pain. However, this freedom comes at a price - they are not particularly bright, and when they listen to glossalia they are incapable of hearing anything but orders.

The Cyphermen can manipulate perception with microwave emissions - as the Marquis DeSade discovered.