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o Anarchists
o Aum Shinri Kyo
o Baader-Meinhof
o Barbelith
o Burgess, Anthony
o Burroughs, William
o Byron
o Chaos Magick
o Conspiracy Theories
o Crowley, Thelema and Alastair
o Cornelius, Jerry
o de Sade, Marquis
o Dick, Philip K.
o Discordianism
o Dogon, The
o Doom Patrol, The
o Dulce
o Freud, Sigmund
o Gnosticism / gnosticism
o Hallucinogens
o Harlequinade, The
o Jung, Carl
o King Mob in History
o Language in the Invisibles
o Leary, Timothy
o Liquid Information
o Lovecraft, HP.
o Matrix, The
o Mayan Calendar
o McKenna, Terence
o Moorcock, Michael
o Morrissey and the Smiths
o Mystical Quabalah, The
o Nanotechnology
o Narration and Narrativity
o Neoism
o Orwell, George
o Philadelphia Experiment, The
o Plath, Sylvia
o Postmodernity
o Prisoner, The
o Pynchon, Thomas
o Queer Theory
o Rushkoff, Douglas
o Shakespeare, William
o Shelley
o Situationism
o Strange Phenomena
o Sunspots
o Superstrings
o Tarot
o Time & Time Travel
o Universe as Phase Boundary
o Voodoo
o Wilson, Robert Anton
o Wolfe, Tom